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Has anyone ever had a bot on a website answer their question?
  • Yes, but not for a good reason.

    I’ve asked chat bots for some services (telcos, etc) for very basic questions that you’d think would have been easy to find from a search engine or their main FAQs, but they were not. The bot was at least able to reference some obscure, super old help pages that had otherwise fallen off the radar.

    The bot was a solution to a problem only caused because their website was shitty. I guess it’s cheaper to add an ai bot than it is to organize your documentation.

  • What age to people begin to like colors?
  • I think the big thing here is which colours you’re into. Tastes change over time, either because of style trends or just age.

    My childhood home had disgusting orange shag carpets. A purple toilet. A turquoise toilet. Fucking hideous by today's standards, but I guess someone in the 60s thought it was awesome.

    I’d pole your kids and ask for more detail. If they’re rolling their eyes because of “colour”, tell em to shaddap. If you’re picking really, really loud colours that don’t fit any particular motif, you can of course do what you want, but they might have a point on style.

  • Hey there both good
  • I bought Terraria when I was really into Minecraft. Didn’t like it at first because the only Minecraft thing is “pick up blocks and crafting”, but once I gave it a fair shake I absolutely loved it.

    Fuck, now I have the game music stuck in my head from thinking about the game!

  • vaping
  • I think that technically the vape solution is nicotine, but not tobacco. They’re “better” in that they don’t have all the side products you get from burning leaves, but it’s still nicotine and there’s now the new mix of vape chemicals that weren’t present in cigarettes. Healthier? Doubtful, but it’s less studied.

    As far as teens getting their hands on them, I think this just shows how hilariously ineffective age restrictions are in preventing access to children. If vapes weren’t available, those kids would be smoking cigarettes. If cigarettes weren’t available, they would vape. If both are available (which they are, because there’s no shortage of adults who will sell these things to minors), they’ll use whatever they prefer.

    Vaping is winning the popularity war with cigarettes among teenagers. I think that’s all you’re seeing.

    In Canada, it’s very illegal to sell cigarettes and vaping products to minors, but it’s not illegal for them to possess or use them. That kind of brain dead gap in legislation makes it easy for politicians to say they did everything they can, and lets police say there’s nothing they can do.

  • The changing feel’s front page
  • The personal fix is to block that community, or set up such that you see subscribed communities by default.

    The broader fix would be made to Lemmy itself, and I’m not sure anything like that exists. It would require the same concept as a “default subreddit”, which I’m pretty sure Reddit built as a checkbox their admins can control as to whether a community shows up if you’re not logged in.

    Lemmy is still going through growing pains and doesn’t have a large user base yet, so I wouldn’t be surprised if a feature like that doesn’t show up for a long time. We’re probably on our own until then.

  • Wells Fargo workers using ‘mouse movers’ are getting caught and fired - The Verge
  • This tells me that Wells Fargo has middle management layers so useless, they can’t even understand if their employees are doing their jobs so they resort to monitoring.

    They literally just want their employees to look busy because their corporate culture isn’t able to comprehend managers having close relationships with their direct reports and their work.

    Companies should be looking at an employee’s output to determine if they’re worth keeping employed. If you can’t measure that, what the fuck are you doing? How do you justify having any employees when you don’t know what they contribute to the bottom line?

  • Are your kitchen knives angry knives?
  • My angry knives can bitch all they want. They live in a tiny ass drawer all piled on top of each other. They rarely see the light of day and I personally pay very little mind to their plight.

    The good knives live in an airy, sunlit space on a magnet knife block above my sink. They get lots of fresh air, have plants nearby, and get to be a part of the family. When they are used, they’re always honed and immediately washed and dried and put away. They never mingle with the angry knives.

    An angry knife was once accidentally promoted to the magnet block. It was a mistake that was quickly remedied, and it could have gotten bad.

  • Do you pay for some pirated contents
  • I don’t pirate software anymore. If I do the math on how much enjoyment I get even from a mediocre AAA game title, it is dwarfed by what I’d spend on a night out, so the value is there for me. On top of that the risk of malware (or the effort in mitigating it) isn’t really worth it.

    Tv and movies? Pirate it. The streaming services are garbage and the content has too much crap for me to want to pay a corporation for it. If it became too hard to pirate I just wouldn’t watch it anymore.

    Books kind of fall in the middle. Happy to pay for ebooks if the author makes it practical, but I’m not keen on buying through Amazon.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • I left Apple when I got rid of my iPhone 3 and didn’t look back until last year. In the mean time, iOS has grown up nicely, the services are really well integrated, and it’s pretty low on bugs.

    Contrast to Google where every OS update to Android makes the UI more and more similar to iOS, but a shittier version of it. Their home assistant has been losing features and the overall recognition has gotten demonstrably worse as time goes on. It annoys me to no end that Android doesn’t have any native ability to resize a photo before emailing it, so you either send a 7MB photo or go through too many ridiculous steps to resize it first. That’s not even counting the services that Google kills all the time, making any investment into their ecosystem unreliable in the long term.

    I’m not using Apple now because I’m loyal and like them. It’s because Google has put so much effort into making their own phone a shitty knockoff. If I’m paying premium prices for a flagship phone, might as well go with the one that works better.

  • North Vancouver i_stole_ur_taco

    City residents: install the CityFix app on your phone to report issues

    YSK there's an app called CNV CityFix you can install on your smartphone that allows you to review and report issues in your area that the city should address.

    Every once in a while I'll see some egregious graffiti, dumped trash, tree debris blocking a path, etc. More often than not, someone has already reported the issue in the app and the City is aware of it and adds it to their list. Within a few days (or less), a crew with the right equipment comes out and addresses it.

    Being able to snap a photo and send the location to the city to put it on their radar is great for both parties. The city gets quality reports about issues quickly, and residents have a low effort way to get them dealt with.

    You can also search for reported issues nearby, and there's often laughs to be had at people's descriptions of their perceived problems, or particularly witty ways people describe legitimate issues.