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Can't catch a break

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Sovcit fucking over their kid.
  • When I was enrolling my child on my benefits for a state job (in the USA), they needed me to provide a birth certificate.

    In my private sector job, I only gave a name and relationship with no paperwork.

  • The Circle of Life
  • Every time I see these, I remind myself they don't want to be around me and they eat cockroaches, bed bugs, and termites (and other yucky stuff I don't like).

    Damn they give me the heebie jeebies though.

  • das bagel
  • It's all in the texture for me. The denser, somewhat chewy bagel is really nice and holds up to cream cheese a lot better than sandwich bread. They are amazing open face with cream cheese. Some folks like them with butter. It's fine, but I do love cream cheese far more. I've had bagel sandwiches, which can be really good, but I do find them to be really heavy. (Plain or blueberry bagel, with cream cheese and sliced ham is my go-to for a bagel sandwich.)

    You can get all sorts of flavors of bagels, like cinnamon, blueberry, and onion. You can get schmear (cream cheese spread) with many different varieties of mixins too, like herbs, fish, and lemon! I think my favorite combo is an onion bagel with garlic herb schmear.

    That being said, I do love a good sandwich too.

  • What would happen to your body if you only ate 750g of 2% cottage cheese every day for a month?
  • Hopefully this isn't unwanted advice, but I have also cut out a lot of meat from my diet and I started getting weird side effects. (Lost feeling in my hands and feet, got dizzy a lot, felt extra stupid.)

    After seeing a doctor, I take vitamin B and D supplements and it helped a lot. If you can't see a doctor, you might consider trying some vitamin B and seeing if that helps. Apparently lots of vegetarians and vegans take it too.