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‘Magical’ tech innovations a distraction from real solutions, climate experts warn | Overemphasis on innovation and carbon removal risks distracting from main goal of stopping use of fossil fuels, say
  • Climate change topic aside isn't this the truth for many things. People are hungry to showcase and market their product and as a result reality takes a backseat. It's part of the race. If there was no "rat race" would it be like this?

    It's not even limited to products and business. Basically people do all that they can to project what they perceive reality to be, and as a result we are left with a fake world? And we are all responsible, it's a human fault? And at the same time that fake world is reality...? The base paradox of existentialism?

  • Addons 4 Kodi iHUNTcriminals

    Any addons that collect and present in progress shows and movies?

    Preferably in chronological order of last watched.

    I feel like there has to be a more straightforward option to continue watching than finding the show season and episode through the regular library....

    Edit: I am asking about this for stock Kodi not third-party real-debrid/streaming stuff.

    Addons 4 Kodi iHUNTcriminals

    PVR/IPTV on fresh installs. (Legal)

    The only time I've been able to use PVR/IPTV is with MX Linux xfce DE. For my other Linux I can sometimes build the packages and get it working (Ubuntu gnome, Fedora gnome, mx Linux KDE)

    I'm just trying to get plutotv PVR to work without messing around with building and finding different addon dependencies.

    I see posts about the issue... I don't understand why it's like this though? How come installing Kodi seems to have different results?

    Seems like a basic thing...


    Remove default clock/system Info widget?

    Edit: It was built into the MX theme.

    I just installed MX Linux KDE and there's a clock widget in the top right that I can't seem to remove. Also it seems to be persistent between workspaces. How can I get rid of this? It disappeared when I tried to edit the regular widgets and then came back when I was out of edit mode.

    Any idea?


    Jellyfin docker outside of lan.

    Kind of a quick off the cuff question.... but is it difficult to get a docker hosted jellyfin server accessible outside of lan safely?

    I have tailscale and a VPN I can use for my own devices but would like to be able to access it safely without needing those.


    Bookmark saving and syncing.

    Does anyone know of a service that saves and manages bookmarks and links. Like one that would work from android/ipad/desktop.

    Is this a thing?


    Block instances completely?

    How can I block meme, political nonsense anti-social posts, and shitpost instances?

    Is there a way to do it with Infinity for Lemmy? I saw a tutorial for using unlock but I use android apps for lemmy. I want to shut out the basement dungeon naive political kids.