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Anon's new puppy
  • 11 total posts in this community. I realize these are ancient, but unlike reddit, they haven't already been shared here dozens of times by different users with the same exact topic line. Let 'em fill it in

  • Me at game night - Roonie the Rabbit
  • I'm a horrible listener, I tune out the first time I have a clarification question that isn't answered, but I have no shame asking to read the rule book so I can understand it myself. I try to limit lawyering to myself or deliberate cheating.

  • Homo sapiens sapiens
  • In my experience, it's usually people trying to overexplain "homo sapiens sapiens" and "homo sapiens neanderthalensis" because they don't know anything about the topic at hand except those words. Subspecies on the character sheet has always been a technicality issue.

  • Escape From Tarkov studio Battlestate Games has put a bounty on cheaters
  • This got reduced, but they didn't refund anyone who bought it in the few days it was actually like this. Just use SPT (single player tarkov) or project FIKA (formerly multiplayer tarkov/MPT) if you already have the game tbh, they both work fine now.

    SPT allows for some really interesting AI behavior mods among other things, too. Worth it even if you can stand officials near a wipe.

  • Would you like to give us some free money today?
  • Handing it to you is an exchange of goods, but making food is a service. Yes, even if they just microwave something for you. I don't think tipping for that particular service is usually warranted either, but foodservice is kind of literally called that

  • Why did he do this though
  • MMS video file size has a default limit set by your provider. However, basically every phone has RCS available by default these days - which will be used in these cases automatically, within the same messages app - except when Apple refuses to allow it because of cross platform interaction.

    You stated that iMessage provided this benefit, and it doesn't; it isolates this benefit from being used. "Depends on the app" is just false. It's "depends on the hardware" - google messages even recently expanded RCS support to phones that didn't support it for one reason or another it in April. These data limitations haven't been saving people from issues for over a decade, you're conveying outdated takes.

  • Why did he do this though
  • You have fallen for the actual lies. iMessage doesn't have higher quality video or images, it trashes the quality of MMS for no reason. Have a green bubble friend send you the exact same image on imessage and email it to you/send it on discord/whatever. It destroys the quality. Any other messaging app or even the default messages app on most phones won't degrade quality like this, even on cell data; it's being artificially degraded to make you believe iMessage has something other messaging apps don't. There is no magical picture beautifier in imessage.

    You quite literally have to turn off the "fuck up my videos and images" setting to even get decent video from other imessage users.

  • PC gamers are finally embracing the controller, as usage triples [increase to 15% from 5% over the last six years]
  • If you can aim assist snap as fast as someone can flick, it's fine. A lot of games account for this and it pisses off the "m+kb is the only good peripheral" crowd every time despite their constant insistance that controller is worse for everything. Even OG overwatch had competitive controller pros (e.g. Malik); map knowledge, good awareness and positioning, control of resource locations (or power weapon spawns in older fps) have always been skills that contribute to wins as much as aiming well, regardless of peripheral. The best peripheral is the one you're most comfortable competing with.

  • On the Internet, what is a dead giveaway that someone is actually a kid?
  • It might disappoint you to learn that among american english speakers, literacy isn't a good indication of maturity by age. Barbara Bush made a literacy initiative that's still around, the One Good Thing(R) left over from the bush regime. The site has a handy map to show you the 40-60% adult literacy rate counties spread all over the states. It definitely helped me come to terms with the fact that sometimes a kid who is trying is gonna be more eloquent than an adult repeating the same tired take they've been rebutted for a thousand times.

    It's easier for me personally to gauge age as it scales up when anonymity is involved - referential humor, recognizance of the ancient runes (Duckroll, Bill Murray's face with only the jaw moving), and informed chitchat about presidential behavior predating Bush SR are all dead giveaways that a user is older, but with younger users you have a lot of hobby/interest overlap going all the way up to people in their 40s. You can't look someone in the eyes and see if the light of youth has gone out yet on forums and imageboards.

  • Do animals have emotions like us?
  • I was of this opinion until I moved in with my partner who had a bearded dragon. Reptiles move strangely, but this bearded dragon had been a classroom pet for the first few years of her life, and was surprisingly social. She'd make eye contact, gesture with her body, present her head to be gently pet around the bristles, and even flip over to be rubbed on the belly like a dog if she was not currently or just finished eating. Responsive with body language to some specific one or two syllable words like her name or the words for mealtime, and very aware of visual cues (like any of the objects she was handed a mealworm from, even just once).

    I imagine a tarantula probably has some behaviors that would surprise me if it was conditioned as a pet and socialized, I know they have a fair number of ways aside from the bite to show displeasure or anxiety like flicking hairs and quickly shuffling away to show a defensive posture. I think it could be a fun experience and wouldn't turn my nose up at it instantly these days if the opportunity came along; animal cooperation is a small joy even when it's a bit foreign.