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Why are people using "coconut" in references to Kamala Harris?
  • Honestly, the comment is rude and not helpful. Its an attack on the poster for asking a genuine question, which is total reddit behavior. (But in the context of a joke, its pretty funny, its the kind of banter I'd play with friends - but we all know we're just joking)

  • What are wheelchair-bound people to do when a building alarm disables elevators?
  • Some of those people might be able to walk for short periods of time. From the handicap spot, its at most 2 minutes to the cart. Maybe after 5 minutes of walking, they could be anogonizing pain. So they ride around do shopping and just have to suffer through a short walk to/from the cart.

    If they completely can't walk, I guess they have to get someone to bring them the cart. Depending on the disability, you may still be able to drive, but not walk. Could be modified controls for the car or something.

    Maybe you can move your legs just fine but standing on them is a problem (it's hard to push a cart and use a cane or walker)

    Maybe they can walk just fine, but can't push the weight of a full cart, so they ride.

    And finally, there just the lazy ones that don't really need them.

  • How would you feel about a suicide help community that outreaches to people who are thinking about suicide?
  • I think its a wonderful idea. I would love to see a community for this, but I don't belive Lemmy has the tools to ensure it's a safe space.

    You would need a 24/7 mod team to read through everything and keep bad actors out (not to mention utilizing DMs can make moderating pointless).

    Even if you ban them, its too easy to make throw away accounts to bring negativity to the community, consequence free. You could try IP blocking, but with vpns thats easily cicumvented. Wholesale blocking vpns would go against what Lemmy is trying to accomplish.

    Fundamentally, unless you can identify someone on Lemmy, they are free to do all the bad they want consequence free.

  • How would you feel about a suicide help community that outreaches to people who are thinking about suicide?
  • No. Suicide help requires a professional, or at least someone who can be held accountable for doing the opposite.

    Considering the annoyomity of Lemmy and how anyone can run an instace, the last thing we want to create place for the opposite to occur.

    Viewer discression adviced, but this video goes on deep dive of an unchecked "suicide encouragement form", and just how bad the anonymous web can be.

    I understand this is the exact opposite form you want to create, but I use it as an example of how a few bad actors can kill people.

    Let's say in a perfect world the community is all up an up, but some user starts DMing people to an "alternative help" instance/form. Even reported, they can just keep making new accounts, or weasel their way into the mod/admin postion to seem more legitimate.

    I want no part in a community that is a collection of vulnerable individuals. Someone can simply spam everyone who posts in hopes of getting one person to take the bait. With no accountability, there are no consequences.

    That being said, a locked community that is just a few posts with links and information about various professional support would not be a bad thing.

    Now, I'll look at this from a less cynical perspective. Let's say theres no troll, but genuine randoms helping eachother online.

    What happens when it doesn't work? You're talking to somebody online, get to know them a bit, and one day they just stop posting. You have to assume they're dead, how are you going cope with that? Grief is a natural emotion, and it can be taxing to cope alone (I'm guessing the majority of us here won't really be sharing our online activities).

    There also a sistuatuon were you could feel you have to keep talking to a person to keep them from dying. This is not heatly for either individual.

    Always seek professional help.

  • Why use apple music over spotify?
  • They hype is mostly marketing. Like you've noticed the highs do tend to suffer the most from compressed audio.

    The only times it vary noticeable to the average person is when you're playing back on studio speakers in a treated space, or a large system such as a stage or theater. Other then that, unless you're paying attention on nice headphones, the difference will be negligible.

    There is merit in wanting the lossless file so you can compress it properly/how you like.

    For Tidal, I just looked at the site

    Here's their tiers of sound quality.


    (Up to 24-bit, 192 kHz)

    [...] best [...] sound quality [...] HiRes Free Lossless Audio Codec (HiRes FLAC). Best [...] on 5G or WiFi with a hardware connection.


    (Up to 16-bit, 44.1 kHz)

    [...] over 110M songs in studio quality with FLAC. As an open source format [...]


    (Up to 320 kbps)

    [...] without worrying about data. Useful when you have a weak signal, are reaching your data cap, or are running out of download space.

    So the low teir is actually compressed, 320kbps is a good number to see for a quality compression (assuming it started off as a quality lossless file). This will work great for headphones, phone speakers, anything Bluetooth etc)

    The high teir that claims studio quality is bull-shit. Maybe 30 years ago, but 16-bit 41.1khz is just CD quality. It'll be perfectly fine on 99% of "nice" consumer devices ($100+ headphones, bookshelf speakers, stage speakers you hooked up in your garage, etc.)

    The max teir at 24, 192khz is complete overkill. 192khz is really only usesfull in a studio, but not for listening - super oversimplification: the additional data "overhead" can help made the end product sound better at 48khz.

    I could see a max teir at 24bit, 48khz being useful to someone with a home theater or commercial setting with a large system where quality actually matters. In those cases, the quality difference will be noticible between 16 and 24.

  • Anyone not see their post list?

    The solution is Settings -> Account preferences -> Show read posts?

    Thanks [email protected]


    I've posted a few time, but the post list always remains empty for some reason.

    I can see other people posts on their profiles.


    Recommendation for a Windows 'Calandar Widget'

    Basically looking a calandar that stays on the deaktop, and can show events (Otherwise I'd just use a wallpaper). I don't need much interaction with it, if any, essentially just open the actaul calandar program. Sync with iCal is a big plus.

    While FOSS is ideal, I'm open to anything free (that can be firewalled or is actually private (unlikely, I know))

    I found one that used windows 7 widgets, but it was too small and didn't seem to work right anyways.


    Android Tablets

    Does anyone have good experience with android tablets, and possibly replacing the OS? I see some interesting options from Google, lenovo, one plus, etc... I imagine the pixel one will be the easiest to load a new OS to, but I also wonder about the tablet support of things like lineage or graphine.

    The hardware doesn't have to be groundbreaking, just good enough to be my "travel laptop" for movies, comics and general interneting. I don't want a laptop, as I often like to sit in chair/bed to read comics or watch movies and a keyboard would make that awkward.

    One of my main concerns is the update support - my iPad has been getting updates since 2017, a lot of the android manufactures are promising a pathetic 3 to 5 years. I don't want to be "software bricked" in 5 years (I.e apps eventually requiring an Android version I cannot update to)




    Squidward Meme