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Country Music
  • How can a digital song be slowed down to 33rpms? Was it originally a 7" 45rpm vinyl single that was played at 33rpm? Then upload to YouTube?

    It just doesn't make sense to have digital audio "slowed down" to 33rpm, that's like watching the Simpsons, sped up to 50rpms

  • EZ admission
  • I know this is a meme, but I do think it's worth mentioning most D1 popular sports costs like, coach's salaries, scholarships, facilities, equipment, and travel, aren't funded through the university.

    It's still a pretty messed up system, don't get me wrong. Just pointing out the universities aren't giving scholarships to athletes instead of students... at least not directly.

  • Why still using the imperial system?
  • This is exactly my experience. I've worked for four different manufacturing companies in the Midwest. Three of them were multi billion dollar companies. All four of those companies used metric almost exclusively.

    Such a stupid misconception that is constantly reposted