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Do you know any mobile games that don't suck?

I just want to kill some time, I like simple arcade style games that aren't using scummy corporate sales tactics to get me to play every day

President Biden tested positive for COVID-19.
  • I have two young, vaccinated and otherwise healthy family members who lost their ability to work or even walk for more than 100m outside their house for 6+ months. Covid can be extremely serious even now.

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  • Sure. There's a reason we have courts, the system may be rotten to the core, but that does not mean it's right to take matters into your own hands. You cannot trust individuals to make decisions on who is a nazi and who is not. Some people will quickly call another person a nazi for ridiculous reasons like being a meat eater.

    Whatever your opinion may be on eating meat, I think we can agree that it does not automatically make you a nazi. However, some lunatics do and this post encourages those people to go do something about it.

  • Dutch court convicts engineer to 5 years for maintaining crypto mixer Tornado Cash Conviction of Tornado Cash programmer: Privacy is not a crime!

    On Tuesday a Dutch court sentenced the programmer Alexey Pertsev to five years in prison. The court found him guilty of money laundering because the "Tornado Cash" software he developed enables criminals to carry out completely anonymous and untraceable crypto transactions (so-called "crypto mixer")

    Conviction of Tornado Cash programmer: Privacy is not a crime!