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Options for Lian Li Fan Control
  • Thank you so much for continuing to try and help. It’s greatly appreciated. I am very new to Linux so while I can do some basics, this is very helpful. I installed pyUSB but still get an error when running the script. I have the script placed in my home folder. Should it be elsewhere? The error I get is “No module named ‘usb’. I did adjust the script to have my controller’s proper identification so feels like I’m missing a small piece of the puzzle!

  • Options for Lian Li Fan Control
  • Thank you for the continued effort to help! If I boot into windows and enable the “MB RPM Sync”, the fans are recognized by the BIOS and ramp up and down as needed. This setting does not persist after a shutdown tho. The only way I’ve found to consistently have the fans work as intended after a shutdown is to unplug the USB cable from the Lian Li controller, which kills RGB. I have the PWM connector from the controller going straight into one of the connectors on my mobo. I can tell that after a shutdown, the fans just rotate on their lowest setting, until I open L-Connect 3 again on windows or disconnect the usb port. I’m attempting to implement this: but think I have it placed in the wrong location, as it errors out immediately.

  • Options for Lian Li Fan Control
  • An update: I fiddled with connecting the L-Connect controller to splitters, and a PWM and RGB hub I have and the results are the same: the Lian Li fans are not recognized by the BIOS unless I unplug the USB connection on the Lian Li controller, which kills RGB. When I used the splitter, it actually made my other fans invisible to the BIOS too. Looking closer, I noticed the PWM connector from the Lian Li controller only has 2 pins so I’m assuming it just won’t work without the L-Connect 3 software. Bummer

  • Options for Lian Li Fan Control
  • Thank you so much for the advice but the issue with the Lian Li Uni Fan v2 is that the fan connectors are proprietary and only fit into the controller. The only thing I could split is from the controller and I don’t think that would really change my current situation.

  • Options for Lian Li Fan Control
  • So you were right about one of my SATA connectors on my Lian Li controller being disconnected. I connected that but BIOS still doesn’t see the fans. Then I disconnected the USB connector from the Lian Li controller and my fans were recognized but no LED. I’m going to look into the other suggestion in this post. Thank you for taking the time to try and help!

  • Options for Lian Li Fan Control
  • Thank you so much for the reply! I have an MSI B550 Tomahawk, so a fairly new board. I can definitely relate to the OpenRGB issues as well. I appreciate the offer for your config but I have the lights as stable as they’ll get I think. I just tested again to be sure and when I shut down the system and go to the BIOS, fan 5 isn’t recognized. Right when I log into windows and enable MB Sync in L-Connect 3, the BIOS sees the fans again. I have 2 fans under my GPU and one as exhaust so I’ve noticed higher temps when in Linux. Thank you again for the input. I’ll need to dig around a bit more I suppose.

  • Options for Lian Li Fan Control

    Hello! I have recently begun gaming on Nobara Linux and overall, my experience has been quite good. The biggest issue I’ve experienced so far is not being able to control my Lian Li SL V2 fan controller. The fans connected to the controller are only recognized in my BIOS once I run L-Connect 3 in windows but if my system is shut down, they are no longer seen. I have seen this and a plugin for OpenRGB, but keep running into compilation errors and/or lack of maintaining the project. Any advice is very appreciated!

    What's a good graphics card for jellyfin?
  • This. I used a P1000 for transcoding and eventually switched to a 12th gen Intel chip with integrated UHD 770 graphics. It completely blew me away. Insanely low power draw and barely breaks a sweat transcoding multiple streams. Consider this route over a GPU if you can.

  • Intel i5-12500 vs i5-13500 Unraid

    Kind of a dumb question but I’m genuinely curious: is this a worthwhile upgrade? I run a server with a single vm and a few dozen docker containers. I’m intrigued by performance and efficiency cores and whether there would be a noticeable effect on both energy efficiency and performance vs the 12th gen. I’ve looked at the cpu benchmark comparison and see the numbers and there looks like a big increase in performance with little downside other than the cost of doing it. Any input is appreciated.