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Fubber Nuckin'
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Who else is it going to take?
  • The man pretty openly said he wouldn't step down unless there was no chance of him winning. He doesn't care if him stepping down is for the best (which it is), he just wants to hold onto power any chance he gets.

  • I am sick of old men.
  • Ok, would you care to explain to me why? The way i see it, Biden is and always has been "not Trump". If you put another person who isn't trump but is also not a terrible unpopular candidate they would probably get a lot more votes.

    People keep saying it's too late without giving any proof. Saying that shit is going to MAKE IT too late. Postponing it any is going to make things harder. It's something that unanimously has to happen right now if we want any chance at not falling to fascism.

  • Time to blow out the candles
    • Step 1: get somebody who can win the election against Trump.
    • Step 2: win the election.

    The Democrats are having a shockingly hard time doing step 1, but that needs to happen before we can do step 2. Unfortunately there's not much we can do about the brainwashed populus until Trump is firmly out of power for an extended period, which hinges on step 1.

  • I don't know this move, can somebody tell me what it's called?