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  • I don't know the specifics and everything I have heard has been third or fourth hand accounts, but apparently the recent drama has been bad and has caused a real upheaval. My local TST group voted to separate from TST and become independent, so now we are working on becoming our own local group. But it takes time to do all the paperwork and stuff.

  • What is the actual point of a bra?
  • It caused more paint when I was wearing ill fitting bras in both size and shape. I found r/abrathatfits in my mid-twenties and it changed everything for me. I mostly wear unlined mid coverage demi bra shapes now.

    I do still get back pain like just below the shoulder blades in the center of my back. But that's been there for years and I'm used to it now

  • What is the actual point of a bra?
  • I'm a 36G and wear the bra because it's super annoying to have them sway when I walk. That's the main reason for me. I find it more comfortable to be braless, but I really shouldn't do it in public. It's attracts more attention than I usually want.

  • Largest UK public sector trial of four-day week sees huge benefits, research finds

    There are a handful of districts making the switch. Most districts plan around educational hours instead of school days. It can be done with the right planning.

    But the childcare aspect is huge. The district I work for started the conversation of a four day week in school year 22-23, but it stalled when they didn't get support from parents and the local large hiring companies. I hope that discussion comes back eventually.

  • My friend's mom made me a "Welcome to the Gender" care package!
  • Love. Love. Love. The single shoulder black dress with the fishnets! Pair that with some heels that match the same shade as your lipstick 💄 and you will be fire! 🔥🔥 My best friend is gender fluid and I have given them many clothes over the years. I love people supporting others 💗 like this.

    Also your hair looks good and healthy!

  • Planning to propose in a few months, what should I look for in a good value engagement ring?
  • From when my partner and I bought our ring set, we went to a gem shop instead of a jewelry store. We had three rings given to us by family members, and wanted to rework them into a new set for me and then get a matching ring for my husband. Every jewelry store we went to wanted $6-8k to do the rework. We ended up at the gem shop as a last resort, because we were both over it. The gem shop reworked and made my engagement ring, wedding band, added a lab grown sapphire, and found a ring for my husband for $1900 total. And they did it all on our timeframe of two weeks.

    My advice is to shop around and talk to people. All the big jewelry shops were so expensive, and smaller businesses will probably be better on your budget.

    Shout out to Bob's Gem Shop in Escondido, California! They got us a great deal and I love our set. 😍