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Why does this drain plug have a chunk of threads cut out?
  • Lmao, you're so mad 🤣 and you're not even paying attention. I said the threads were damaged. Stop trying to be an elitist asshole and pay attention. As I pulled the drain plug out the attempted repair pulled out with it. What you're seeing here is after it was cleaned back up and I could finally see it better. The other tech had already started tapping and recutting the threads.

    How about instead of calling me a dumbass you actually try to be a decent person?

  • Why does this drain plug have a chunk of threads cut out?
  • Yeah, the striped threads are what had me looking closer than usual, but not related to the question I had. I was more curious if that cause Cut away section was factory or part of the thread repair that some one attempted before I got it

  • Why does this drain plug have a chunk of threads cut out?
  • Oh hush lol, I'm learning and the aftermath of the failed thread repair got curious because I've not seen one like that before, wasn't sure just how much the last guy messed it up vs what was factory. Other guys in the shop weren't sure either.

  • Why does this drain plug have a chunk of threads cut out?

    Ran into this while doing an oil change, why is this like this? Why is there a chunk of thread missing? Vehicle is a 2019 Buick Cascada. Based on the look of things, At one point before it came to me the threads got cross-threaded or stripped, there was an attempt to retap and rethread the hole. There was a HeliCoil installed, And it came out while I was removing the drain plug.


    I'm new, starting as a lube tech, what should my first tools be?

    I recently started a job as a lube tech, I'm using shop loaner tools for now but it doesn't have quite everything I need, and I'm going to need to get my own eventually.

    What specific things do you recommend a lube tech at a GM dealership making 12.50 an hour full time gets as their first tools? Specific links for specific brand/models would be greatly appreciated!

    My first priority is shoes, (Currently rocking some old tennis shoes) My second priority is a power drill, (Currently the other lube tech is sharing his with me) My 3rd priority is a air-chuck, (Currently the other lube tech is sharing his with me, ) My 4th priority is an impact wrench (being affordable is important, but I'm currently borrowing one that is good enough, and I'd rather not go deaf so if I have to spend a little bit more to get something quieter I will)

    Fear Voting
  • Yeah, that's like the child throwing a temper tantrum because they don't want to clean the room. That doesn't actually solve anything. Unless you're going to start rolling heads and starting an actual violent revolution, you're not doing anything. And instead you're just making it more difficult for the rest of us to keep shit together.

    The lawyers of one of the options are literally arguing in court that presidential immunity means he could carry out an assignation of their political opponent and be immune as long as his party has enough power to avoid an impeachment conviction.

  • Pokemon Go Rumor Tracker

    I made a thing, and I figured it would be more useful if more people knew about it.


    Pokemon Go Rumor Tracker

    I made a thing, figured it would be more useful if more people knew about it

    pokemongo focusforte

    Pokemon Go Rumor Tracker

    I run this, and figured it could be useful for more people to know about.

    Who doesn't use an adblocker and why?
  • YouTube subscription does have traction... And like I said, every streaming service has an ad free option. Some of them have an ad supported cheaper option, but they all have some option that allows you to consume the content without ads. It seems like you're kind of just talking out of your ass.

    There's an economics of everything at play here, broadcast television had ads, cable TV at first didn't but it was also significantly more expensive. Cable TV wanted to lower prices to attract more customers, and in order to do that they started receiving more money from advertisers to make up the difference. Not all of the cable TV channels did this. However, even to this very day there are plenty of cable TV channels that don't have ads. They are considered the premium channels that you have to pay extra for.

    The same thing is going to continue to be true on the internet as well, You will always have options to avoid ads by paying for the content that you want.

  • Who doesn't use an adblocker and why?
  • We're not talking about what holds power in a court, we're talking about functional reality.

    What you can get away with on a technicality in court is irrelevant to whether or not it's piracy.

    By a legal definition, no, ad blocking is probably not piracy. I'm no lawyer but I would wager that Piracy is probably more strictly defined than that. My point though is that it is functionally the exact same thing as piracy.

    Ad supported content is distributed based on the advertising income paying for the distribution. If you are blocking that advertising in a way that prevents compensation to the content creator you are consuming that content without the creator getting paid the price that they set for the content.

  • Who doesn't use an adblocker and why?
  • The price was agreed upon in the same way that the price in the grocery store is agreed upon.

    The content provider set the price, in this case, the price being consuming an advertisement.

    To be totally clear, I absolutely advocate for piracy in some situations, I'm not going to get into the weeds and talk about the specifics when I do or do not advocate for it, but to extend upon the grocery store analogy, there are also some situations where I would absolutely advocate for someone to steal from the grocery store. And I'm not going to get into the weeds and talk about the specifics for when I do or do not advocate for that either. The point though is by calling ad blocking piracy I'm not making a moral judgment on whether or not it is right or wrong, I'm just pointing out that it is functionally the exact same thing.

  • Who doesn't use an adblocker and why?
  • People advertising shady things is not the same thing as a malicious ad, at least not in the context of the point I'm trying to make. By malicious ad I'm referring to those things that pretend to not be an ad at all, they pretend to be the download button or a notification of an unread message, or something along those lines.

    I may not be using the terminology exactly right, but that's the kind of thing I'm referring to. And YouTube does. A YouTube does a perfectly fine job at being transparent when something is an advertisement and when it's organic content. They're not maliciously being deceptive at what is an ad and what isn't.

  • The production quality has increased dramatically but they are algorithmically being punished!
  • 8 to 6 is a normal eight hour work time though.... That's 8 hours of paid time, that's a full hour lunch and two half hour breaks. That's a standard work day. I don't know for sure that's what's happening, but that's not the giant red flag you're making it out to be.

    Canada has really good worker protection laws, I don't think you need to worry so much 😅 I mean at the end of the day you can do whatever you want, but it's pretty naive to get this bent out of shape about it if you're not also putting the same energy into worker rights in general. There is absolutely nothing to suggest that any kind of wage theft is going on in terms of overtime pay. It seems like you're just making up that accusation out of nowhere.

  • What kind of HDD USB converter do I need
  • From the pictures you posted in the comments, I can tell that you have two SATA drives and one IDE drive.

    Here's a combo option that'll do both types of drives. I have no experience with this particular model, but it's what I would buy in your situation.

    Hard Drive Docking Station, Tccmebius TCC-S868-US USB 3.0 to 2.5 3.5 Inch SATA IDE Dual Slots External HDD Enclosure, for 2.5" 3.5" IDE SATA I/II/III HDD SSD

    IDE Drives can be slightly more complicated than SATA, So if you're having trouble with the IDE drive, Read the drive dock manual carefully because sometimes those docks will require a certain setting on the drive.

    The SATA drives though are super simple. Plug in your dock, plug the drive into the dock, turn the dock on, and the drive should just show up on the computer.


    Formatting it will erase the data, if the computer is trying to prompt you to format the drive either the data has been corrupted and is already lost, or it's not being mounted correctly. Possibly because the drive is in a format that your computer does not recognize. There are things you can do if this happens to you, but I'm not going to go into the details of that now. You'll most likely not have to worry about that and if you do, you can come back and ask for additional help then.

  • Who doesn't use an adblocker and why?
  • YouTube is not doing it, I use YT premium and I never get a single ad. Ever.

    And I know that ad supported cheaper versions of a lot of streaming services are becoming more common, but, to my knowledge, all of them have an ad free option. It may be more expensive than their cheapest tier, but they do have an ad free option.

    If you want to see the internet less dependent on ads, the only way to do that is to be willing to pay for it yourself. Because streaming video content online is actually extremely expensive to do. And someone has to pay for it. If you as the consumer aren't paying for it then someone has to pay for it on your behalf. They're only going to do that if they can get something out of the deal.

  • People who can don't get mad and just go with the flow, how do you do it?
  • Going with the flow is such an important skill that more parents need to put more of a focus in teaching. It's all about making sure that your response is a realistic way of attaining your goal in the situation.

    If I'm talking to someone else and trying to help them through a situation like they say, ask them to think for a minute if getting angry will do anything at all to help the situation they find themselves in.

    "You are absolutely right to be upset about this situation, and if you need to take a minute to feel that rage, go right ahead. Once you're ready though, let's take a deep breath, remember that we can't change what's already happened and instead be strategic and intentional about what we do from here to correct for what just happened"

    Being able to gain control of yourself is a skill that requires practice. Intrusive thoughts and feelings and emotions happen to everyone, the trick is just recognizing when it's happening. When you recognize that it's happening, take a deep breath and shake it off. For me that means just slowing down and being much more methodical and intentional about anything that I say or do until that fight or flight mode response disengages. Be conscious of the fact that my reflexes cannot be trusted when I am in fight or flight mode.

  • What is your earliest memory?
  • I've got a memory from pre-k where I was basically refusing to participate in nap time and got kicked out of class and ultimately kicked out of Pre-K entirely. I don't remember a lot of the details but I do remember not wanting to take a and then getting kicked out to go to the toddler daycare room something like that

  • Who doesn't use an adblocker and why?
  • I mean, there are other civilized pleasant methods for companies to make profit. For users to pay.

    That's why lots of places now have an ad-free subscription option. If you really want to smash out ads, pay for the ad-free subscription service.

  • Are you a Gym Leader, Trainer, Pokemon Champion, Professor, or Team Rocket Grunt or Mom/Dad? - Lemmy.World

    I feel like I would be a Prof in the Pokémon universe. Just interested in studying, experiments, generally dilletante shit and fieldwork. No desire for fame or publishing if I can get around it or get someone else to take credit for it as long as I get a little scratch Edit: try and keep things nice...


    Wii Balance Board

    I've got a couple of spare Wii balance boards lying around, and I want to replace the guts with an ESP home board hooked into its load cells to it into home assistant as a weight sensor.

    My goal is to convert them to litterbox stands So I can get metrics on which litter boxes are being used and when. Any recommendations?


    Wii Balance Board

    I've got a couple of spare Wii balance boards lying around, and I want to replace the guts with an ESP home board hooked into its load cells to it into home assistant as a weight sensor.

    My goal is to convert them to litterbox stands So I can get metrics on which litter boxes are being used and when. Any recommendations?

    pokemongo focusforte

    Idea for Raid Lobbies QOL Update

    Multiple public lobbies. The backend seems to already support it, it would be worth it imo to add a way for the user to access it.

    When you hit battle, instead of dumping you into the lobby immediately it gives you a list of all the available public lobbies, showing you basic info about each lobby, with "New Lobby" button at the bottom of the list. UX Elements should push users to make public lobbies, but private would also be an option there.

    To make the most common use case as easy as possible, put a "Suggested" lobby at the very top that functions exactly like the current system does. Meaning the only downside of this would be to add a single extra button press for the default behavior.

    This would not make a major difference in a majority of circumstances, but it would make mass raiding better. I can only imagine how cool it would be to see something like this for Go Fest or when raiding in a really big city.

    pokemongo focusforte

    Made a thing!

    It's going to be published to soon!


    New to unraid and need some help.

    So I'm trying to get unraid set up for the first time, I'm still running the free trial and assuming I can get this set up, I do plan on purchasing it but I'm starting to get frustrated and could use some help.

    I previously had a drobo, but that company went under and I decided to switch to an unraid box because at least as far as I can tell, it's the only other NAS solution that will let me upgrade my array over time with mixed drive capacities.

    Initially everything was fine, I popped in all my empty drives, set up the array with 1x20Tb drive set up as parity, 1x20tb and 5x14TB drives set up as data disks and I started to move stuff over from the backups that I had from the previous Drobo NAS using the unassigned devices plugin and a USB 3 Hard drive dock.

    Well, what had happened twice now is that randomly a device will go disabled with no indication of what's wrong. The blank drives are only about a year old and have before this shown absolutely no signs of failing. They are also still passing the SMART tests with no errors. The first time this happened it was the brand new 20 terabyte drive and the parity slot. I was able to resolve this by unassigning that drive starting the array and then stopping to reassign the drive. That's what a forum post. I was able to find suggested and that seemed to have worked, but it started a whole new parity sync That was estimated to take a whole week. The thing is I don't have a week to waste so I went ahead and started moving files back onto the system again, but now the same thing has happened to disc 3. One of the 14 terabyte drives.

    I'm at my wits end, the first time it happened I couldn't figure it out. So I just wiped the array reinstalled on raid and try it again because I just couldn't figure it out. Are there any kind of common pitfalls than anyone could recommend me checking or anyone in general? Just willing to help?

    My hardware: Ryzen 7 5700G 64GB of 3200 ECC DDR4 (2x16gb is currently installed, but I've got another 2x16 that just arrived yesterday. I need to install that was just shipped late) 8 NAS bays in the front case

    Blank Drives: 2x20TB, 5x14TB, 1x8TB Drives with Data on them: 2x20TB, 1x10TB, 1x8TB (totaling around 40 TB of data across them)

    Once the data is moved off of the drives that have data on them, I do intend to add them to the array. My NAS case has eight bays, and two internal SSDs that are separate from the NAS bays, One sata ssd set up as a cache, the other an NVME m.2 set up as a space for appdata.

    As of last night before I went to bed I had about 3 terabytes of data moved onto the array, but during the overnight copy, something happened to my disc 3 which made the device marked as offline. I couldn't find any error messages informing me why the disk was offline but it was marked as offline.

    The Parity drive was already invalid because I was copying data in while the parity sync was happening, and now I can't get the array to start at all.

    I tried doing something that a forum post recommended which was to start the array with the disc unassigned in maintenance mode, then stop the array and then restart it with disc 3 Reassigned to the correct drive, but it refuses to do so. It tells me that there are too many wrong or missing disks.

    The weirdest part is that I know that disc 3 still has the data on it because if I unassigned 3 and then mount that drive using the unassigned devices plugin I can see all the data is still browsable and there.

    I'm starting to feel real dumb cuz I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I feel like there's got to be something simple that I'm doing wrong and I just can't figure out what it is.

    pokemongo focusforte

    PoGo Community Checkpoint PGCC

    This website is under construction, and will be changing as more trainers contribute! This is the first draft of this page so if you'd like to submit feedback, or contribute to improving this page or anything on our site send us an email at [email protected]


    This is a project I've been work on since TSR shut down, would love to get more people on board!