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‘My whole library is wiped out’: what it means to own movies and TV in the age of streaming services
  • I mean Amazon did this for their mp3s. It was literally just an id3 tag with a unique identifier. Not hard to remove but “good enough” to keep regular people from overly distributing it. You’ll never win against the real Pirate community no matter what you do, so just give people real incentive to buy and actually own.

  • Biden administration finalizes controversial minimum staffing mandate at nursing homes
  • A huge amount of nurses have left the field in the last decade. This has been due to poor wages, poor working conditions, and more pressure on nurses. They all burned out.

    During Covid, even when we were all clapping for nurses, instead of giving pay raises they’d rather hire contractors and travel nurses to fill positions because pay raises are permanent. A whole bunch of nurses I know left to do temporary travel, sometimes at the hospital they already worked at. This created huge amounts of resentment and nurses left in droves.

    The consolidation of our hospitals and health facilities into the hands of a few small companies is leading to a huge collapse of our healthcare, and it is all their own making.

    This all started 30 years ago when hospitals stopped being run by a chief medical officer and a chief nursing officer, and instead began being run by MBAs who only looked at numbers and short term profits. Drs and Nurses have no autonomy anymore and are treated like workers on an assembly line.

    Get rid of the MBAs. Break up HCA, Tenant, and the other big chains, require all health facilities to be non profits, and maybe we’ll see people who actually want to work in the medical profession again.

  • Gov. DeSantis signs new law requiring instruction in public schools on the history and ‘dangers’ of communism
  • That episode completely missed the point. No one is arguing about pressing the tab key vs pressing the spacebar 4 times. It is purely about whether the tab key inserts a tab character, \t, or a series of spaces.

    There are valid arguments both ways. But if you want to piss me off, mix the two!

  • Pls pls pls....
  • This is a tiny portion of black metal in a sub genre . But it isn’t surprising that an extreme genre with a strong counter culture doesn’t have some extreme spin-offs.

    Also you can tell which bands are in NSBM because they are all terrible at actually making music.

  • The reality of being a criminal defendant on trial finally dawned on Trump. He didn’t take it well.
  • And he griped about the prospect of missing Barron’s graduation.

    “I was looking forward to that graduation, with his mother and father there, and it looks like the judge does not allow me to escape this scam,” he said

    Wait, who is Barron’s father?

  • Why do Americans measure everything in cups?
  • Most Americans I know don’t even have a scale in their kitchen!

    I (an American) always wonder what a cup of spinach is. Like I can really pack it into a cup or not and there is a huge difference.

  • Who was your first?
  • Redhat 5.2 on cd. I learned a lot about compiling kernels as it didn’t support scsi emulation which was required for an ide cd burner. I think I ended up on Mandrake for a while before bouncing around including LFS. Then gentoo for many many years. And I’ve come full circle and been back on fedora for about 10 years now.

  • Tips for falljng back to sleep
  • Here is what I do, it is a type of visualization meditation.

    I have been watching futurama (original seasons) for 20 something years. I have seen each episode literally hundreds of times. I have them burned pretty well into my brain at this point.

    I have ripped just the audio track from the DVDs. When I wake up in the middle of the night (2-4 times per night!), I turn on a random episode as audio only.

    The goal here is to try to visualize the episode as you only listen to the audio. This forces you to focus on something rather than stress about life. It really helps me stop thinking about anything else. Because I know the episodes so well, it has become quite easy to stay focused on it (like watching with your eyes closed). And since I’ve seen the episodes so many times there is no fear of missing out, so you don’t try to stay awake to finish an episode. I can typically fall back asleep within 5-10 minutes with this technique.

    I personally have these on my phone in a playlist and sleep with a single wired ear bud in one ear. I have a sleep timer set for 25 minutes. If I wake up, all I have to do is tap the button on my wired Apple headphones and it’ll continue playing for 25 more minutes. No need to open my eyes or take off my sleep mask.

  • Trump Says Jan. 6 Was an Insurrection
  • I really thought in 2016 Bernie would splinter the democrats and we’d have a true left party. I also thought trump would create a new party on the right and the republicans would go back to being republicans. Can you imagine a 4 party system!

    To my surprise, the trump dragged the republicans even further to the right, and the democrats moved even more center-right to appease ex-republicans. So the whole nation just moved right, which is sad.

  • Futurama Comics Panels

    A website with futurama comic panels. The source is available on github.