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  • I can't moo it anymore.

  • Think about it
  • 0.25 is half of 0.5. Alternatively: A quarter is half of half. If you multiplied 0.25/0.5 by 2, then it would be 0.5/1, which is just 0.5.

  • Biden calls for 'immediate ceasefire' in Gaza
  • I mean, wouldn't it be a good thing if hostages were released? Also, surely getting a ceasefire like this is one of the reasons Hamas took hostages, right?

  • Biden calls for 'immediate ceasefire' in Gaza
  • People who are able to vote and specifically choose not to should absolutely be blamed. Voting third party is perfectly reasonable, but you have no right to complain about the state of politics and deserve to be ridiculed if you make the conscious decision not to vote even though you are fully able to.

  • cleveland rules
  • Things to do in Ohio:

    1. Visit Scott The Woz

    2. Leave

  • Though in the case of Steam, #3 is a bit questionable
  • I feel like Steam to GOG would be a better example of owning what you buy, with GOG games being DRM free.

  • Games rule
  • I was doing a renegade run of Mass Effect, so I guess I'm being tried in The Hague.

  • Every language has its niche
  • I think the two newest, MV and MZ, have switched to Javascript. Also, Ren'py is the only visual novel engine I can think of, which is based on Python.

  • femboys and egg culture rule
  • Confusingly, tomboys are girls.

  • Americans are asleep, post European windows
  • What does that even mean?

  • Americans are asleep, post European windows
  • My windows can tilt. Not in the same way, but you can either slide them up or tilt them in. And besides, is being able to tilt your windows really that great?

  • Samsung advertising new phone in my notifications
  • That was the Note 7. Same brand, different series of phone.

  • The U.S. just expanded its territory by one million square kilometers
  • I misread the title as being just one instead of one million, which would have been way funnier.

  • Gen Z is choosing not to drive
  • I mean, you could learn how to drive but then never actually drive just to get them off your back. Besides, there is a chance you could be in a situation where you need to drive.

    Plus, driver's licenses are the most commonly accepted form of ID.

  • Alex Jones is profiting from his new game on Steam — while refusing to pay the Sandy Hook families he defamed
  • I think reviews from users who refunded aren't counted in the overall score.

  • Vaccination Dramatically Lowers Long Covid Risk
  • Isn't herd immunity an amazing thing?

  • Holiday Giveaway - Steam Codes! - Giveaway Ended
  • I've always wanted to try God of War.

  • More than 1,000 birds killed in one night after hitting the same Chicago building
  • Killing 2 birds with 1 stone has really come a long way.

  • Rule Neco Arc Flash Bang

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