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He will weep.
  • He had a severe benzo addiction and rather than going through the normal treatment of tapering off use, he opted for an experimental treatment offered in Russia where he was instead placed in a medically induced coma to avoid the worst of the withdrawals. This had other side effects though and he later described having to relearn basic motor functions after being awoken, so who knows what else that did to him.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Lmao, I can assure you that to people who hate gay people, you will ALWAYS be one of those people no matter how pathetically you grovel at their feet, the democrats have nothing to do with that.

  • Better way to communicate with me
  • This comment reads kind of weird, as if you feel personally snubbed that they "ignored" your concerns when in reality the app developers just had different ideas about what direction the app would go in.

    Like, that's totally fine! At the end of the day if you were only interested in a replacement SMS app then Signal just wasn't for you. As someone whose primary interest is the security and privacy guaranteed by Signal not only encrypting messages but also message metadata (something Google's RCS explicitly does NOT do) I'm perfectly satisfied with how it functions.

    That said, I don't care about stickers or the weird crypto integration, but it satisfies my other needs and includes a desktop client to boot, so I have nothing to complain about.

  • Catholic 'media ministry' defrocks AWOL AI priest after it told faithful you can baptise babies in Gatorade and that, sure, it can totally perform your wedding
  • To answer your first question, AWOL is also used colloquially to describe people wildly or destructively ignoring the responsibilities of their job. So it'd be an apt descriptor if it was talking about a REAL priest but in this case it's just flowery wording (presumably for alliteration)

  • Bitwarden has launched a new authenticator app
  • It doesn't get a whole lot of attention but it's the most mature open source authenticator app and one of the first ones you would find in fdroid. With that said, there's nothing really standout about it or its features, it just works.

  • Introducing Dark Web Monitoring for credential leaks | Proton
  • They can only reveal metadata since they keep everything encrypted, but that was enough to track down this person's Proton recovery email address? That's disconcerting.

    Trying to use a commercial privacy service to threaten election officials is definitely some dumb shit though, but I bet they could have avoided that outcome with some better opsec

  • GameStop axes its short-lived NFT marketplace as it retreats from crypto
  • Lmao no kidding, after reading your comment I went to google and typed in "reddit crypto gamestop nfts" and the second result was literally a 100% serious post from Superstonks 2 days ago titled "Why Gamestop's NFT Marketplace Closure Is A Great Sign". Forget bitcoin, if you want to get rich just invest in copium instead

  • Valve is now reversing VAC bans due to AMD drivers in CS2, according to patch notes
  • It's more complicated than that, VAC bans are tied to the version of game engine used. So a VAC ban in Counter Strike Source would have also banned you from TF2, DoDS, and HL2DM, and nothing else. This also means that VAC bans from CSGO don't affect any other games (except CS2 which is technically the same game)

  • Should defederate from Meta if they implement ActivityPub?
  • No, I'm saying some people won't let themselves be convinced either way and that should be taken into account. You didn't respond with how you would convince homophobic people not to hate gays for instance, it sounds like you want people to waste their breaths arguing with the unreasonable just so you can maintain some moral high ground of being oh-so-much-more tolerant than the rest.

  • Should defederate from Meta if they implement ActivityPub?
  • Honestly you sound really naive. You seem to be under this delusion that people who hold intolerant ideas are only doing so out of honest ignorance and they can simply be convinced otherwise. Have you ever interacted with an anti-vaxxer? A covid-denier? A religious fanatic? A slavery apologist? The world is absolutely filled to the brim with incredibly unreasonable people who will ignore all evidence for things that don't fit their world view. They aren't looking to be convinced otherwise.

    How do you plan on "respectfully asking" a homophobe to stop hating gay people, for instance? What if they just want to post about how much they wish gay people would die, what argument do you think would sway someone dedicated to their religion? Since its just speech and not action, they should be free to hate as much as they want according to you.

    Your whole point doesn't make any sense either, the idea that people would jump ship to make threads accounts if they were defederated is absurd. The fediverse is an incredibly niche corner of social media, the only reason you would specifically search out for communities here is if you were disatisfied with corporate social media (like threads) to begin with.