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Grandma worries about you
  • Aw that's actually kind of sweet though, my grandmas never texted me before.

  • Keep that day as your own
  • Kind of a different scenario but reminds me of when a co-worker took sick days and almost immediately updated their profile picture of them being out-of-state. Left us baffled.

  • Have you ever been to a movie so terrible that you saw people leaving the theater? Which one was it?
  • Now I'm sitting here in awe, wondering how you were able to keep both eyes open for the whole movie. Bravo

  • exper(ule)t
  • Huh interesting. Searched out of curiosity, and I found 1 article saying you should close it as it will lower the temp throughout the night to allow for a more peaceful sleep and also for fire safety. Then right below was a link to another article stating you should leave it open as it will lower the temp via circulation. Fun, don't think I've seen such mixed results.

  • How are CD Projekt's side quests so good? Cyberpunk quest designer says they reject 'over 90%' of their pitches
  • It'd be awesome if they can continue with that mindset but unfortunately I'm a skeptic.

  • My ramps came back!
  • That feeling you get seeing the green peep out through the brown is honestly amazing. Congrats

  • meow_irl
  • Cat definitely believes it got the short end of the stick having to deal with me, but will accept trade out of sympathy.

  • Have you ever been to a movie so terrible that you saw people leaving the theater? Which one was it?
  • I just scrolled through 200+ comments and did not see Cloverfield. I really can't say anything about the storyline itself as this was one I physically could not sit through. In addition to others who ended their suffering before us, I and 2 family members all experienced severe motion sickness within the first half hour and had to walk out. Didn't think it was worth throwing up over.

  • I'm guilty, lol
  • I figure I'd quit when my parents start using it, just like how I quit Facebook lol

  • What's your idea of a romantic date?

    Edit: Thanks all for the responses, guess it's more about what's important between the 2 of you. After around a decade, things are starting to feel a bit repetitive I guess so I was trying to see if I could gain some fresh ideas.

    There is a cat rule
  • The cat is the party.

  • Passenger allegedly boards flight from Nashville to Los Angeles without a ticket
  • So I get yelled at for forgetting to take out my kindle, while they're missing a whole person slipping past security. Smh

  • Twitter.
  • So he too will handwash all of his wife's clothes out of love and respect... right?

  • Like a time capsule
  • I had the same thought years ago, and also started saving all my voicemail from loved ones to my phone. With a parent and grandparent recently passed, it's much appreciated to have at least these recordings. I don't have many vids of them talking directly to me, but these voice messages hit different because for a moment, it almost feels like they're still alive and reaching out to me.

  • Intersection
  • Beautiful. My eyes are pleased.

  • Adults need badges too
  • I'd never get that Netflix badge.

  • Oldest bonsai in the world (x-post from BeWowed)
  • Beautiful. But genuinely curious- does a bonsai eventually become a tree? Because that's bigger than any actual trees I've attempted to grow.

  • Earthquakee
  • I was still surprised that I got alerts from 2 different sources before it actually happened. What times we're living in.

  • Earthquakee

    A pretty cute one. Edit: hearing sirens now, stay safe out there.

    Every time I turn the light off
  • Mine's definitely in the extremely stubborn category, but I just love him so much- assholery and all lol

  • Every time I turn the light off
  • Gag me ugh, need someone like him to empty out my genie pail. I would 100% take the butthole over that ammonia + methane bomb anyday.

  • Every time I turn the light off
  • You train? Your cat?? In this house, it's more like my cat trains me😭 but yes, very relaxing. I'm sure my cat thinks I'm creepy as I love staring at him while he licks that one wet spot over and over again.

  • Today could be one of those boring ol' happy days I might one day randomly reminisce about in the future.

    Sometimes my brain hits me with the most mundane memories, and even those bring comfort & nostalgia at times. Trying to appreciate all the little things and enjoy the moment.


    How do you fight the temptation to not look at your phone or other electronic devices after going to bed?

    Fml the sun's about to come up and I still can't fall asleep. Dear Brain, please shut up.

    (side thought: was that basically my brain telling itself to shut up? Useless things like this keep me up at night lol...)

    Edit: well hello Mr. Sun. Seems like a lot of people leave their phones outside but I feel like it'd add to my insomnia, having me wonder if family might try to contact me with an emergency. Saw some good suggestions so I will definitely give those a try, thank you!