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Earth Is Running Out of Sand, Spurring a Cutthroat Black Market
  • Guess the Sahara is finally shrinking /s

  • DVDs are dying right as streaming has made them appealing again
  • If you know plex it's the same thing just open source.

    But they are just video player front ends for your media libray

  • Holy voting choices!
  • 2020 yes, 2024 no. Biden had small time candidates against him in the primaries (Dean Phillips, Marianne Williamson, RFK).

    The consensus in the DNC was for no major candidates to challenge him as it may shake his standing. It's tradition to not primary against an incumbent.

  • Automation
  • I wonder if it's actually interpreting the bookshelf or if having such a busy background is taking a toll on the compression. That would alter the details on the person's face

  • Big Kone lies
  • They should ride a paternoster, those doorless elevators that are continuously running

  • Anything Godzilla size or larger
  • It's terrible and after a year my brain finally adapted.

  • METAL GEAR SOLID Δ: SNAKE EATER - Official Trailer #1
  • Glad to see David Hayter is still the voice actor

  • Summer is the worst season of the year, isn't?
  • Summer is my favorite part of the year in the US. Longer days, cool nights, lush greenery with beautiful skies, more activities to do outside, mangoes are in season, going to the pool, barbecues, basking in the sun and feeling the seasonal depression melt away.

    I was born in the summer, maybe that has something to do with it.

  • FBI recovers 7,000 LockBit keys, urges ransomware victims to reach out
  • Dunno how many people will still have machines they haven't already reimaged laying around.

  • Sony removes still-unmet “8K” promise from PS5 packaging
  • Reaching narwhal bacons at midnight levels

  • What vital task did you not realize someone was doing regularly until they suddenly stopped?
  • Get them to cook dinner for the family once a week. Help em if they get stuck but that alone would set them up immensely.

  • World-first tooth-regrowing drug will be given to humans in September
  • I still have mine in in my 30's. I forget about them except when brushing since I don't want a cavity back there. There are a few times where I've actively tried using them and it's hard to tell they're being used

  • If Windows XP was released in 2024
  • Whoa still exists. I guess for all the boomers that haven't moved on

  • Windows 10 EOL PSA
  • All these gaming anti-cheats better become Linux compatible cause I'm definitely not upgrading to 11

  • Nikki Haley says she will vote for Donald Trump following their disputes during Republican primary
  • For her sake, I hope she negotiated a cabinet position before jumping back on the trump train.

  • Biden administration canceling student loans for another 160,000 borrowers
  • Public med school median total cost is 268k while private is 363k

    Anything else you'd like me to Google?

  • Black Friday Nerd Pilgrimage rule