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Unreal 4 and 5 expert with 3D art and animation skills

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  • It is like fentanyl don't do it

  • I just cited myself.
  • I wish computers could calculate infinity

  • Todd Howard: 'We Don't Need to Rush' Next Fallout Game
  • They do need to refactor their cell framework to support real-time streaming for interiors or cut down the load times to near instantaneous because modern titles do not need to have such long loading times apart from the initial load when the game boots

  • My tour of Normandy
  • I thought this was the bike going rouge around Europe by itself

  • It's beautiful
  • And now it's two clicks to open the property menu in explorer and takes half a second to switch windows

  • Fallout 4 Next-Gen Update Rolling Out Now
  • All my goddamn mods are broken thank you Fodd Ow-ward

  • "I want to live forever in AI"
  • Intellisense commands you to fix your method

  • I've seen people trade zip archives like Yo-Ge-oh cards useing excel as a source control manager so it could be much MUCH worse

  • XXX
  • I'm pretty sure I wouldn't eat a fully formed chicken fetus

  • Unused variables
  • I'm not a CS major but why exactly does having a variable or parameter that's not used in C, C# and C++ throw a warning

  • gmodgasm
    Call of Duty: Vanguard Sold 30 Million Copies, It's Claimed
  • Wait wasn't this game released like 3 years ago

  • Adrian made an Ebay listing.
  • Oh no not the poop wrench

  • Teenagers.
  • Wtf

  • Belong ISP Updating Their Terms, Maybe Dropping Third Party Modem Support And Speed Throttling

    (straight from email)

    • We're adding a term to make sure our customers use equipment that complies with relevant standards.

    • We are adding a right to slow your service if we reasonably believe you’ve breached our Acceptable Use Policy.

    • We're adding more definitions to what we consider ‘unfair, unreasonable or inappropriate use’.

    • If a customer treats our people in an abusive or threatening way, we may end the interaction and – in extreme cases – we may stop offering our service to them altogether.


    Why Did Optus Remove PayPal For PrePaid Recharge?

    If you recharge credit on your prepaid phone you now have to give them your card details because they disabled PayPal from their app.



    For a project I did way back when.


    Of People With Myths Of Humanity Everlasting


    Work i did awhile ago using Blender