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Undecided voters say they now support Joe Biden after debate
  • That phrase "Don't let perfect get in the way of good" is our stumbling block. We want our candidate to support everything we support and no less. Friggin' Trump is a rapist, a traitor, a racist, etc., but if he says he wants let's say Christianity to be the national religion, the Christians are like "Hey he supports us, we'll vote for him," and completely ignore everything else. Single issue, boom, they're in. The left needs to value unity over their individual issues right now.

  • VPN by Google One shuts down
  • Fi makes it pretty clear that use outside the US is meant to be temporary (unless you're on military duty overseas). The person you replied to got a really long run and honestly has no cause for complaint.

  • Man with carload of weapons and ‘hit list’ that included Biden, Obama and Clinton gets years in prison
  • It's kind of a shame, dude is clearly mentally ill but there's no mention in the article of any attempts to treat it. Just straight to jail. If anything it's just going to worsen in prison and probably end up murdering someone and/or getting murdered.

  • T-Mobile users thought they had a lifetime price lock—guess what happened next
  • Thanks, yes they did misunderstand. If 57 is the "real" price I'm effectively paying for 1 year of service and getting 2. Also there are no penalties for cancellation after the first year, so if i wanted to go through the trouble of finding another ISP, I could walk away then.

  • Move over, Ford and Chevy: Kei trucks are pulling up as customers opt for smaller, cheaper vehicles
  • I'd love to see a comeback of vehicles like 1980s Toyota and Mazda pickups. Just a bit taller than sedans, good sized bed. I never understood the popularity of trucks that almost need a mini ladder to get into when they're being used strictly in an urban or suburban setting.

  • T-Mobile users thought they had a lifetime price lock—guess what happened next
  • Honestly, these "promises" never last. I had ATT at $50/mo for home internet service and was promised it would never go up. Last year it went to $60 and this year $65. I just switched to Xfinity. More Mbps than ATT, promotional price of $20/mo for a year, it goes up to 35 for year 2, then after that the promotion is over and it's $57. After the 3rd year ends it will probably go up, but they've basically given me 1 free year of internet.

  • How to delete places I've saved in Google maps? there is no delete button.
  • I've had this problem too, on both mobile and desktop. If you made a manual entry to your Contacts list and added that address, you'll need to delete the address there separately. That isn't necessarily the cause though. I have places that stubbornly remain starred.

  • Solar project to destroy thousands of Joshua trees in the Mojave Desert
  • Kaiser, which is a major hmo here in California, has been putting solar panel parking shade in their lots. The community college in my town has it too. I can't think of any downsides to them other than the installation cost. Everyone likes shade from sun and rain, and free electricity.

  • Newsmax Host Ominously Warns ‘You People in Your Cities’ Who Are ‘Pushing the Party That Owns 90% of the Guns’
  • Yeah, the R's are the ammosexuals. They're so afraid that libruls will take their guns away that they stockpile them. I know a couple Dems who collect guns as a hobby, but I think most of us who own have just one or two for the purpose of self/home defense.

  • Trump told donors he will crush pro-Palestinian protests, deport demonstrators | Speaking to wealthy donors behind closed doors, he said that he supports Israel’s right to continue “its war on terror.
  • It's your right to vote 3rd party, but doing so makes it only more likely that Trump will take office and ruin not just Palestine but the ability for Arab Americans and possibly every foreign born, and possibly non-white person in general, to live in the US. In our current political system, third parties count for nothing, it's a wasted vote. I'm not thrilled by Biden either but voting for president has to be strategic.

  • iPhones And Androids Can Now Warn You of 'Secret Trackers'
  • I bought airtags for my luggage and keys, but they're registered to my iPad which is not my EDC device and is large. My main device is an Android. If I don't take the iPad with me, eventually my Android will pop up with an "unknown tracker following you" message. The message iets you ring it to locate it, but nothing else. The annoyingest thing is that i cannot tell the android phone it is mine and known, and please stop pinging me about it.

  • Biden calls Trump ‘unhinged’ and says ‘something snapped’ in former president after he lost 2020 election
  • The media has traded objectivity for eyeballs. Ever since that orange clown started running the first time it's been a nonstop attention grabber and that's all the media wants now. Good or bad attention doesn't matter, it's just attention, and Trump draws it out massively. Media doesn't want it to stop.

  • a couple eclipse photos 20240408 eclipse colorized

    Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more from users like saluki52.

    Used a Canon Powershot and solar optical film. Image is normally just shades of blue-gray, but I colorized them in post.


    Kyrsten Sinema will not seek reelection in Arizona [gift link]

    Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (I-Ariz.) announced she will not seek reelection this year, avoiding an unpredictable three-way race in the swing state that had many national Democrats worried about holding onto the seat.

    23 After Pushback From Chinatown Residents, Breed Cancels Plan For Sober Living Facility at Hotel North Beach

    Less than two weeks after announcing plans to convert the Hotel North Beach into the city's first sober living facility for formerly homeless people, SF Mayor London Breed has canceled those plans due to community objections.

    After Pushback From Chinatown Residents, Breed Cancels Plan For Sober Living Facility at Hotel North Beach

    Salmon slightly freezer burned - will it still be edible?

    Salmon was vacuum sealed a couple months ago but smelled a little burnt and a small amount (1/8" deep x 2" long by 1/4" wide) discolored. I generously cut off the discolored bit but wondering if the rest will taste bad.

    Edit: It turned out great! indistinguishable from un freezer burnt.


    New to polish, question about yellowing

    I started to polish my nails about 6 weeks ago. When changing polish I've noticed my nails getting yellower at the tips. I've read that the offending ingredient is nitrocellulose, which my base coat has (OPI natural nail) and probably the other coats as well (Essie, Seche Vite). My color polish is typically a light/natural pink.

    So my question is, what if anything un-yellows the nails? Should I leave off the polish for N days? Filing (which I don't really want to do as my nails are pretty thin already)?

    Thanks and happy new year


    the weather frog went missing :(

    I know it's silly but I really like that frog.

    This morning he got replaced by a screen that you don't have to swipe up to view, and includes both hourly and 10 day forecasts.

    I followed some instructions I found elsewhere to clear google search data (settings: apps: google app: storage & cache: Manage space) and that brought the frog back for about 10 minutes. Then the weather line disappeared entirely from At A Glance. I rebooted the phone and got the weather back in the widget, but the frog was gone again.

    Would really like him back... is there something else I can try.

    ETA 5 days later my froggy friend is back... I hadn't tried changing anything else, it seems just random


    No knead loaf, homemade starter, baked in the dutch oven

    It actually did end up with a breath of sourdough to it and a nice chewiness. This was some starter that I had built up and maintained, dried and stored over a year ago, then rehydrated a week ago.

    Home Improvement dirthawker0

    Garage door opener replacement questions

    I think some electronics in the motor have gone kaput. The wall mounted button works, but I have 2 remotes and neither works. (I did change the battery on one as well as try to re-pair it with the motor, to no avail.)

    My options are to replace the circuit board ($125) or buy a new motor unit ($199). The original motor is a Liftmaster and the lift is a belt; it's probably about 20 years old. The cost of a new motor unit is not hugely more than the circuit board and I would get additional features like a battery backup.

    If I go for a new unit will it work with the existing belt? I'm looking at a basic 1/2hp Chamberlain. Thanks!


    Being asked to review a place I did not contact

    I'm a Google Fi customer and have location turned on, so Maps asks me to review places I've been. Yesterday I was asked to review a hair salon in a city about 35 miles away, Maps claiming I had called it 2 weeks ago. But I haven't called it -- the number isn't in my call history so even if I managed to randomly butt dial, that hasn't happened. What gives? Is it possible my number was spoofed and somehow Fi thinks the call was made by me?