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Yeah, about that…
  • To be blunt: modest to insanely powerful people have something invested in keeping such barriers high, and it's worrysome.

    cheaper workers tend to be less intelligent, ergo: prevent children from being expensive by preventing them becoming intelligent see:"a brave new world"

  • A picture speaks more than enough words
  • but how can the same system be made to work in areas with large distances between individual users and with the rails in disrepair?

    The only solution I can think of would be using rails in citys and tires in rural areas with mechanisms like rail service trucks so as to meet the needs of rural individuals. I know they make up a minority, however if the government could fully replace roads with rails and bike lanes in citys it would be almost necessary to provide a way for rural people who occasionally vist to go shopping for goods that the mail system doesn't deliver and local stores don't stock (eg. appliances, specialty meats and vegetables, lithium ion batterys, specialty healthcare, and bulk goods).

    Or we could just have subways with actual cargo space that's secure, large enough to store 8x4 plywood, reservable in advance, and with a competent loading/ unloading mechanism for transfers from subway to train and ebike to subway.

  • Project Rule

    I am definitely just doing the because rule and not because of extra credit.