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Democrats Now Openly Admit They Pushed Biden to Block Bernie
  • I have heard this from every conservative I've talked to about that election.

  • Is the RHCSA worth it?
  • I'll look into that, thanks!

  • Is the RHCSA worth it?
  • I just don't want to be a windows systems engineer anymore, and I'm having trouble getting interviews for linux administration roles.

  • Is the RHCSA worth it?
  • For sure, my company is willing to pay for it, I wouldn't be paying for it myself.

    I just don't want to work with windows anymore, and every job I get is windows centric; therefore I get a small amount of linux experience on my resume and the cycle continues. I'm contemplating getting the RHCSA and the RHCSE in order to get linux-centric roles (because although I'm down to take a cut in pay and settle for a junior position, most of the jobs available seem to be for senior or mid-level positions).

  • Do you poweroff your server during night / unused times?
  • That's an odd way of pronouncing sudo telinit 0

  • Is the RHCSA worth it?

    See title; I'm considering it, but the courses bundles are expensive

    Six is Sweet For Shaun Deeb in Event #27: $1,500 Eight Game Mix
  • What do we have to do to be able to post?

  • Drumsticks
    1. Get a paring knife and cut all the way around the base of where the thigh muscle begins; finish cutting through the tendons and other tissue with a pair of kitchen shears.
    2. Once you have it cleared down to the bone, grab the tissue towards the small end and pull it up and over the bone at the end.
    3. Find the pin bone; it's a sharp bone that extends up the thigh and should be removed. Slide your fingers down each side of the pin bone, pushing the meat down towards the end. With a pair of pliers grab the bone as far down as you can and wiggle it till it breaks, then pull it out. This is the part that sucks.
    4. With the kitchen shears cut some small tinfoil squares and wrap the exposed bone of the drumstick up. This prevents smoke from sticking to the bone; while this is optional the bone will get all black if you don't do this part.
    5. Season with whatever you use on poultry; I use a mix of kosher salt, black pepper, garlic powder, chile powder, and sometimes cayenne pepper.
    6. Smoke until the meat is 155-ish (the grill in the next step can finish up the cooking)
    7. Finish on a gas grill to crisp up the skin.
  • bbq databender


    I hate the prep work for these but it always ends up being worth it.

    Who do you think would be a good candidate to do an AMA on Lemmy?
  • Damn, I didn't realize he had passed.

  • A cool guide to The Ultimate Burritos
  • Disagree; I'm about a stones throw from the boarder and a smothered burrito is pretty much my favorite way to eat them. The green/red chile has to be HOT to cut through the amount of everything else though. I have no time for burritos smothered in weak chile.

  • Star Wars should learn from Andor and stop making Disney Plus shows that are so obsessed with the Jedi
  • I completely agree - force users should be few and far between, but if you're going to put a Jedi Master or Sith Lord onscreen they should be goddamn impressive. It would be something you became creative with while mastering, but all we see them do is hop around and shove stuff.

  • Star Wars should learn from Andor and stop making Disney Plus shows that are so obsessed with the Jedi
  • I think you can do a bunch with jedi/sith, but you have to use the force for something more interesting than pushing things and jumping pretty high. The extended universe novels had all sorts of cool shit force users could do with it. They should lean in to that kind of stuff.

  • What linguistic constructions do you hate that no one else seems to mind?
  • Couldn't explain it, really; I just want to grab the person and explain that Taco Bell (or whatever) is not an object you can get some of, and Taco Bell doesn't sell Taco Bells in any amount, they sell tacos! (In the voice you would speak to a toddler in, of course)

  • What linguistic constructions do you hate that no one else seems to mind?
  • I hate it when people call the product of a company the name of the company; like "let's go get some Taco Bell" instead of "let's go get some tacos from Taco Bell" or "Let's go eat at Taco Bell".

  • bait bait bait bait bait
  • Look, if we're going to keep Slackware in it's current spot as the best OS of all time you guys have to start including it in your memes.

  • Priya
  • Ray Romano?

  • There are only 4 serious consolidated Linux Distros: Fedora, OpenSuse, Debian, Ubuntu
  • This, except Slackware should be listed first as it's the eldest

  • What is your favorite fantasy movie from the 80s?
  • Conan the Barbarian, hands down, but Willow is a close second.

  • my chucks


    Are you brave enough to stand for him?


    Are you brave enough to stand for him?

    Blind databender

    Looking for some guidance

    I have a friend in Indiana that's currently going blind (he's legally blind and has a degenerative condition, I honestly don't know the exact specifics of his diagnosis). He's currently worried about losing his job, financial security, etc. I get the feeling that he's really not planning ahead - everything I hear from him is regarding the impending loss of his house, who will care for his dogs, and how there's no help in his area. I've looked up resources in Indiana and found a lot and sent them to him, but part of my (admittedly uninformed) advice has been to move to an area that's more walkable (he still has his drivers license but shouldn't be driving as he has almost no peripheral vision) and an area with a lower LOC (he says rent is around 2-3k for an apartment, in my area it's closer to 1k for a small house), things like that. His job is remote, but he's worried about losing it as his sight degrades, since he has to see the screen at the moment, but I'm advising to look into screen reader assistive tech for that (which the company should provide).

    I guess my question is: how realistic is my advice versus his concerns? I feel like he should be looking for a new location RIGHT NOW while he isn't forced to make a decision, I feel like there are more resources than he realizes, and I feel like his area is pretty expensive compared to some of the lower COL locations in the country. If anyone has any experiences in this sort of situation I'd appreciate your take on what he should be planning for, or really any sort of advice to give him.


    Autoplay playlists?

    Super stoked about using Piped. I've created an account on, found a playlist, all that; I can't figure out how to play all the items in the playlist though - I seem to only be able to play them individually. How do I play everything in a playlist without having to select them individually each time? I'm using the browser interface at the moment.


    YSK: Sometimes fostering just doesn't work out.

    I've been fostering a family member for a month or so, and it all came to a head today. My wife and I tried, but the behavior was just too much for us to feel safe with our existing children. I hate that we're giving up and I hate the circumstances that caused this, but it is what it is. If you're in the same place please don't beat yourself up; sometimes you can want something really bad and it still not be right for you.


    I thought I had another one laying around


    I knew this would come in handy

    DnD Memes databender

    Money isn't really the constraint


    You WILL pet Willow as well.


    You WILL pet Penny




    it's a saustrich

    bbq databender

    Nice Sunday

    I've got 4 10-ish lb pork butts in the smoker for a party on the 4th and I'm about to fire up the grill for some ribeyes; we have two briskets in the fridge I'm gonna start on Tuesday morning, so I'm getting my mileage outta Weber this week!


    Anon goes to battle


    I'm taking you with me


    Well, are you??


    Clever title