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Roku has patented a way to show ads over anything you plug into your TV
  • I don't see how. Unless it has, like, 20 predefined stored ads. But even then it might be refreshing in 20 years to see a commercial for Kia. Be like, "Oh yeah! I remember Kia! Man, crazy how long it's been since Kia's have been around. Such a bad car."

  • Appreciate all the content though
  • No one is universally loved. Everyone brave enough to put themselves out there will have people push back and talk trash. If doing what you do brings you some joy, do your best to ignore them and push on.

  • Lemmy, Traefik, & Docker

    I'd like to self-host my own Lemmy instance. My environment is comprised of a Fedora VM on a separate VLAN running in Proxmox. That VM runs docker, and exposes all my services to Cloudflare using a treafik reverse proxy.

    I have found some posts in my googlings of folks that were able to get Lemmy to work inside Traefik. I have tried their docker-compose files, and ultimately came up short.

    My question, has anyone been able to get this working? If so, how?