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My slightly dodgy bike ride this morning
  • Yeah, I really like them. I bike with slow traffic around town a lot and it's nice to have the more upright relaxed position.

  • My slightly dodgy bike ride this morning
  • I need to get some gravel bike tires. 25c where a bit sketchy.

  • My slightly dodgy bike ride this morning

    I wore a respirator (cabin air filter) while cycling
  • Interesting. I wear a face mask while cycling. I live a dry and dusty area and used to get sinus infections frequently. I haven't had one since I starting wearing a mask while biking in 2020.

  • Ubunchu! A manga about Linux that came out in 2009 [PDF link]
  • Man that eee pc, disks, and ipod are an instant nostalgia trigger for me. I miss my net books. Not enough to go buy one though.

  • Linux geeks cheer as Arm wrestles x86 • The Register
  • I feel like linux users benefit the most from arm since we can build our software natively for arm with access to the source code.

  • [OC] Chiricahua National Monument
  • Yes, I love the place. Do you mean Portal AZ? That place is worth going on it's own. A great trip from Tucson --> Fair banks ghost town --> White water draw (during crane season) --> Chiricahua --> over the mountain to Portal AZ.

    I did the big loop with my dad a while ago during monsoon season. It was super hot and probably dangerous but the Big monsoon storm clouds over the rocks was fantastic.

  • Chiricahua National Monument

    Pic from my hike at Chiricahua national monument yesterday.

    TUXEDO on ARM is coming - TUXEDO Computers
  • I'm very interested in these.

  • I tested a hydrogen-powered bicycle. Is this the future?
  • I didn't think about hydrogen powered shipping container ships. That sounds like a good use case.

    My main issue with hydrogen is that most of it is produced using some natural gas / fossil fuel thing I don't understand. AKA Dirty hydrogen. Producing hydrogen using green tech is super inefficient compared to storing green energy in batteries. Personally, I think better battery tech like sodium Ion that uses cheap and recyclable materials are the better option for most applications.

    I do have a personal conspiracy theory that fossil fuel is pushing for hydrogen to slow green tech epically since the cheap way to make hydrogen is with fossil fuels.

    Another thing about hydrogen is storage and transportation. To store it long term you need to cool it a liquid form which is really hard to do. Also, current hydrogen fuel cell are low efficiency and low power density. That's why the toyota miria uses a fuel cell to charge a battery which powers the car.Tthe fuel cell can't put out high current.

    Most of what I know about hydrogen tech came from the aging wheels video about Mirai. So I might be super wrong about everything. I do recommend giving it a watch though:

  • I tested a hydrogen-powered bicycle. Is this the future?
  • Yeah, it blew my mind that the Toyota Mirai's hydrogen tanks are pressurized to 10,000 psi. To store a decent amount of hydrogen you need compress it to crazy high pressure or cool it with liquid helium or some other exotic extreme cooling. The thing about hydrogen that always confused me is that hydrogen is very energy dense but it physically not very dense.

  • I tested a hydrogen-powered bicycle. Is this the future?
  • Maybe? Warning Half-asses napkin math here but there are 286 KJ in a gram of hydrogen. So that 20 grams has 5720 KJ which converted to Watt hours is 1589 Wh. From my googling hydrogen fuel cells are 40 - 60 percent efficient. So half that to 750 Wh. Which is comparable to most e-bikes rated for 20Km of range. There are some issues with hydrogen. Converting water to hydrgron is only 70-80% efficient and converting that hydrogen to electricity is 30-60 percent efficient. Compare that to li-ion battery which can be charged at close to 99%. That mean hydrogen waste so much more electricity. Which is why I'm a hydrogen hater. I much prefer putting solar energy directly into batteries instead of the converting it hydrogen and back again at great lost.

  • Vegan hotdogs // Veggie "Completo Italiano"
  • That look really good!

  • Borger 😁
  • That makes sense. I really appreciate that you're wearing gloves now.

  • Borger 😁
  • That looks delicious! This is such a weird photo though lol. Do you normally eat with gloves above a trashcan?

  • Totalspark - Tell Me Why

    Anyone use "Da Brim" on their helmet?
  • I'm in Southern Arizona and I see tons of people wearing them. They're super popular here. I don't have one but I really want one.

  • Help me get AMD HIP to work in Blender
  • The only way I have gotten it to work was by installing the official amd Linux driver and running the amd-gpu install script with the --opencl=rocr flag. The last time I tried it with my 5700xt there was a werid rendering bug so I didn't use it. :(

  • OrangePi Neo Gameplay | Star Wars Battlefront 2 with Manjaro Gaming edition
  • My understanding is that they are making new version based on opengamepadUI. I made a video playing around with it on a steamdeck running EndeavorOS with opengamepadUI installed as a DE. It's very alpha so IDK how it's going to work for them.

  • OrangePi Neo Gameplay | Star Wars Battlefront 2 with Manjaro Gaming edition
  • I'm excited for this handheld. I'm planning on picking one up just to support more foss based hardware.

  • Chryssy And Sombra Lemon Meme by Redahfuhrerking on DeviantArt


    Heart Shaped Container FreeCAD Tutorial

    Made a FreeCAD tutorial for making this container: I have to warn you that I made a bunch of mistakes and it may be really hard to follow.

    Hiking and Outdoors Furs colourlesspony

    Backpacking trip to Mining Ruins at Cooper Creek

    Went backpacking up Cooper Creek near Mammoth AZ.

    0 Dwarf Star Forge by colourlesspony

    Collect Astroids and throw them into the FORGE

    Dwarf Star Forge by colourlesspony

    Simple 3D game I made for Godot Wild Jam #68. Fly a space ship around and grab asteroids then deposit them into the Dwarf star forge for money.


    My Tiny Pony - Celestia


    Homemade Pita Bread with Honey

    Recipe I followed:


    Eclipsed Celestia by WitchTaunter on DeviantArt

    Hiking and Outdoors Furs colourlesspony

    April 3rd Hike: Atascosa trail to the Atascosa look out.

    0 Steamdeck Cassette Player

    Demo of my cassette player themed music player for the steamdeck. I made it with Godot, blender, and inkscape. Download it here: Song...

    Steamdeck Cassette Player

    Steamdeck Cassette player thingy I have been making with Godot.

    Hiking and Outdoors Furs colourlesspony

    Pictures from my hike today at Madera Canyon (southern AZ)

    The weather was really nice and I saw a Gila Monster so it was 10/10 hike for me.

    1 Playing with Open Gamepad UI on a Steam Deck

    I finally got opengamepadUI working on my steam deck. I'm really excited about it and I hope it continues to grow. Check out the project here:

    Playing with Open Gamepad UI on a Steam Deck

    Blender Quick tip: You can increase the undo from 32 to 256

    For those who make greater than 32 mistakes in a row but less than 256


    Muffin Friend by Darksly-z on DeviantArt


    replacer - hey saphy


    My Grocery shopping was exactly $40.00

    I didn't have a budget or anything so I found it mildly interesting that it turned out an even number.