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Perfect ending
  • This reminds me of the book Telephone by Percival Everett. No secret extra ending but there were multiple versions of the book, one with a dramatically different ending. I really enjoyed reading it- and then looking up the differences.

  • This shouldn’t be normalised
  • I always flip the 30 buttons and then accidentally click Accept All because it’s in the place that I would expect the Confirm My Choices button to be and I am tired of looking at all the buttons and don’t read the most important one. I always tell myself I’ll slow down next time, but I’m just trying to get to the stupid website to read whatever stupid link I clicked on so I’m impatient every time.

  • New Pikmin, New Special Mushroom, Weekend Events AND Extra Bullhorns
  • I adore fairy lights, looking forward to seeing those Pikmin. Also keen on electric mushrooms. I guess now there’s an elemental for each color of nectar? Curious to see if they will make any other elementals- maybe poison for white Pikmin or floating for winged only.

    Thanks for pointing out about the extra bullhorns, that’s a nice bonus. I’m sure it will be followed by bullhorns that can be purchased in shop, but as long as we keep our one free daily that’s fine with me.

  • How are invites working for you?
  • Meh, not seeing a lot of invites right now and not a lot of interesting mushrooms locally. I think it’s more active during events though- this one, with the out of season flowers, there’s no real incentive to get on mushrooms that don’t have relevant nectar. I do see more activity and use my own horn more often for events though, especially when there are special mushrooms. I appreciate the elemental invites that you’ve occasionally sent to me!

    Enjoying a bit of downtime this week, hoping to get some winter Pikmin in the coming weeks so I can finally complete that infernal grey roadside icon. IGN dognewtricks

  • Last Weekend for Giant Halloween Mushrooms
  • I have only seen one giant Halloween mushroom this whole season. I think there are organized efforts on the discords, but I am not organized enough to join in a concerted effort! How did you feel about this event?

  • Friends for Challenges and Mushroom Attacks
  • Dognewtricks 364720842988 30-40k steps per week, 20-25k flowers Mostly interested in teams for step and flower challenges Game to join giant mushrooms or special mushrooms (I have 40+ of each type, working to strengthen all of my crews)

    Can we sticky this post?

  • Halloween Mushrooms
  • Thanks, I’ll look for that thread. I take them at around 10k I think now, around 2 hours to beat a regular mystery mushroom. I’m actually getting close on Halloween Pikmin sets but that candy gimmick is so annoying. In game name is dognewtricks.

  • Halloween Mushrooms

    So frustrated by the rewards on these.

    1. It’s harder to get past 1 star than previous events I’ve done. Even with 2-3 people, I’m getting 1 star on most normal HW mushrooms

    2. and then, all I’m getting is Halloween candy from boxes. I got a couple of Pikmin early on, which was awesome, but now it’s just 50 candy. And I need to collect thousands! It’s a drop in the bucket.

    3. I don’t even want the devil tail. I thought candy was going to be like points we could spend at a costume store, but no. It’s mission driven and there’s no way I will ever get the cat ears, the one item I want.

    I wish there were more Pikmin from boxes. It just feels like I’m investing a lot of effort for very little gain. They barely ever come up as a reward for the stage challenges, either. Thinking it was a lucky fluke that I ever got a complete Mahjongg set.