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The 25 Most Misunderstood Movies Ever Made
  • I am happy to see that I didn't miss the subtext on Breakfast at Tiffany's, given that the movie is slightly oblique in relation to the two main character's income sources (much less so with the guy, but it is easy to extrapolate to the girl)

  • Market forces are not enough to halt climate change | Investor returns imply that the welfare of future human beings is close to irrelevant
  • Society as a whole needs to agree to take action and, unfortunately, human nature is such that people will only take action AFTER shit materializes and all members of society are affected. Right now the climate issue is such that the rich can simply pay more to mitigate direct individual impact, so they don't care. Also, USA and China each contribute to almost 45% of total emissions, action should be focused to bring their emissions down first.

  • Since America is bringing back kings what other kind of stuff is on your medieval wishlist?
  • Some people see guilds as a form of worker union providing job protection but they are also oligopolies for business owners, resulting in higher price for goods and less employment opportunities overall due to the "you got to be a member so you can do business" aspect of it

  • CNN's debate was no fair fight
  • But historically if an incumbent decides to run for another Term. No party ever Has primaried them.

    And this lack of pragmatism and adherence to "tradition" when the republicans openly don't stick by those rules will cause the Dems to contribute to the coming of fascist amerika

  • Fearing Losses, Banks Are Quietly Dumping Real Estate Loans
  • Tough situation for banks and people working inside them. For those clamoring that it is 2008 all over again, it is, because the way markets and companies work has not changed (and a bank is just another type of company).

    Suppose you are a chief risk officer of one of those banks before Covid hit. You have been hired by the CEO so you need to play with the CEO to advance his/her agenda. Other banks are lending more and more to commercial real estate developers as there is demand and they are paying their loans on time. Your own bank's board of directors and CEO are putting pressure to join the market and lend more to those property developers otherwise you own bank's profit will look lower than the competition. You know that, by doing so, the concentration of loans in that sector will become quite high but, if you keep resisting, the CEO and/or the board will find someone more amenable who doesn't seem to panic when every other bank is making money. Then you cave in. You decide to approve more business going to those loans although you caveat that this might exceed risk appetite and gets the board and CEO to formally approve it as well.

    Now the bank is proudly going with the flow and investors are not complaining anymore.

  • Why Many Regret Moving to Texas Post-Pandemic
  • It ends up being bubbly but it is just the side effect of lots of new people going to the same place. I also chuckled at the bit about lower income tax not helping as property taxes can result in larger tax burden