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"you thought you did something there, didn't you?"

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Petition to Defederate from
  • I agree, and intend to block them on my account, but I am disconcerted with their readiness to censor based on personal bias and feel that their doing so is a critical matter that should not go unignored.

    Even wirh defederation as the extreme, I brought it for discussion to make clear how critical I feel it is for the fediverse to acknowledge it's weakness to influence by bad actors embedding themselves in positions of social trust.

  • Petition to Defederate from
  • I reserve the vile habit of referring to people/personas as "it" only for a certain type of individual who attacks others based on identity whilst using identity politics as their personal shield.

    This behavior is irregardless of their purported identity or orientation, beliefs-- it is me signalling staunch refusal to engage in any form of identity nuance when I have only ever seen them use identity in bad faith.

    I can recall only two personas I go out of my way to refer to in this manner-- I can't promise that I wouldn't refer to anyone else similarly, but I hope everyday that I may never come across more who earn the distinction.

  • Petition to Defederate from
  • I'm not familiar with the context of that accusation, besides having seen the meme.

    [insert more incessant rambling here because idk it's what I do I guess (see edit)]

    At the end of the day, this may be an entire nothing burger, but I am still exercising my right to protest what I have all reason to believe is a deliberate attempt to censor accurate and relevant information in favor of obvious misinformation. Because while I could care less about how or when social media dies, I care deeply about the fruitful efforts of certain bad actors to skew public perception and further a social divide for their own gain.

    edit: just paid better attention to the comment you linked, I was mistaken and that is my accusation. I disagree with the notion that I was intentionally misgendering, however-- I intentionally refused to acknowledge any gender identity for one subject in particular, but the other one I believe to be entirely accidental.

  • Petition to Defederate from
  • The modlog is public and you can check exactly what I said that they didn't like, then make the decision for yourself whether it's justified.

    And yes, my online persona is that of an asshole. I try to not be too unpleasant of one, but I don't have the energy to sugarcoat anything and unfortunately go a little overboard with the salt.

  • We know he's guilty
  • I'm lost. The one originally posted in this thread looks like the pool photo but very slightly desaturated with slight adjustment of white balance, whereas the fake is clearly oversaturated.

    I don't really care to pull this up on my desktop to confirm, but I don't really need an answer because the rest of the photo, unaltered, is enough to marvel at. His hands show he never worked a day in his life. His poor handwriting in such big text, either meant to be seen by reporters or just for his own amusement, is telling. Who still supports this child?

  • Petition to Defederate from

    On accusations of censorship in service to facilitating mis/disinformation in support of a sociopolitical agenda.

    rulegularly check their modlog to remind myself how burnt and sickly the grass is on the other side of the fence
  • Yeah they just banned me and censored my post the other day fighting back against disinformation being pushed by a Keffals minion. Then, to show just how much I pissed them off, they also banned me from every community on I've ever voted in.

    I'm about to petition my instance to defederate.

  • Seeing a lot of this lately...
  • You can do it through the instance API.

    Admins at used vote tracking against me to retaliate by deciding what communities to ban me from after I spoke out against disinformation. They felt that censorship wasn't enough, they felt the need to be malicious in order to make a point. Sucks to be them though, they forgot the part about keeping your cards close to the chest.

  • Seeing a lot of this lately...
  • Hey man that's your choice, but please just keep in mind that when you vote for the third party, the other two parties gain more ground than they lose-- both lose your vote, but you're in no way impeding other party from winning. This is why people are saying it's a game of voting against least favored candidates, because your impedance is much more significant than your support.

    It won't matter to Republicans what platform the constituents are showing them should be adopted once they institute Project 2025 into law.

  • Seeing a lot of this lately...
  • Except, as far as I can tell, the system is designed such that citizens can't make them change it-- what are you going to do, vote for nobody and force the government to fix it's shit before electing a new president? I mean, you could revolt but I think we all know how quickly the government would act to squash any meaningful attempt to. And if Project 2025 is allowed to play out, then military can be dispatched to handle simple protests instead of the police, so good luck pressuring the government to do anything at that point.

    They already put snipers on rooftops at every University for the Palestine protests. Supposedly this was for public safety as there was intel that things would turn violent, but who really knows the truthfulness of such intel or where the order came down from? When the military becomes your police, this act would pale in comparison.

    Remember this when you go to the polls, or when you are considering not to.

  • He came with receipts
  • Right, I didn't mean to imply that the practice was uncommon, just that using it as a defense of ego so readily was eyebrow-raising. I'm no academic, but I feel like I'd lose respect for my advisor had they used the paper I worked hard on as a way to boost numbers used as personal defense in some petty squabble in a public forum.