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Linux user share on Steam breaks 2% thanks to Steam Deck
  • I'm on a similar journey and have started self-hosting as many services as I can. I've got Jellyfin (open source Plex alternative), a WebDAV server to replace google drive, a Valheim server, and a git server to host the code. I'm doing this with kubernetes on an old mini PC I picked up for 50 bucks on eBay. I plan to put more mini PCs in my friends' and family's homes to build a cloud for us with backups of everything stored in multiple locations. It'd be cool to pass it down to the next generation and have our family memories preserved in a medium we own completely.

  • What is something that you pay attention to that most other people do not?
  • Armor and clothing in movies and shows with historical settings. I really appreciate when they get the details right and it can be really jarring when it's bad. The Northman is a good example of what vikings probably dressed like, which is basically the same as how all medieval people dressed. Simple wool and linen tunics and big cloaks fastened with broaches. No fur capes or leather armbands or cornrows, looking at you Vikings on the "history" channel.

  • Biden camp warns Trump could still get re-elected with ‘unhinged campaign of revenge’
  • America has been a meat grinder the whole time and never really represented any of the things we claim it did. All men were created equal but slavery and genocide were fine? If anything we're closer to that ideal now than we ever have been

  • ALAB.
  • Especially when they censor the letters with shapes that resemble the letters. A vertical line covering an i is like blurring just the middle finger when someone flips the bird

  • What is your quiet act of defiance against consumerism and corporate greed?
  • Next you'll be making pottery from dirt harvested from your backyard in a kiln made from dirt in your backyard. Then you'll make forge from the same dirt and start working scrap metal you find around town

    Edit: I replied to the wrong thread but it still kinda works