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"No Eminent Domain for Corporate Gain!" Farming families challenging AI/datacenters' fossil fuel power diversion project.

Rural and suburban families from Baltimore, Frederick, and Carroll Counties waited in a line extending down the road to enter a gathering hall at a local senior center, where a company named "Public Service Enterprise Group" held a community information session regarding the "Maryland Piedmont Reliability Project." Some of the people in line had heard of the project by word-of-mouth less than 48 hours prior to attending the July 12th event. Despite being formed on July 9th, 2024, the facebook group "STOP MPRP" had a large presence as a collective of concerned citizens at the event. The group reached 7,000 members the day after the event.

The project's stated goal is to improve the reliability of the grid, which distributes power to datacenters in neighboring Virginia. Rather than building renewable power closer to the datacenters, the project instead calls for fossil fuel derived energy to be distributed across Maryland along 70 miles of transmission lines out of Pennsylvania, which does not have the same green energy initiatives as the impacted states. Representatives from PSEG answering questions at the event included engineers and contractors, some of whom had been assigned to the project for under 31 days. The representatives at the session stated they had not anticipated such a large turnout for the two-hour event, based on the attendance of the first events earlier in the week. Many residents left feeling frustrated that they could not find policy and decision makers to answer their questions.

The project is funded by additional tariffs across Maryland and surrounding states. Local attorneys encouraged residents to consider forming a non-profit entity to pool resources for a looming legal battle, that PSEG has indicated may include the acquisition of property rights through the governmental power of eminent domain. One of the frequently-asked-questions on PSEG's website characterizes eminent domain as a less-preferred alternative to their own negotiation process. Residents within the direct path of the project stand to lose rights to multi-generation farmland, including trees that are considered "a gentleman's life work," as described in a letter to the regional transmission operator's CEO.

In other states, there has been similar community backlash against "Proposal 853," which outlines the plan to connect Loudoun County's "Data Center Alley" to fossil fuel power generation in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

Games on Whales - Stream multiple desktops and games from a single host
  • Does the server have to run headless, or can one person still run games locally on it while another has a remote session? That is, would I be able to play on the monitor/mouse/keyboard directly attached, while my partner has a session on a laptop?

  • Rule
  • The person you are replying to is assuredly aware of the topic. What was stated is paraphrasing a direct response to the paradox, which has been posted here several times, and many more on Reddit before that.

  • Idaho book ban goes into effect on Monday
  • That is a perfect summary! I do not trust the general public with neo-nazi propaganda, and have no qualms with banning it. Time has proven that dumb people are going to read it and drag down the rest of us. Nobody should be arguing with them at this point in history. The 1990's and 2000's were proving grounds for free speech absolutism for dumbasses, and it has failed miserably with the far-right power grabs that have been happening since. I want a better society, not a perfect one.

  • Idaho book ban goes into effect on Monday
  • Not sure how to react to a neo-nazi book club at the local high school doing membership drives though. There are always going to be people, regardless of society's guidance and teachings, who are extra susceptible to that kind of shit.

    I think free speech absolutism leads to tolerating the intolerant, which just doesn't work when you are dealing with imperfect primate neurological evolution. People experience the uncaring universe, and our brains struggle to identify the complex and nuanced systems at the root of strife, causing them to look for simpler answers (Jewish space lasers vs. incomprehensible market interactions that over-exploit delicate ecosystems causing droughts). Our brains are set up to tackle problems at smaller scales, and what better way than scapegoating can you reduce a root cause to be more manageable? Mental gymnastics only have to be done once.

    You can educate most people to equip them to defeat neo-nazi rhetoric logically, but humans cannot be programmed with the right answers and society will always produce some fuck-ups. Is it easier to prevent a new member of a hate group by banning their ideas, or let them ruin an innocent life and attempt to rehab them after?

  • Rate of Young Women Getting Sterilized Doubled After ‘Roe’ Was Overturned
  • Blows my mind that vasectomies are the less common procedure. Got mine done cheaply many years ago. Super easy, barely an inconvenience.

    Partner got tubes done recently (so that insurance couldn't deny her for medically necessary hysterectomy later, what a dumb system we have) and she was miserably bedridden for quite a while, with the scars to prove it. Would have been expensive if she wasn't maxed for out-of-pocket already.

    Anyone have a sane explanation?

  • Ironing
  • Hard to tell if it is actually worse or a false memory, because they originally came out when garbage sugar-laced food science was really taking off targeting the younger demographic.

  • What was your worst consensual sexual experience?
  • Gonna preface this by saying this is not my worst, or really even a bad experience. We were in a 69 with her on top. I was getting into it and wrapped my arms around her waist, squeezing her down on me. This was just the right amount of pressure to squeak a little fart out of her, which made me giggle while still firmly planting my face in the fun zone. The sensation of me giggling made her tense up, ripping a fat one right in my face. I pulled my face away so I could laugh harder, but that made me gasp through my mouth, and I cough while yelling "OH GOD IT'S IN MY MOUTH!" We are both dying from laughing so hard, but a moment later she suddenly says "LET ME UP" in a really panicked tone and runs to the bathroom. I sat up so I could ask if she was OK, and felt a drip from my beard. I said "wow babe you left me a little treat, you were really wet!" She screams through the door "OH MY GOD DON'T LICK THAT!" She had laughed so hard that she peed on my face.

  • Lynn Conway, leading computer scientist and transgender pioneer, dies at 85
  • Some people see their pre-transition selves as being one gender, and only use their post-transition gender to inform their new pronouns later. It was written by a person that interviewed her and apparently held her in high respect. All we can see is that there is an abrupt change in the pronouns, where Lynn presumably could have considered herself to match the new pronouns. We don't know without asking her if she was misgendered by the article, and we are a bit late for that.

  • Fox News Edited Out trump Saying He Might Keep Epstein Files Sealed
  • Might have been getting services without paying formally, but rather Epstein was cozy with him as a networking opportunity. Probably just sampled the wares when in the company of Epstein, rather than calling to book appointments.

  • When did a movie or a show misrepresent the country or city you live in?
  • In Crocodile Dundee (1986), there is a famous scene where the lead characters are mugged at knife point, producing the quote "That's not a knife, this is a knife." In New York City, you actually get mugged at gun point.

  • The Secret Rule