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$45 Million *Per Month*, As One Does
  • Short version: strategically place judges at all levels of jurisdiction, bring cases in front of them that upend protections aimed at preventing exactly that type of oligarchic power buying and thus rewrite the laws through these hoops until Freedom of Speech is conflated with buying elections.

  • $45 Million *Per Month*, As One Does
  • "Corruption" is such a bad word. When you're the billionaire profiting from it, it's just good words like "common sense policies", "good business practices" and "it's fine, everybody's doing it". And if you own the right media conglomerates, that's then the public opinion too!

  • Beautiful Mosaic of Kamala Harris made out of all the black men she locked up and kept in prison past their release date for jail labor. #NeverForget
  • Says a lot that she's still the better choice when compared to the guy who campaigned hard to have the Central Park Five killed for no reason, went out of his way to rip apart families seeking asylum and disappearing them into concentration camps without ensuring that the families could even be reunited later, and brags about feeling justified in jailing his political opponents due to his pathological victim complex and generally operates on the principle "rules for thee but not for me".

  • The Whole Murder Thing, I'm Guessing
  • After not having crimed Trump into a second Term, he has to know that the MAGA crowd would rather hang him than let him have any office while they're in power. So if getting elected were his primary concern, making sure Trump is not put into power would be Pence's primary objective. And he's just laying low, not working against Trump, so we can be sure that getting reelected is either not his goal or he's more afraid than he is ambitious.

  • Fucking uneducated internet atheists
  • Okay, now let me try:

    You are a redhead with a wooden leg and a hook for a hand and every time you walk past a kindergarten, you start screaming obscenities at the kids. When somebody talks to you and uses the letter "j" you roll around on the floor and mutter to yourself.

    Your turn again.

  • Cop Fatally Shoots ‘Armed’ Suspect Just Outside RNC
  • Go easy on them, they have to fulfill their quota of slaves free labour to deliver to the private prison industry just like any other honest job does. How else could they uphold their profit margins if they had to, like, pay for labour? That would not be very american, would it it?

  • US health care now unaffordable for nearly half of Americans
  • Why is everybody always only looking on the negative side?

    "Private companies now have access to SO MUCH wealth from all the victims at the mercy of their monopolistic webs. It's SO GREAT for the economy, you can't imagine how much they can squeeze out of every single family desperate for their relatives not to die, they'll just hand over all their money and afterwards go into debt when the companies extort them with the decision to either hand over all their money or watch their loved ones die. Awesome returns of investment and TOTALLY LEGAL! Isn't it just great?"

    Sounds much better, don't you think?

  • Trump has ‘detailed and well-founded’ plans to end Ukraine war, says Orbán
  • No, in this instance, I have to rally to Trump's defense for once: I bet his plan is "Give Putin whatever he wants" and that would actually cause Putin to cease his illegal invasion of Ukraine. As soon as Putin then knows that he can have whatever country he asks for if he threatens violence, they'll share the world among their cronies to suck dry and then leave in the rain.

    It may not be peace, but it's "Order" and that's what the "Law (=whatever Trump says the law is) and Order (=no resistance to him and his cadre fleecing everybody and stripping everything that's not nailed down for parts)" crowd are after.

  • Donald Trump Suggests ‘Second Amendment People’ Could Act Against Hillary Clinton (August 2016)
  • "By the way, and if she gets to pick --if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don't know. But I'll tell you what, that will be a horrible day, if -- if -- Hillary gets to put her judges in."

    -Donald Trump, Wilmington, N.C., Aug. 9, 2016

    Since then we know Trump's suggested method of dealing with legally unchangeable judge positioning.

  • There was a time when the entirety of the internet would have fit onto the device you're currently browsing on.


    Rain on your wedding day isn't, in itself, ironic - BUT a song titled "Ironic" getting the very concept of irony wrong, that is the very core of irony, so... well done.

    Gaming beebarfbadger

    Gacha gamers: which is your favourite disappointment simulator and why?


    Last synced: Stardate...


    104 Gig Patch?

    That's like Theseus bringing in his ship for maintenance and when he returns to get it, the ship mechanic saying "so I have good news and bad news..."..


    Ahsoka - nature vs. nurture

    Say what you will about the pacing and stuff, but this show FINALLY gave me a complete force muggle who had no mystical legendary bloodline of famous force space wizards behind her, no cloned mega-space-emperor midichlorian legacy shenanigans that made her the super-special chosen one and she STILL got to use the force through sheer grit and training and determination! Sabine Wren is what the broom kid could have been.

    No, you don't have to be the spawn of the force-elite with a meticulous pedigree and breeding to get all forcey, you can do it all on your own! Go get that coffee mug, you can do it!


    Is zero divisible by zero?

    Seems like it should and the result should be one. Does mathematics agree with me on that?


    Disable Autosave to prevent Save Corruption

    I just played a session and noticed that saving didn't work properly anymore - I would enter a save name and hit save, but afterwards, the save would not appear in the list. When I tried to reload the last appearing save in the list, the game told me it detected save corruption and could not load it. After the initial wailing and gnashing of teeth, I noticed that the last save in the list, the corrupted one was right after some milestone. I reloaded the last working save, played up to the part where that corrupted save would have been and noticed that it was right after some cutscene where the game would have been autosaving WHILE I initiated the quicksave. It seems that you can royally screw yourself if you cause overlapping save procedures, so for the foreseeable future, I will make sure that the only one initiating saves is me, no more autosaves here.

    tl;dr: If you save while an autosave is being made, your save will risk being corrupted. Generally don't overlap saves in progress.


    Infinite HP (kinda spoilerish?)

    While there is no at-will cantrip that directly heals, the unlockable illithid power Transfuse Health lets one heal another character at the cost of half one's current hp. Now you'll be thinking, "that's not infinite", and you'd be mostly right - except warlocks can create 7 temp hp at will with the eldritch invocation Fiendish Vigor. The neat thing about transfuse health is that it does not transfer the healing character's hp to the healed one - no, it subtracts the amount of half the character's current hp and then heals the other character for that, BUT, it starts subtracting from temporary hp! This means that as long as you have 15 hp and 7 points of fiendish vigourous temp hp up, the seven hp that make up half your current actual hp will be subtracted from your temp hp and not touch your real hp, leaving you with 15 perfectly fine and untouched hp. Reapply fiendish vigour and repeat as often as necessary.

    It may not be the fastest way of healing, but it is repeatable ad infinitum on other group members and only leaves the healer at 15 hp + 7 temp hp.


    Save corruption?

    When will the patches be stable enough that one would -with a reasonable degree of certainty- no longer expect save corruption anymore in the process? Because I will not, can not, do the first couple hours yet again at this point. I may roll another character when things have settled down and any further twiddling will be mostly cosmetic, but right now, no. BG3 is on hold for me now.