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Fascinated with stuff related to free software, modularity/decentralization, gaming, pixel art, sci-fi, cooking, anti-car-dependency, hardcore techno and breakcore

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[article] Japan is inventing trains
  • Reading a few articles about this, it seems a big concern is area. They wanna squeeze them in every free space they have between and around roads. Conveyor belts can probably do a lot sharper curves etc. than railways. If they do special small rails, they’ll also need special trains for that.

    From the articles it’s also not clear if it’s from one point to another point or from multiple to multiple. They talk about deliveries, which would rather be multi to multi, but it’s not explicitly mentioned anywhere.

  • AI is the future
  • Hoc casu non est

  • Non-binary
  • nonunsignedlonglong

  • ich🚗📊iel
  • Aus fürs Verbrenner-Aus? Mit dieser Kampagne schadet die Union dem Standort

    Kein deutscher Autoboss fordert eine Abkehr vom Verbrenner-Aus, selbst BMW wurde vom Zauderer zum Zauberer in Sachen E-Auto-Absatz.

    Doch die Union wirbt nun ernsthaft für eine Technologie, die schon seit sieben Jahren rückläufig ist. Weltweit generieren die Automobilhersteller ihr Wachstum aus E-Autos.

    Wenn die Union sich ernsthaft für Wohlstand und Wettbewerbsfähigkeit einsetzen will, dann sollte sie einen Beitrag zur Planungssicherheit leisten – genau die wird von den Automobilherstellern nämlich dringend gebraucht, wenn sie sich zukunftsfähig aufstellen wollen. Die Kampagne der Union trägt jedoch nur zur Verunsicherung bei.

  • Tacos.
  • Such mentality likely has to do with the environment. I read some that strategy games are more popular in Northern Europe than in Southern Europe, with the explanation that strategic planning is more essential for survival when the amount of sunlight is limited and there are months were you can’t really go outside because of snow and coldness.

    That would mean adverse conditions require it more to plan for the future. Coldness is indeed just an example for such an environment.

  • [|(-,)
  • scrolling through the list of emojis when good ol’ emoticons do the trick

    That’s why they usually have a search integrated or even quick access for the ones used lately. Lemmy’s emoji picker will give you 🥶 if you search for “cold”, “frozen”, “freezing” or “frost”, though not for “ice”.

  • Pledges coming from proprietary software companies mean nothing
  • Old vs. new hardware is difficult. New hardware can also do the same with lower energy consumption.

    It’s impossible to calculate, but the tipping point would be where the saved energy surpasses the energy needed for producing and transporting the hardware.

    I’m quite sure that my raspi4 is more powerful, smaller, less noisy and requires less energy than my oldest computer.

    The thing is just that they rarely only improve the efficiency.

  • [|(-,)
  • Is [|(-,) the smiley for having a stroke?

  • [|(-,)
  • It’s a clear indication that your system can’t do unicode

  • Like magic
  • a man sees a dog

    a dog sees a man

    Order matters. In languages with more redundancy that would work:

    Ein Mann sieht einen Hund

    subject verb object

    Einen Hund sieht ein Mann

    object verb subject

    But even there it breaks if you switch the articles, though there are languages with a lot higher redundancy than German. The less analytic a language is the better that works. Analytic has less forms, but requires a more rigid structure.

    The still English can order any legible fact and be completely written in that is be

    English fact order written completely still is be that be in and any can The legible

  • Like magic
  • My printer also can write, but not read English.

  • Like magic
  • My ability to read does not get affected by others writing stuff wrong.

  • Like magic
  • I can read it, but I certainly see that most words are not written correctly.

  • the generation did a funny
  • It does not destroy everything, but it can destroy weapons, armor and food.

  • Seedless Catholics Against Watermelons?
  • The issues are plant patents and plant breeders' rights

  • Seedless Catholics Against Watermelons?
  • My deepest condolences.

  • Seedless Catholics Against Watermelons?
  • I wonder if they are also against pepper mint.

  • Later, losers
  • 🏅

  • Later, losers
  • she just goes to another Discord

    Or she just got a dumb @everyone-ping on her way to a date

  • Later, losers
  • It’s never too late to not be a grown up

  • ich🇩🇪🇬🇧iel

    Das Bild enthält folgenden Text:

    Eigentlich retten wir Englisch ja

    • Inglis: wrappen - cancellen - tosten
    • English: wrap - cancel - toast
    • Denglisch: wrappen - canceln - toasten

    How to make aquafaba from home-cooked chickpeas How to Make Aquafaba from Home-Cooked Chickpeas - Zero-Waste Chef

    Transform chickpea broth from cooked-cooked beans into aquafaba. Use it for delicious meringues, macaroons, mayonnaise and more.

    How to Make Aquafaba from Home-Cooked Chickpeas - Zero-Waste Chef

    I was trying to bake some meringue and playing with aquafaba, but I tend cook chickpeas myself and store them dried otherwise. But aquafaba-based recipes usually assume you buy precooked chickpeas in a glass.

    Then I found this article, which explores how to cook chickpeas so the cooking water can be used for aquafaba recipes.


    UI/QoL stuff

    Let’s talk about some UI/quality of life stuff. I was about to open issue, but since it touches a bunch of different topics, I guess a discussion is better. It’s a bunch of things that were annoying to me over the last months. It doesn’t mean that something has to change, could just be that I overlooked some features somewhere.

    • Special floor explanations on mobile
      • The desktop version of ShPD allows to hover the floor indicator, but I can’t find an equivalent for touch on mobile
    • Ignore invisible mobs and allies for automatic movement
      • To some degree automatic movement reveals positions of mobs
      • If you have 10 wraiths active on the floor or something like that, the character runs aimlessly back and forth without even reaching his destination
      • It’s better to get stuck than wasting satiation
    • Optional auto aiming button for touch input that works like tab with keyboard input

    Fat finger syndrome stuff:

    • Targeting yourself by clicking on your portrait or hitting the shortcut for hero info
      • I had it happen a bunch of times that I accidentally shot my wand in some direction instead of shielding myself, which can be a serious problem with wand of blast/fire/disintegration
      • Also relevant for ghost guiding
    • Optional "Are you sure?" popups for automatic movement
      • It happens that you accidentally run somewhere when input for zooming/panning failed
    • Optional visual aid for aiming and maybe optional confirmation if you really wanna shoot/throw to tile without mob
      • Did I touch the right tile and not a neighboring one?
        • A classic is to shoot a tile adjacent to a mob
      • Can I even hit that mob/trap?
      • Would I hit my allies?
      • It’s sometimes hard to tell if it would hit a wall edge or not
      • It should only respect revealed stationary environments and visible mobs, but not 100% show where it actually hits since that would reveal invisible entities

    Those are especially related to taking a longer break and picking up a save game after months:

    • Notes for floors
      • Did I find hidden doors on that floor with extra secrets?
      • Did I use scroll of mapping?
      • What did the quest say? Did I already finish that quest?
      • Did I use all blacksmith options already?
      • Did I solve all puzzles or were some potions missing for them?
      • Such notes should probably be accessible via “Landmarks” interface
      • Currently I use Steam overlay notes for that, but that’s a dissatisfying solution since it’s completely closed source
    • Notes for unidentified potions/scrolls/items (extends the previous point)
      • On what floor did I find this potion/scroll?
      • Who dropped it?
      • Was it in a chest/grave?
      • Maybe should be automatically deleted when identified
    • Ability to ⭐ items
      • If I remember correctly, Borderlands 2 and Victor Vran allowed to mark items that you wanna continue to use to simplify selling not needed stuff
      • It’s hard to remember your setup if you didn’t play for some time
    • More save game infos like "last played at XXX" and "save game of game version XXX"
      • Though savegame should probably not be overwritten if you didn’t do any significant actions since opening the save game, dunno how that’s currently handled

    This armor is fun

    If the curse triggers inside the shop, the shopkeeper will disappear. I’m glad I had time to equip the hourglass


    Issues Tokodon and NeoChan on Android

    Are there some know issues with Tokodon and NeoChan on Android?

    When I open them on Lineage 20 they just immediately close. They don’t trow any errors and don’t really know how to debug them.



    I'm always glad when I find the rose early on. Switching places with it is a lot more useful theb wraiths


    February 2024 Update: Unique Towers, Builders, Buff Groups February 2024 Update: Unique Towers, Builders, Buff Groups - You TD 2 by Praytic, Dmitry Degtyarev

    Hello, this is the update for February 2024. Gameplay Video Unique Towers We finally finished unique towers! This means that all towers are finished and can be played in the game. Here's the breakdown...

    February 2024 Update: Unique Towers, Builders, Buff Groups - You TD 2 by Praytic, Dmitry Degtyarev

    Neat reimplementation of WarCraft III tower defense map YouTD. Engine is Godot 4. Though most graphics are AI generated.


    Evil eyes have no chance against wraiths

    I just ran into a succubus and an evil eye. The succubus became a wraith when I killed it. The evil eye then fought against the wraith and shot at it, but they often just evade it and don’t take any damage. Then I killed it with my corrupting glaive.

    My setup is neat for these floors. Wand of Prismatic Lightning gives me sight in the dark dungeons and renders evil eyes and scorpions basically harmless when it blinds them. That wand is only +1, but my Staff of Magic Missile +15 can give it quite some punch. For scorpion that means I have to tank one projectile, but evil eye charges slower. Though that wand is directly followed by Wand of Frost in effectiveness, which makes it for scorpions impossible to escape melee and evil eyes charge long enough to hit them twice and run away.


    Chalice of Blood +10

    Apparently it isn’t that hard to survive the 248 damage from upgrading it. 155hp, 92 shielding from self-targeting with wand and Scroll of Challenge halving the damage. (ShPD 2.2.1)


    Unstable spellbook

    Didn’t it trigger Inscribed Power in the past? Without that this skill becomes somewhat useless.


    Yay, 265'000 for first ascension. basxto shared a post

    My first #ascension in #ShatteredPixelDungeon. This show the stats from the "ranking" screen, "game over" screen, skills spent, contents of my containers and what my ghost has equipped before I leave the dungeon Main Statistics: * Level 30 Warlock (2023-12-25; v2.2.1) * Score: 265,000 * Strength: 2...

    basxto shared a post

    My first ascension after years of playing this, so far I only managed to beat Yog-Dzewa. I played the Steam version. A good reason to play around with Lemmy's formatting.

    Main Statistics:

    • Level 30 Warlock 2023-12-25 v2.2.1
    • Score: 265,000
    • Strength: 20
    • Game Duration: 27,618
    • Highest Ascent: 1
    • Dungeon Seed: DXG-BDC-JST
    • Mobs Killed: 876
    • Gold Collected: 25,610
    • Food Eaten: 38
    • Items Crafted: 58

    Score Breakdown:

    • Progression: 50,000
    • Treasure: 20,000
    • Exploration: 15,000
    • Bosses: 11,000
    • Quests: 10,000
    • Win Multiplier: 2.5×
    • Total Score: 265,000


    • Tier 1:
      • Empowering Meal: 2
      • Iron Will: 1/2 before: Scholar's Intuition: 0
      • Hearty Meal: 2 before: Tested Hypothesis: 1
      • Backup Barrier: 2
    • Tier 2:
      • Energizing Meal: 2
      • Invigorating Meal: 2 before: Inscribed Power: 0; Rogue's Foresight: 2 (until floor 24)
      • Wand Preservation: 0/2
      • Arcane Vision: 2
      • Shield Battery: 2
    • Tier 3:
      • Desperate Power: 3
      • Ally Warp: 1/3
      • Soul Siphon: 3
      • Soul Eater: 1/3
      • Necromancer's Minions: 2/3
    • Tier 4:
      • Wild Power: 4
      • Fire Everything: 2/4
      • Conserved Magic: 4
      • Heroic Energy: 2/4


    • Blooming Glaive +1 augmented for speed
    • Hero's Robe of Flow +5 augmented for defense
    • Ring of Elements +3


    • Staff of Magic Missile +13
    • Wand of Corruption +1
    • Wand of Lightning +1
    • Wand of Disintegration +1 resin
    • Wand of Transfusion +1 resin


    • Dried Rose +10
    • Horn of Plenty +10
    • Timekeeper's Hourglass +10
    • Talisman of Foresight +10 sold after Yog-Dzewa
    • Alchemist's Toolkit +10 sold after Yog-Dzewa

    Ghost gear:

    • Elastic War Scythe +1
    • Plate Armor of Thorns +1 augmented for defense


    • Expert Gourmet
    • Unconventional Angler
    • Pack Mule
    • Grandmaster Monster Hunter
    • Grandmaster Treasure Hunter
    • Master Enchanter
    • Grandmaster Bodybuilder
    • Grandmaster Alchemist
    • King Conquerer
    • Victory!
    • Spotless Victory
    • Gotcha!
    • Grandmaster Adventurer
    • Happy Ending
    • Master Score Chaser

    Despite running into a bad combination of traps.

    !A screenshot showing the hero being surrounded by two evil eyes, a mimic chest, a succubus, a normal scorpion and an acid scorpion. More details at the link above.


    TIL: always check over what trap flying mops are hovering

    Especially evil eyes and flies who can trigger traps with their drops 🥲

    Also TIL: Ring of elements +3 apparently saved my ass when the grim trap hit me.


    Potions of Experience and Strength

    Is there anything you can do with spare Potions of Experience, that I’ve overlooked so far? I maxed out my level with starfruits and my talent points with Potions of Divine Inspiration. I still have two Potions of Experience, a blandfruit and a starseed left.

    Also do I understand it correctly that I’ll get a permanent health boost if I take Elixir of Might at level 30?


    Biggest libre lore universes

    I was wondering what lore universes exist where stories and games could take place in.

    First ones that came to mind are The Battle of Wesnoth and Pepper & Carrot.

    Though can anybody think of any further?

    Public domain is also valid, but it has to pd world wide and I’m not sure what that would mean. Authors definitely need to at least dead since 1943, but I don’t know if there were any countries that had more than death+80 (Spain, Colombia and Equatorial Guinea).


    Shattered TV Dungeon

    Quite playable with a Fire TV stick and a bluetooth gamepad. All thanks to the gamepad support that came with the steam release.

    MineClone2 Baŝto

    Other mapgens

    It looks nice to see minecraft biomes with different map generators, but a lot of stuff is sadly missing still.



    Crossgeposted von:

    > ##### This is an automated archive made by the Lemmit Bot. > The original was posted on /r/2westerneurope4u by /u/Sekkitheblade on 2023-08-13 15:47:19. >

    MineClone2 Baŝto

    Huge generated dungeon(s) basxto shared a post

    A huge generated multi-level dungeon in #MineClone2 with a huge cave cutting through it. A amethystgeode was generated right next to it with two spawner rooms. The amethystgeode is cut open by the cave. One overlaps with the amethystgeode itself, which means they both cut through each other. The oth...

    basxto shared a post

    A huge generated multi-level dungeon in MineClone2 with a huge cave cutting through it. An amethystgeode was generated right next to it with two spawner rooms. The amethystgeode is cut open by the cave. One overlaps with the amethystgeode itself, which means they both cut through each other. The other one is directly below them. There is another big dungeon visible in the radar map not far from the current one.

    This links to a pixelfed gallery with 9 screenshots. So it’s also a bit a test how good lemmy and pixelfed work together.

    MineClone2 Baŝto

    Villages as beautiful as ever

    Village on a cliff with overhang. Massive pillars generated below the houses.


    Links between lemmy/kbin communities

    I wonder why I haven’t seen any communities so far that link to related communities in the sidebar.

    That was common in some subreddits, but it would be much more crucial for lemmy/kbin because of how bad communities can propagate sometimes.

    Probably going back to customs of websites 20 years ago, who linked to each other to increase their visibility and ranking. I’ve also seen that on zeronet, where they included banners of other sites to increase their spread in the network.