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How easy is it to switch back to windows?
  • recently I have encountered a problem with this, it is indeed not so straightforward to create a bootable windows 10 USB instillation media under linux.

    The media created by fedora media writer is not bootable and the media created by ventoy lacks drivers. I was then able to create a media quite easily with the last windows machine in my household. I don't know if it is a temporary bug or fundamental incompatibility.

    So I would suggest you to keep a windows installation media at hand in case you need to switch back, or make sure at least one of your friend has a windows machine you can borrow.

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  • I think this is a very interesting take, but I am curious about how the career in youtube is better than the academia as she describes it.

    Obviously, the discrimination against female and writing without proper acknowledgement is absolutely unacceptable, but I have never heard about anything like this in my field.

    However, I feel like youtube is likely a more competitive landscape than grant writing. I think it is very likely the administrative overhead for youtuber is more than 15%, and youtuber needs to get the interest of people completely ignorant of the subject, not just experts, plus battling the unpredictbility of youtube algorithm.

    Of course, I am not trying to downplay the problem she mentioned, but I am just wondering how youtube is a better alternative career, considering her goal to do "serious and innovative science".

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  • Although I have no doubt that, like every other field, academia is filled with politics; and publishing process probably helps enforce such politics.

    However, I would argue that modern academic publishing is absolutely necessary to produce "useful" science. In order for people to build upon others' result, they will need strong guarantee of correctness, which necessitates the review process ; and top conferences can also save researchers a lot of time to find impactful new research, especially new ideas.

    That being said, I am absolutely not suggesting the publishing system is not without its problems; but I kind of agree with LeCun here, publishing is a important part of the process, and it is will probably out-last both Tesla and Elon.

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  • ladder climbing in academia is not fun, but I feel like communicating (or marketing) science is a essential part of scientific process, as we are often the only person able to describe our work in great technical detail.

    A famous professor once told me "we are all entertainers", which seems absurd from an outside prospective, but is a notion that I and many of my colleagues have now found peace with.

    Scrambled and unreadable mathematics should seldom be valued in modern scientific community, IMO; not everyone is Ramanujan after all. Even among geniuses, from Poincaré to Hilbert to Godel to Grothendick and to Tao, most genius are able to communicate their research quite well, and thrive in academia.

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  • ladder climbing in academia is not fun, but I feel like communicating science is a essential part of scientific process, as this is the only way for our work to maximize their impact.

    A famous professor in my field once told me "we are all entertainers", which seems absurd from an outside prospective, but is a notion that I and many of my colleague has taken peace with.

    scrambled and unreadable mathematics in the end should seldom be valued in modern science community, IMO, not everyone is Srinivasa Ramanujan. Even among geniuses, from Poincaré to Hilbert to Godel to Grothendick and to Tao, most genius are able to communicate their research quite well, and thrive in academia.

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  • There are open access platform that is more reputable than git, like arxiv or hal.

    Plus most conferences, at least in my field, support open access. But unfortunately for some of them, you do need to pay a fee in order to get the article to be open-access.

    The prestige of the conference/journal is still the best way to get your article known, so that others can review and built upon your work, as of now.

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  • I was confused as these two person are on different sub-domains of (url after the @ symbol). Does this mean they are on different instance? AFAIK most mastodon server I see have different domain (specifically, different combination of top level domain and second level domian).

    EDIT: I see, theur user name is the subdomain, and things before @ is their display name. Not the most conventional system, but it makes sense.

  • Microsoft says “Prism” translation layer does for Arm PCs what Rosetta did for Macs
  • I thought the name is pretty fun.

    Prism refract boring white light into its colorful component. This process is kind of like spliting a single x86 instruction into several arm instructions. In the meantime also conveys the message that arm is "cooler", because colored light out of a prism is prettier than the input white light.

  • Help Me With My Baby Nix Dev Environment

    Hi all Nix experts,

    I recently started using nix to manage my dev environment on my immutable distro, and I need some help.

    I was wondering if I am using a large package like TexLiveFull, how to make sure nix don't delete large packages after I close the shell? I also don't want this package to be available in my global environment, as I don't need to use it outside vscode.

    Another question is how to keep my packages up-to-date. I don't do serious development work, thus I typically perfer my package and dev-tools to be on the latest version. I prefer to have a little management of this as possible. Ideally, every time I start up a nix shell, the package manager will grab the latest version of the package if possible without requiring additional interaction from me. Is this possible?

    Finally, is there any way to bubblewrap programs installed by nix to only access the file within the starting path of the shell? I don't imagine this is possible, but it would definitely be nice if nix has some security feature like this.

    Thanks in advance for your help! I understand parts of this post might be ridiculous. I am still new to nix. Please correct me if I am not using nix in the "correct" way.


    The Worst Devices of CES 2024! By iFixIt

    cross posted: from [email protected]

    Piped link:

    Article link:


    The Worst Devices of CES 2024! By iFixIt

    cross posted: from [email protected]

    Piped link:

    Article link:

    Today I learned baseless_discourse

    TIL Canadian Bacon is Not a Canadian Thing; Hawaiian Pizza, On The Other Hand, Is Invented in Canada.

    Inspired by the video by Gem and Impulse from Hermitcraft. In the video, Impulse told Gem (a Canadian) that he had hawaiian pizza with canadian bacon on it; and Gem got really confused in what constitute a "Canadian bacon".

    Apparently Canadian bacon is called "Canadian" because it is originally imported from Canada to New York. Not because it is popular or invented in Canada.

    On the other hand, Hawaiian pizza is a true cultural amalgamation. It is invented by a Greek in Canada inspired by his experience cooking Chinese food. One of the culture it doesn't connect to is Hawaii, its name comes from the brand of pineapple the inventor was using.


    I have a logic joke, and it is inductively defined as follows:


    Question About TPM Autodecrypt

    I have setup my fedora to use LUKS encryoted partitions. But entering two passwords gets quite tiring, as I shutdown my laptop quite often to get the benefit of LUKS (I am assuming nothing is encrypted when in suspend, please correctme if I am wrong)

    I am thinking about setting up TPM autodecrypt. However, I was wondering does the decryption happen on boot or after I login?

    If it happens on boot, then it seems like the benefit is pretty limited compare to a unencrypted drive. Since the attacker can simply boot my laptop and get the unecrypted drive.

    Am I missing something here? I was wondering is there a way for me to enter my password once and unlock everything, from disk to gnome keyring?


    Does Graphene OS have FRP when no google account was added?

    Just a curiosity. Theoretically FRP (factory reset protection) can use the current login password as a way of authentication after reset. But everything on the web states that you will need a Google account to take advantage of he feature.


    Stormgate Infernal Host First Look | Opening Night Live Gamescom 2023


    Ever seen a GPU upgrade in less than 2 minutes? We tried on prototype Framework Laptop 16

    Video by The Verge.


    Framework 13 AMD edition shipping delayed

    There is no blog article yet, but a email has been sent to some people who pre-ordered the AMD version.

    > Unfortunately, due to electrical issues we recently found during validation along with late firmware delivery from our silicon vendors, we’ve had to delay the start of mass production for Framework Laptop 13 (Ryzen 7040 Series) until September. We’ll be shipping as many pre-orders as we can before the end of September, but we anticipate that many orders originally in Q3 batches will need to move into Q4. We have prepared substantial production capacity, so we don’t expect the late start to cascade into delays in later batches.

    The reason is basically (as far as I understand) because this is the latest iteration of a product, and many drivers are not ready for the product, hence making it hard to conduct effective testing.

    And also there are serveral small complications with new hardwares (again, paraphrasing the email):

    • The back USB-A expansion card will draw high amount of power when it is empty or pluged in with a USB 2.0 device
    • The back HDMI/DP will draw high amount of power, but they are working on fixing the issue through firmware
    • The windows installer do not come with the up-to-date wifi driver, yet requires user to log into a microsoft account
    • Some linux distro with older kernel might not have wifi good general support out of the box, until updating the kernel, which probably will be covered by either official guide or community guide.

    Fortunately, other expansion card like storage, USB-C, and USB-3.0 works fine, and they state that Fedora 38 "will work smoothly out of the box". And they are working on fixing all of these issue or provide detailed guide to tweak these issue yourself.


    Molly v.s. Signal

    I am not comfortable that signal depends on prosperitary google library. However, I find that Molly lags significantly behind signal (around 1 to 2 weeks, so maybe not as significant as I thought), but I am just concerned that if there is a security fix in signal, molly will not be able to react as fast.

    I am also quite frustrated with the general lack of communication from the signal team (for example the lack of communication regarding username). I doubt they will have the good will to help molly when there is a critical security fix.

    It is frustrating that signal no longer seems like the gold standard for privacy any more; unfortunately, all my friends are on there (ironic, isn't it...).


    Framework Sold Out of 3 Batches of Laptop 16 in Less Than 3 Hours.

    For now both DIY and prebuild edition (all configurations) are in batch 4 which ships in late Q4 2023.


    Introducing the Framework 16 AMD Advantage laptop

    AMD's official promo of framwork laptop 16.


    Framework Laptop 16 pre-orders are now open


    The laptop is devoloped with collabration with AMD and cooler master, using both AMD CPU and GPU.

    Price starts at $1399 for DIY and $1699 for prebuild, adding a Radeon graphics module brings the starting price to $1799 and $2099 respectively. Purchase a laptop with graphics module will recieve a free download code for starfield premium edition.

    First batch ships in Q4 2023.


    GrapheneOS users, do you use google camera or secure camera.

    Secure camera is really good. However I find google camera works better in low light with fast moving object, like in door photo of moving pet etc.

    For my use case, I have to install GCAM on my main profile, since my wife like to use it; and I don't want to go through the hassel of transferring photos between profile. But of course, I denied internet access and setup storage scope for GCAM.

    But that left me wondering, am I just making my life harder by using secure camera as default? Since it seems that although secure camera is pretty good, it is not as optimized as GCAM. I already have GCAM on my phone, so I cannot think of any privacy benefit by not setting it as the default.

    What do you think? do you use GCAM or secure camera, and why?

    15 Fairphone 4—the repairable, sustainable smartphone—is coming to the US

    Fairphone teams up with the developer of the /e/ Android fork to enable US sales.

    Fairphone 4—the repairable, sustainable smartphone—is coming to the US

    Edit: This article was already posted here yesterday.