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  • Nothing ruins a day like a late afternoon appointment. Spend the entire day yesterday thinking about it so that you don't accidentally forget which makes you stressed the moment you wake up because you assume that you've overslept and now don't have time to get ready and that feeling stays with you as you shower and get dressed and drag a comb through your hair and it's only 11am but you're fully ready to leave and now have to just sit there and wait as the day slowly disappears.

  • Dimensions
  • Time is a 4th dimension when talking about spacetime, which assumes three dimensions of space and one dimension of progressing time.

    In geometry, a 4-dimensional object can be projected as a 3-dimensional shadow.

  • 2 Ship 2 Harkinian, another unofficial PC port of Zelda: Majora's Mask is out now
  • Right on the heels of the recompilation. Having played with SoH before, I would say that I prefer the recomp just due to ease of setup for a vanilla experience, but Ship offers so many tweaks and upgrades it's certainly worth getting as well.

  • PSA: Nova Launcher has been owned by analytics company Branch since 2022
  • I second this. I've been using KISS exclusively for years and I love its workflow. My homescreen is totally clean except the quick-launch bar, and I can find all my apps within seconds instead of having to swipe through a sea of pages or folders of icons.

  • New Outer Wilds Collection

    iam8bit is coming out with a new Collector's Edition as well as the Echoes of the Eye soundtrack on vinyl. Pre-orders start on February 29th.


    Black-capped Chickadee | Birds Hill Park, Manitoba 2024-02-17

    I counted conservatively just shy of 50 of these little guys on an hour long walk.


    I can't stop touching my face

    When my stubble grows in, I just have to play with it. When I shave it off, I just have to feel how smooth it is.

    It's maddening and I recognize that people must think I look ridiculous with my hand always stroking my chin.


    Comment reply notification goes to "mentions" instead of replies.

    When getting an android system notification for a new comment reply, tapping the notification slide takes me to the Mentions tab of the inbox instead of to the Replies tab.

    Not sure if this is intended behaviour but seems like a bug.


    Cannot sign in to instance. No field to input TOTP token.

    When attempting to add an account, no option to enter my TOTP authentication token is available.

    Thanks for the hard work!