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Angel Mountain
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How did you get into coding/programming?
  • I started with HTML and CSS because I liked to build my own useless small websites. Then I noticed it was nice to copy+paste some javascript scripts someone else wrote into them to get some "fun" interactive components. Then I slowly started to make little changes to those scripts and that way slowly learned more and more. It was not the quickest way to learn, but the most fun, because there was little setup necessary (I literally used windows notepad to save files as .html and opened them in my browser) and I could quickly see results.

    Since you're interested in FOSS I assume you use an OS with a nice terminal. You could write some bash scripts to do simple tasks for you maybe? (Maybe write a script that removes old downloads from your downloads folder, or something that can delete all files that end in '.temp' (IDK just stupid ideas that could be fun to try to start coding).

    Python is a nice option as well, it has a lot of useful options and documentation and gives you very readable code, making it easier to learn good practices!

    Just make sure you do something fun and you will learn what's necessary along the way.

  • Nude Beach Etiquette
  • You can most certainly strike a normal conversation, like in any other place. The only problem is that there are people that see someone's naked body as an invitation for things that people enjoying the sun are not there for.

    Please try it out, you will find a very welcoming community, as long as you expose your d*ck instead of being one.

  • What is the best cloud storage provider right now?
  • I'm using pcloud because proton still doesn't have a way to share folders with other users, so I can't share my holiday photos with my partner there.

    Pcloud works fine. The online interface is not the nicest, but it works.

  • Thank you Microsoft, just what I always wanted. Hard to believe this is real.
  • I need OBS on the new work-macbook to fix issues with the weird colors of my webcam, but the added benefit was that I can now use it to record myself "listening to what's being said" for the first 2 minutes of the meeting which I then replay on a loop for the rest of the meeting, while I'm making coffee and eating breakfast. Works great so far.

  • graffiti Angel Mountain

    Train in Amersfoort (NL)

    graffiti Angel Mountain

    Train in Amersfoort (NL)