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Tinder to ban web developers who use 'engineer' in their bio
  • Even though my job title has "engineer" in it, I don't agree that it should be considered an area of engineering.

    Yeah, me either. But I would expect one to know how to research the documentation to find out what it meant.

    I wouldn't even expect most of them to this kind of research, no. On top of that, I see "engineering" also carrying some type of accountability and responsibility. For example, civil engineering, there are often regulatory bodies, codes, and standards that engineers must adhere to, and they are legally responsible for the safety and integrity of their projects. While in the software side of things, standards and best practices are more loose. Unless you're working in safety critical industries (automotive, aviation, etc...), the "accountability structure" is completely different, if existent at all. Calling themselves Software developer or some derivate would make much more from my point of view.