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House Democrat is proposing a constitutional amendment to reverse Supreme Court's immunity decision
  • yeah like go round them up and put them in a room. you gave me this power. now resign. all of you, or seal team 6 takes you out. boom. then Biden chooses the judges he wants, reverts the immunity and rolls back all the recent crap. fixes everything. easy. no more of a coup than the Nazis have done. but now it's legal do it. for your very lives, do it, coz you guys are real real real close to fucking it up for everyone else too

  • In just a few years, half of all states passed bans on trans health care for kids
  • the number of transitioned people who were harmed by the process is significantly less than the people who feel it improved their life significantly. there are failures across all medical procedures, you don't see people denying appendectomies to people because a few people died? get over yourself and let people live their best life

  • Heritage Foundation president celebrates Supreme Court immunity decision: "We are in the process of the second American Revolution"
  • you guys are going to have to vote like your lives depends on it, coz it probably does. at what point does this become civil war? it feels like you guys are in a death spiral, and the only way out of it is to literally take out the other side. honestly if the rest of the world has to come over there and bash your heads together we'll be properly pissed good luck We're all going to need Trump to lose signed, The World

  • Desriny Church need some public response of shame

    so I just read this and I'm absolutely disgusted. honestly who do these pricks think they are?? how do we show them this is not to be tolerated in a welcoming safe public space, or anywhere for that matter! fucking bigots spreading fear and hate and misogynistic bullshit. just fuck these guys we need to get an exclusion order against them from being within 100m of a library. we need to stand up to these bullying cunts how? writing to Rachel Boyack hardly vents my spleen enough thanks for listening 🤬🤬🤬🤬

    Realtor Janet Dickson's refusal to learn Māori values goes to court
  • yeah i read this on stuff earlier. totally needs to readjust her world view, she should certainly lose her license. so racist. unbelievable pretty much sums up this govt too. empowering racism and culture wars. fuck the 3x Stooges make them a one term govt sorry I'll get off my soap box. but these people make me so upset 😭

  • smoking
  • multiple attempts over the years like everyone else who smokes. smoker for 20years but i wanted to quit. life managed to interrupt my attempts fairly regularly but what got me was nicotine chewing gum. that really helped with the addiction so i could focus on separating the act of smoking from the addiction. this worked on so far as i realised I was addicted to chewing gum and had removed the act of smoking. addicted to chewing gum? what a stupid thing to be addicted to! the absurdity was quite clear and I stopped that day. 13 years ago. dabbled here and there but find it gross and disgusting. have vaped a bit of other people's, and even smoked for a week once. that was disgusting, my body felt awful my lungs hurt and i couldn't taste anything. so i guess this ramble is too say never give up and try to separate the addiction from the act to make it absurd. good luck

  • Anyone else feel like their ADHD was always there but got progressively worse as an adult?
  • yeah I'm also starting counselling really just to talk around the issues and to get a sense of understanding of them. i concur, meds are one part of the solution. self awareness through study and conversation are another significant part. however I'm stuck on how to interrupt impulsiveness when it's the impulsiveness that comes before the interrupt, if you get what I'm saying.. so i think i need to slow the machine down, give it time to interrupt myself 🤪

  • Anyone else feel like their ADHD was always there but got progressively worse as an adult?
  • I'm 50 and I have my ADHD assessment in a month. I'm in software too similar to OP. for me the impulsiveness has gotten worse where i react with deregulated emotional outbursts that are affecting me and my family. I've got a bunch of processes to handle a lot of the symptoms but impulsiveness was never something I noticed I had until recently. I've always known i don't have much of a filter, blurting out whatever is forefront in my head. I've asked a number of my medicated friends and I'm told the medication does help with the emotional impulsiveness, providing the time to filter. but it does feel weird doing this at 50 🤯

  • Whatsapp alchemist2023

    AI in WhatsApp

    so I noticed that Meta put AI on WhatsApp I'm not interested in having Meta use my WhatsApp feed to train their LLM. Found an earlier version on apkmirror, installed that instead turned off auto update on Google play no AI now