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What is the actual point of a bra?
  • No, they're a pair

  • What is the actual point of a bra?
  • Nipples killed my dad :(

  • Sometimes I just don't wanna wake up anymore
  • You again? Feel whatever you want, but making new accounts to repost similar threads isn't going to do anything but make folks stop reading.

  • There's no escape I guess, I'm aware of why I'm miserable... but still sucks.
  • OK, if that's what you want.

    Just as long as you're aware that you're working HARD to make your situation worse - particularly by refusing any sort of assistance.

    You're free to express yourself here, and we're free to notice (and say) that you're harming yourself.

  • Dead DSi XLs - Repair failure - Question
  • OK. Always good to start with the low hanging fruit.

    You said the connectors beep out. Have you confirmed that the positive and negative power traces beep when the connector is installed in the slot? More than once, I've had connectors that look like they were properly inserted, but actually weren't.

    If the length of the cable through the connector has continuity, try checking continuity all the way from the battery terminals to the mainboard.

    If that also shows continuity, can you post hi-res photos of both sides of the boards, including your soldering work? It's possible there's other damage that you are missing but that I might catch.

  • Why do right-wingers say that minorities must create their own stories if they are going to complain in the same way?
  • No, it refers to hatred and persecution of semites.

    It says so right in the fucking word.

  • what are some things that i should not do in america??
  • I wish you weren't so right about all that. Sigh.

  • Dead DSi XLs - Repair failure - Question
  • Try reseating the Wi-Fi modules, see if that makes a difference.

    Also, sometimes the battery gets loose over the years. Try wedging a small bit of paper in the end opposite the connector, to try and wedge it in place more snugly.

    Let me know either of these things change anything.

  • I found this creepy mysterious calendar entry on my smartphone
  • I would also be upset if "Experian" were on my calendar.

    /Did not read post

  • Hobbies Wednesday - what have you done this week?
  • I just thrifted them, so I don't know how old they are - but Carolina still makes this model, so probably not more than a few yearsv old. The heels are VERY worn, so I'll have my cobbler fix that.

    But the uppers are incredibly nice. The leather was pretty dry, so I oiled them a bit, and they softened up quite nicely. They're pretty comfy.

    I'll likely keep them as general-purpose boots - friends moving, general outdoor work, etc. - and then wear them just when I feel like wearing a pair of boots.

  • Hobbies Wednesday - what have you done this week?
  • Cleaned up these boots. And I hate speed hooks, so I converted them to D-rings.

  • Hobbies Wednesday - what have you done this week?
  • Look up cat rescues in your area. Some of them might help with free or discounted vet care. Years ago, when I was broke and rescuing, a local group helped take care of most of the bills.

  • Have you ever had a phone call interrupted by a 3rd party voice saying "this call is being recorded"?
  • Don't try to reason with someone who puts their wants over others' consent.

  • The justices of the supreme court ruled that Trump was immune and effectively above the law while being president. What is now stopping Biden from bringing a gun to the next debate?
  • You're not missing anything. Based on the ruling, the president may now murder anyone they want - just so long as they claim it's an official act.

  • Have you ever had a phone call interrupted by a 3rd party voice saying "this call is being recorded"?
  • No, being the asshole is expecting other people to be recorded for your benefit - without first telling them so that they can consent. And then blaming Google for it.

  • LXLE still good for older devices?

    A few years ago, LXLE was my distro of choice for older hardware.

    I haven't used it in a while, and now I'm trying to revive an HP Stream (AMD/4GB RAM/32GB SSD).

    Anything else I might want to try first, or is LXLE still considered good for lightweight/feature rich?