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Hidden Photos available via USB
  • Thanks for sharing, actually this very project inspired me to do it myself. It is an incredible resource when it comes to certain aspects of the database format!

    Imho it has some deeper architectural issues though which I wanted to avoid in my implementation. I'm also using an entirely different tech stack I wanted to train myself in.

    My implementation is not as feature complete as osxphotos but I'm sure I will be able to contribute back to the project with the occasional bug fix.

  • Hidden Photos available via USB
  • And yet I did ;-) That happens when you don't provide the user with a way to conveniently export their photos...

  • Hidden Photos available via USB
  • I reverse engineered the Apple Photos library file on my Mac as a side project and can confirm that hidden assets are not actually encrypted or otherwise protected. The respective assets are just not shown in the apps and can be accessed via Finder on macOS.

    I didn't know they were visible when you connect your phone to your PC but I guess it makes sense.

  • People younger than 30, what advice would you give to people over 30?
  • Maybe it's the wrong person if they can't be with someone who doesn't use Instagram ;)

  • People younger than 30, what advice would you give to people over 30?
  • Don't make the same mistake as our generation and fall for TikTok, Instagram and that shit.

    Almost everything is better without it, from concerts to weekend trips to relationships.

  • iPhone users, what's stopping you from switching to Android?
  • When you re-import the images into another program/library, they will not be displayed in the correct order and all other information will be lost as well.

    Metadata in general is very useful and contains a lot of valuable information like location data, lens, focal length and device information which you have to manually re-integrate into each and every photo.

    I mean yes, I could write a quick and dirty Python script for this, but why should I have to do this in the first place?

    In my subjective opinion this is malicious as in it only being this way to make it as hard as possible to migrate away. I highly doubt this is the way their servers store the images as it is very inefficient and the images are likely stored in a database instead. This means in order to retrieve a file they have to process each image anyway, so why not follow the universally accepted and well defined standard and include the metadata in each file?

  • iPhone users, what's stopping you from switching to Android?
  • First thing: Privacy. I am aware that iOS is not entirely private too, but I trust Apple Photos much more than Google Photos. You can even enable end-to-end encryption iirc.

    Second point is control over my data. I can easily export my photos from Apple Photos as files, whereas Google maliciously separates Photos and Metadata upon export. In my experience this is the same for a lot of other services as well. Being able to easily export my data enables me to escape the walled garden more easily should I get fed up with one system. I also try to use as many open source services as possible for this as well as other reasons.

    Apple has a lot of malicious practices too, especially when it comes to EU citizens and third-party app stores, etc. - but in my experience Google is no better.

    Lastly, I considered switching to an Android with Graphene OS (privacy focused Android derivate) a couple of times, but the added control over your data comes with a lot of other inconveniences. So for now, I’m just sticking to iOS.

  • At what hour you go to sleep?
  • Same! I just can't manage to sleep earlier than 2 am and I'm starting to feel it in the mornings

  • JetBrains RustRover Is Released and Includes a Free Non-Commercial Option
  • Beware they started charging for the database tools even if you own an all-products license (the plugin was included in the EAP version).

    IntelliJ still has it bundled iirc.

  • How useless are dating apps?
  • Im very well aware these apps are terrible in every aspect possible and only there to take advantage of people's anxieties. Thus, I'm even more confused I met my girlfriend on Bumble and we've been a couple for two years now.

    To be fair, I've been trying my luck on tinder before and got so frustrated I deleted the app multiple times.

    As an introvert, finding people in real life can be a lot harder than for other people so you kinda have to rely on dating apps sometimes. This makes it even worse to see how they're developing.

  • Bitwarden releases phased beta for native mobile apps | Bitwarden Blog
  • I know this is addressed in the article but thanks for being such a pain, Xamarin

  • Proton Pass - no option to Delete vault (if there is less than 2 vaults)
  • Why would you want to delete all vaults anyway

  • An operating system created by Proton?
  • If they had an office suite available there wouldn't be a need for another OS/Linux distribution imho. Polish the existing products and any Linux distribution should do the trick for you, most of them already are very privacy and security focused.

  • Has anybody noticed that some videos on YouTube will let you out of the app and continue playing in PiP mode on iOS?
  • Usually their videos have an info box below the title stating they're part of our public broadcasting system and explaining what it means :)

    Regarding the buggy mess: I often find it becoming unresponsive or the UI glitching around. For example when changing from dark to light mode and vice versa the text often becomes unreadable. Or when switching from shorts to regular videos the tab bar often becomes unresponsive. As a result of the glitches I was able to get PiP a couple of times even though I'm not on the Premium plan. They might have already patched this though.

  • Has anybody noticed that some videos on YouTube will let you out of the app and continue playing in PiP mode on iOS?
  • In Germany there are channels owned by our public broadcasters which won't have ads and let you watch their videos offline, even if you're not paying for YouTube Premium. Letting you enter PiP is not possible iirc, but it might be in other countries having the same model.

    Edit: Also, YouTube seems to be a buggy mess in iOS 😅

  • XᴍʟHᴛᴛᴘRequest
  • AbstractExtensibleMarkupLanguageHypertextTransformerProtocolRequestFactorySingletonBuilderDecoratorDelegationStrategyDispatcher

  • If AI can now speak Italian, it can certainly replace us...
  • Which language uses these signs? It truly looks like some kind of alien language

  • PSA: Bartender Mac App Under New Ownership, But Lack of Transparency Raises Concerns
  • Thanks for sharing! Do you know if it can show/hide icons based on screen size? I used to only hide my icons when I'm not connected to a larger screen with Bartender.

  • Just use it. Now.
  • Maybe that's because of your extremely niche hardware vendor not providing appropriate drivers for their hardware?! Honestly, I read your salty comments under this post and your kind of attitude really pisses me off. Don't like the experience? Totally fine, don't use Linux and move on. Linux, for the most part, is FOSS software so feel free to contribute to it instead of complaining about things being broken. Linux is also free in terms of cost. So quite frankly, the developers of your distribution of choice owe you nothing.