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I once met a person that never drank water, only soft drinks. It's not the unhealthiness of this that disturbed me, but the fact they did it without the requisite paperwork.

Unlike those disorganised people I have a formal waiver. I primarily drink steam and crushed glaciers.

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The Raes say their fridge malfunctioned, triggering illness, and their refund offer included a 'gag clause'
  • The actual quantities are pretty small

    In pure, stable form, yes. A hundred or so grams released in my house won't be noticed or cause any problems.

    But a few hundred grams of burnt fluorine hydrocarbons? 😬 That's a whole other story.

    Most modern domestic fridges stick with a plain hydrocarbon refrigerant anyway (akin to butane) these days.

    I'm yet to see R600a in Australian domestic fridges, I thought we were lagging in that department? Can you just get them at retailers now?

    if you’ve got burning refrigerant there are much bigger problems going on seeing as the refrigerant circuit is hermetically sealed

    Strong disagree xD Inhaling burning fluorine compounds > fridge not cooling any more

    That kind of thing would also provoke a product safety recall.

    I'm not diagnosing the most likely cause of a normal fridge failure, but considering some interesting causes that align with the unusual scenario depicted in the article. Don't panic, I'm not going to go all "fridge bad" on you.

  • Bathroom stinks!! How can I remove the trap? poured water in but no luck. Zoomed inside the grate to find this? What is it?
  • I worry that bicarb+vinegar may have become a cultural phenomenon because it looks and sounds satisfying, not because of actual measured and compared effectiveness.

    You want that in a drain though: the chemical reaction causes a great deal of foaming and agitation, which clears shit off the inside of the pipe.

    Is it more effective than pouring hot water down the drain? I thought the foaming and agitation was quite gentle.

    The PH you end up with also retards fruit flies and other nasties.

    If you're not controlling the mix then everyone will end up with a different PH. Some neutral-ish,, some acidic (bad), some alkaline (and possibly only minorly so, the NaHCO3 might create a buffer, not sure).

  • Andrew just wants to open his files on Windows 10
  • A lot of phone modems ship with their own SoC (processor) running its own OS. It's much smaller and slower than the main phone SoC but, depending on its implementation, it can have full access to all of your main processor's memory through DMA.

  • Fatal e-scooter fire south of Brisbane 'likely' caused by incompatible charger, coroner finds
  • Yes and no.

    Different approximate voltages: yes, different connectors are a good idea. Don't put 150VDC into an input that expects 12V, its protection circuitry might not be able to block it.

    Custom connectors for exact voltages, cell numbers and charging currents: next to impossible. Even within the traditional Li-ion family there is too much variation, let alone now that we have LiFEPO4, high-voltage Li-ion and sodium-ion on the market. You still need to integrate the charging controller OR at least a protection circuit into the pack itself.

    I don't know exactly what happened in this fatal fire based off just the coroner's report, it mentions that much of the evidence was burned and destroyed. It's worth keeping an open mind for unexpected things like adaptor cables that come with the charger or mislabelled connectors that both say the same (wrong) things.

  • Fatal e-scooter fire south of Brisbane 'likely' caused by incompatible charger, coroner finds
  • I do not like the central focus of the ABC article on just the incompatible charger. Events like this are not caused by a single point of failure, multiple failures have to occur (including electrical, social & regulatory) for this to occur.

    Link to full copy of the coroner's report (8 pages, contents are about the same level of intensity as the ABC article, mentions burns and treatment).

    The coroner concludes with TWO recommendations, not just one:

    The circumstances in which Tyson died serve as a tragic reminder of the importance of only using chargers that are supplied with the equipment or device, or certified third-party charging equipment that is compatible with the battery specifications. Using chargers with incorrect power delivery (voltage and current) can cause damage to the battery that can lead to rapidly developing, intense and self-sustaining fires. The circumstances in which Tyson died serve as a tragic reminder of the importance of only using chargers that are supplied with the equipment or device, or certified third-party charging equipment that is compatible with the battery specifications. Using chargers with incorrect power delivery (voltage and current) can cause damage to the battery that can lead to rapidly developing, intense and self-sustaining fires. Large batteries and equipment such as e-scooters should be charged away from living spaces and in an area equipped with a compliant smoke alarm.

    Two points of failure for us to improve on is better than only one. But I still think it's poor for the coroner to not mention all of the other factors that could have individually prevented this.

    Using the wrong charger should (ideally) be something that any big battery pack can survive -- every big battery pack should (ideally) contain protection circuitry that shuts it off when abnormal conditions are detected. But I know this gets omitted (it costs a few dollars) and it's something we need to change.

    I also wonder if it was a charging system without a cell balancer. Those can work safely sometimes (with very matched cells), but again that single layer of protection can be the difference between fire and no fire.

    Let's not put all the blame on the poor guy that died because of this. Using the wrong charger is only one mistake, there should be other layers to protect you.

  • Sydney Trains WaterWaiver

    Green Square are Nvidia shills

    EOFY sales on annual prepaid SIM plans
  • Moose bumped me up to $14.80/month recently, prior to that it was about half the cost.

    I'm lucky to use 1GB/month so this looks perfect, thankyou.

    It looks like Catch support is useless though, lets hope nothing breaks during the port. <- also has some info about how to disable voicemail.

  • Cheap Australia-based static site hosting
  • Cheapest VPS I'm using in Aus so far is BinaryLane. $4.13/mon ($50/year). Seems OK, has dedicated IPV4 (yes you can get VPS behind CGnat4 + IPV6), IPV6 works after a bit of finangling. No backups. I only put it under low stress though.

    Robtec does OK shared hosting (notably they offer an alternative to Cpanel) and was happy to permanently whitelist my home IP for SSH access. Quantumcore used to do this on request too but now it's only temporary, I have to keep contacting them every 6 months or so.

    then delete everything and then upload on the old host

    It's really annoying that good file transfer protocols (like rsync) also tend to require ssh access :| I wish shared hosts were a little less garbage sometimes, but I guess they have to deal with too many abusive customers for that to be cheap.

    Neocities isn't Australian but looks kind of cool. Apparently a "neocities supporter" can use rsync, here is a person doing it specifically with Hugo.

  • Cheap Australia-based static site hosting
  • static site generators

    Do you need SSH access to generate the site files on the server? Or just a method of uploading your site files after generating them locally?

    Cheap shared hosts are a pain with SSH access, most will do it with a support ticket but often time limited or through an IP whitelist. A cheap VPS is really the only reliable option here.

  • Cheap Australia-based static site hosting
  • EDIT: Woops thought parent said shared hosting, not VPS. I meant for Quantum's shared hosting.

    Quantum gave up on email reputation a year or so back, so make sure you're not also wanting outgoing email for anything (alerts, logs).

  • Fake job ads waste applicants' time and harm their wellbeing. So why are companies posting them?
  • Sorry to hear you're feeling crap.

    I'm having trouble looking for work for the past few months. Very few replies, the first "no" I got actually made me feel a bit more human.

    I'm convinced that some of the jobs I've applied for or enquired about are not real or just for external-advertising-before-hire requirements. I've gotten some rude responses after daring to ask questions (eg: jobs funded by research money tend to have fixed funding start dates that might not be for another several months). Most straight up ignore me.

    An old boss of mine thinks that my CV isn't conforming and mundane enough, so I'm giving his suggestions a go.

    What sort of work are you looking at? I design electronics and get into arguments with computers.

  • Sydney Trains WaterWaiver

    Sydney Trams strike cancelled (29th May) Sydney trams will run - Wed 29 May - Transdev Australasia

    Transdev and the Rail Tram and Bus Union have agreed to an in-principle enterprise bargaining agreement for Sydney and Parramatta Light Rail workers. Transdev Sydney Managing Director Arsene Durand-Raucher said he was pleased that trams will be running as normal tomorrow. “It is great that we’ve bee...

    I can't find a official message from the RTBU (their website is out of date, nothing seems public on facebook and twitter refuses me access unless I create an account).


    Media Release: The BOM issues a warning for a G4 geomagnetic storm

    8PM (right now) +/- 10 hours

    Better call the tiberium harvester back in.


    Bushcare at Wolli Creek: Met a turtle

    Encountered this fellow during bushcare today. He was sitting right on top of the bridal veil roots we were pulling, looking suspiciously like a rock.

    We probably shouldn't have handled him (I hope turtles don't get dizzy from being turned upside down). We put him back down and hid him under some other groundcover as a local Kookaburra was loitering.

    ! ! ! !

    Youtube WaterWaiver

    Youtube feeds broken, 404

    Anyone else?

    My feed reader was not happy this morning, all youtube feed URLS are 404ing. Both the old-style and new ID style:


    NSW road rules: Stay behind turners on single lane roads?

    Imagine you're in the blue car, wanting to turn left:


    Green is turning right. There is only one lane.

    Two options I see:

    (1) Stay behind the green car, to the left (and behind the crossing) until they leave.

    (2) Pull up to the left of the green car (as if there were two lanes).

    I assume (1) is correct given there is technically only one lane, but I can't find any materials on the NSW site or driving handbook about it and (2) is something I see other people do.

    (I have my license test next week)

    EDIT: Solved, option (2) is the right one. see

    > The only time you can overtake on the left is when the vehicle you’re overtaking is: > * waiting to turn right or make a U-turn from the centre of the road

    'straya WaterWaiver Gazza of Penrith

    Gazza is enjoying a quiet beer when he is asked to kill some monsters down at the pub.

    Gazza of Penrith
    Australian Tech WaterWaiver SafeWork NSW referred to ICAC over 'life-saving' device designed to protect workers from silica dust

    Safework NSW has been referred to ICAC over its handling of a $1.34 million contract for a device designed to protect workers from a potentially deadly disease, known as silicosis.

    SafeWork NSW referred to ICAC over 'life-saving' device designed to protect workers from silica dust

    I could not find any mentions of these problems online. The article itself has no technical detail.

    Looking forward to seeing what the actual problems are. It seems this is the first product to market.

    Guesses based off the general subject matter:

    • Silica concentrations probably vary depending on the exact position of your head, especially since it's heavy material. If you mount this sensor even a few meters away from a worker then it's readings could possibly become invalid, eg because an angle grinder is firing dust a different direction to the sensor.
    • Silica is a slang term for a very big category of materials. Some might look completely different to others under certain laser observations, leading to some getting missed (bad) and others materials triggering false positives (leading to the sensor's screams being ignored by workers).
    • Self-cleaning routines might be needed to stop it clogging up, otherwise the sensor starts reporting a higher baseline. They could either choose to report this ("pls clean me" light comes on) or ignore it (bury head in sand mode).
    • Alternatively it's performance might actually be fine, but perhaps it's still being spruked inappropriately. Government involvement in funding the project might (?) magnify this problem.
    0 Woolworths CEO Brad Banducci announces retirement after ABC interview walkout

    Brad Banducci's retirement comes as Woolworths faces allegations of price gouging.

    Woolworths CEO Brad Banducci announces retirement after ABC interview walkout
    22 NRA chief announces resignation days before trial

    The longtime head of the National Rifle Association says he is resigning, just days before the start of a civil trial over allegations he diverted millions of dollars from the powerful gun rights organisation to pay for personal travel and other lavish perks.

    NRA chief announces resignation days before trial

    "Server request failed"

    Sydney Trains WaterWaiver

    Mariyung trains still have problems, possibly in service later 2024

    Maybe the latest changes are causing more problems? I'm imagining house-of-cards software stacks (insert jokes about Tangaras running DOS/Windows). At least we're not suffering Polish train problems :)

    Seven News video:

    SMH written article:

    Anyone have better or more interesting sources?


    Test to see if posting from a 0.19.x community is working


    I'll make an account through Slrpnk if this doesn't work.

    1 Engineered stone will be banned in Australia in world-first decision

    Australia's workplace ministers have agreed to implement a national ban on engineered stone, over concerns its use has led to a surge in silicosis cases among workers.

    Engineered stone will be banned in Australia in world-first decision
    'straya WaterWaiver

    Making MTV Anti-Missile Flares

    “And then we’re going to add this suspension into some hexane. I mean here I’m just using Shellite because it’s from Bunnings and I dunno who else uses this so I feel like if I stop buying it Bunnings will stop selling it so, it’s like a couple of bucks and it’s like hexanes, it’s so good, Bunnings keep selling this please”


    I've discovered that my phone camera is doing some magic processing. Do you know what it's called?

    I accidentally held down the photoshoot button on my phone and ended up with a sequence of photos of the same scene taken over about 1 second. Interestingly the series of photos contains two very different styles of image:

    ! !

    The first photo looks how I'd expect. Sky is overblown from the clouds and foreground of the forest is dark.

    The second photo has somehow magically made the sky darker and the foreground brighter.

    At a guess I think a software algorithm is trying to separate the foreground and background, then individual levels adjustments are being applied to each region. Checkout these two close-up crops:

    ! !

    The first photo shows what I'd normally expect from a camera (bright light bleeding into the trunk), the second shows a white halo around the trunk on the sky (probably artificial/software blending from foreground to background). I think I can also see see some evidence of artificial sharpening on the trunk texture; or perhaps the photo was just better in focus (some of the photos were a bit blurrier than others).

    I'm using a Pixel 3 with OpenCamera.

    Does anybody know what this feature is called and more info about it? I'm particular interested in how binary it is -- it's either activated or not -- some some heuristic must be involved.


    Cut lump of camphor laurel trunk sprouting (zoom in to centre)

    Spotted at my local bushcare group last week. This trunk section has been sitting on the ground for months. The main tree (background) was hacked apart, drilled and poisoned by NSW Forestry, but it's also happily sprouting everywhere again.

    Camphor laurels are beautiful, toxic trees that you will see everywhere but sadly they're also weeds. The ground near them tends to be barren, they intentionally poison the soil (allelopathy) to avoid competition. I've been told that they were used to make shipping boxes because their wood resisted insects

    3 Internode and Westnet shutdown: TPG moves customers to iiNet

    Internode and Westnet are no longer taking new internet and mobile customers as part of an eventual shutdown enacted by TPG.

    Internode and Westnet shutdown: TPG moves customers to iiNet

    Internode used to be a high quality home internet brand.

    My understanding is that loyalty is never rewarded for competitive subscription services (gas, eletricity, water, internet, insurance, etc).

    I wonder how long until AussieBB enshitifies?


    I left my room for 15 minutes. My mattress protector now has avocado spots.

    I left my room for 15 minutes to visit the shitter and came back to this:

    ! !

    It also hit my shelves twice and my sheets thrice. My mattress protector now has avocado spots.


    My window was about 10cm open at the bottom, so whatever the perp was it had enough of a brain to know how to get in and out withing getting stuck. No-one heard or saw anything.

    Given the high level of sophistication, speed and excellent criminal execution: I suspect an Indian Mynah may be at fault. I swear they understand English and spend their whole lives plotting schemes.

    Artists' impressions of the crime:

    ! !

    I would like to assume this wasn't actually malice and instead the Mynah was just curious, but I still think I need to consider appeasement strategies. Suggestions welcome.

    2 A mass tree killing on Sydney Harbour is 'worst act of environmental vandalism' locals have seen

    Another mass killing of trees has taken place in&nbsp;Longueville on Sydney's lower north shore, just months after more than 200 were cut down in a nearby suburb.

    A mass tree killing on Sydney Harbour is 'worst act of environmental vandalism' locals have seen

    I wonder if the fines are enough, assuming they find the people? I've heard that it's cheaper or more profitable to just accept the fines.

    > Councils can issue a maximum on-the-spot fine of $3,000 for illegal tree removals by individuals, or $6,000 for businesses. Mr Wrightson said the council was getting legal advice about the best course of action, which could include seeking penalties of up to $1 million through a prosecution in the NSW Land and Environment Court.

    300 tress x $6000 = $1.8million

    That's big if you chopped the trees for one house, but what if you chopped them for 10? Perhaps you would still get more than $180,000 extra each if they had better views?