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Spring has sprung
  • so if you try to replace this yourself it turns out you have to jack up BOTH SIDES or the sway bar will be under tension and it will be hard to pull the link out. You can raise or lower the opposite side a bit to get it just right. the dudes on youtube that have a lift might not even think about how the car needs to be lifted evenly. I use arch btw.

  • This camera captures 156.3 trillion frames per second
  • After seeing the one where they slam Dan's face with a ball and you see his skull moving under his skin I realized there can be entire fields of study around insanely fast cameras. What we see in real time doesn't even compare. Also the one where Gav shows how CRTs work is still my favorite.

  • Scientists find a simple way to destroy 'forever chemicals' — by beheading them
  • I think the idea is to filter it out (which is also not easy) but then this gives you a way to destroy the concentrated pfas left behind. Because otherwise what are you supposed to do with the material you have filtered out? It'd be cool if regulations required the cost of destroying pfas be added to the sale of pfas which might help manufacturers decide that they don't need to add pfas to disposable things like paper plates after all.

  • FFvii remake

    This game is about to be 4 years old but i finally got around to playing it. I am floored by this game, i couldn't put it down. I love the new combat style, the cut scenes are great how they just roll straight from the gameplay and back. The music, holy shit, the music. Every track is a banger and makes the fights and story even more amazing. Also ran flawlessly on my steamdeck. I can't praise this game enough, my nostalgia is gunna be sore for days.

    New-wave reactor technology could kick-start a nuclear renaissance — and the US is banking on it
  • here we can talk about this, feel free to put forward counter arguments, the gist of the cited paper is that previous studies claiming 100% renewable baseload is possible requires sketchy manipulation of the expected demand as well as currently unavailable storage technology on an almost impossible scale. We're working on all kinds of storage solutions but the reality is we're not there yet. I'm rooting for molten salt storage or compressed gas storage rather than ramping up more lithium battery storage. Flow batteries are promising as well, but in any case we won't have enough storage or transmission capability to have a 100% renewable baseload in the next couple of decades.

  • So is the US slipping into Civil War?
  • NG units are usually paid from federal dollars, if NGB says knock it off the top brass at their state JFHQ will comply because most of them don't want to lose federal recognition. There may be a handful of extremists in the ranks but the vast majority of NG members aren't going to be insurrectionists, they just want to get their drill check, if the checks stop coming they will too. Most states are extremely reluctant to pay for state active duty so I bet this goes away once NGB pulls funds.

  • Ukraine to start building 4 new nuclear reactors this year - minister
  • Not OP. Only using the cited article, it says the NPP will last 40-80 years and maintenance will be expensive after 40 years but gives no figures, then says solar would last 50 years and be cheaper to maintain but again gives no figures. These statements may be true but without figures this is nothing more than an oversimplified opinion piece. We're not going to have a productive discussion with opinion pieces.

  • I'm 99% sure it's not real
  • I put the data in excel and make colorful charts to show management that their ideas are possible but expensive. Then do the same to show the cost of not purchasing maintenance equipment is in fact more costly than the necessary equipment.

  • Thanks youtube.

    $20 if you count the handful of 3amp fuses I popped trying to find the fault, the extra crispy lizard was apparently not the problem.


    Disable virtual keyboard

    I have a dock and was trying to play dota 2 but the virtual keyboard likes to help by popping up randomly and hikacking my cursor for more fun.

    I kinda got it to stop doing it by launching the game from desktop mode but i think it's still trying because i get a micro stutter when i close a keyed thing, like type some chat and press enter for example. It's playable but mildly annoying.

    Anyone know a way to disable the virtual keyboard? My searching only pulls up posts from about a year ago with negative responses.


    Supply chain issues will be resolved soon

    If you're waiting for a steam deck to be available i have good news. The problem was that they used all of the locktite in the world on one of the screws on my steamdeck which made changing the ssd a PITA on mine, i ended up destroying that screw. I'm sure they'll get more locktite abd begin shipping to you soon. I use arch btw.

    cremposting WagnasT is where it's at, no crem Cremposting! Now with 100% less Reddit! -

    Memes and cremposts about the complete works of Brandon Sanderson.


    OWA outage this morning

    Looks like OWA is down for some users, the rest of the O365 apps appear to be fine.

    cremposting WagnasT

    The Lopen is a good dude

    I anticipate that my man recovers and becomes a squire to The Lopen