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The socialist scum have been quietly closing in on the Hydra sector, at this rate they will rampage forth all the way to SUPER EARTH! Join the valiant defense of the sector and deny their poisonous ideologists from descending upon the Halls of Justice.

Helldivers, what are your favorite loadouts?
  • Bugs is pretty generic,

    • breaker spray and pray for ad clear
    • redeemer for backup ad clear
    • light stim armor because im a fucking addict
    • stalwart for more ad clear
    • shield backpack to reduce chip damage and make me more tanky
    • eagle airstrike
    • railcannon strike to deal with the occasional bile titan and charger

    Its very much an anti swarm build, blending hordes of hunters into beautiful E-710

    But ive been getting more into bots these days and there im running

    • punisher plasma for ad clear and desvastator stunning
    • verdict
    • medium stim armor because i will KILL FOR A STIM
    • AMR god i love this thing, the sound it makes is so nutty i might take it over one beautiful, gorgeous, euphoric stim, also it fucks devastators like no tomorrow
    • shield backpack to reduce chip damage and make me more tanky
    • eagle 500kg i dont know how to get impact grenades from my hand into a fabricator, also to deal with hulks
    • 380mm to clear out fellow helldivers
  • True Chad OPS
  • I replaced eagle airstrike by 500kg since its got that little extra fuck you and your extended family feel.

    No undemocratic dissidents shall be spared a kiss of liberty's gunpowder!

  • Hello, PC gaming here: Are the consoles OK?
  • Sony shat over their consumers and are now in the process of trying the same for pc using the 5 exclusive games they still have as bait. Xbox effectively fucked their business model a few years ago with game pass and are now hemorrhaging money. Apple, who in their right mind plays on apple silicon, shit cant even run doom. Epic games store is only being kept afloat due to fortnite and their free games they give out like candy. Valve got so fed up with the bullshit that Microsoft churns out of its window shaped asshole that they created proton and are most likely the leading cause for the rise of the linux market share . All of the other publishers tried to make their own games stores and all of those are dead There are no games on chromebooks.

    Its not just the consoles its litterally everbody that is fucking dieing. The other platforms that could offer viable gaming experiences either dont support it (chromebooks) dont want to support it( apple xbox sony) or dont have enough power for fully fledged massive games (i dont think we'll be seeing helldivers 2 on a phone like ever)

    Gaben does litterally nothing All the while the rest of the competition is buisy looking down the barrel of a loaded gun wondering why its not shooting

  • Uuh grub?
  • its per fedora version for some reason, and i dont think that such a fallback would even work since fedora removes the previous kernel core and most other garbadge from what ive seen

  • Uuh grub?

    nvm a restart fixed it this happend due to accidentally holding down the down arrow for about 40 minutes. anyone know what on earth is happening here?

    also how does one stop the rapid mitosis of fedora's in grub, they keep multiplying


    gotta get a new printer

    Greentings As youve seen from the the title, i want to get a new printer as a present for my parents. Sadly they are still windows peasants and my mom somehow thinks that the HP printer on her desk has been a good financial investment, even though it has costed us more than 300 bucks in ink over the past 2 years.

    I was hoping that you fine folks would have some good recommendations to replace this money leach on their home. Ive heard about the entire brother lazer meme going around, but the ones ive seen from them only do monochrome. And frankly speaking i dont think that my birth specimens can comprehend the greatness of 18 century film on their paper. Anyways have a nice day or night, internet strangers!