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Milk ruins cereal.
  • “I sandpapered the roof of my mouth with 3 bowls of Cap'n Crunch - had raw gobbets of mouth-beef dangling onto my tongue all day”

    ― Douglas Coupland, Microserfs

  • Why Biking to Work Might Be the Best Decision You Ever Make
  • My doctor said all the commuting will make me a great organ donor.

  • Pea car
  • Pea Car'd Memes would also be acceptable.

  • Pea car
  • I heard farting is how AMC converted unsold Gremlins into Pacers

  • What did you routinely fall asleep listening to as a kid and what does it for you now?
  • Vin Scully(Dodgers), Dick Engberg(Angels, Rams), Chick Hearn (Lakers) and Jiggs McDonald(Kings) on my 9 volt transistor radio well hidden under the covers. So well hidden that it ended up switched off and in the drawer by morning.

    Breeze, rustle of leaves, sounds from birds and insects. Fan if no breeze.

  • I Might Have Ordered the Wrong Sandwich
  • Ham on rye, secretions extra?

  • Hunter and her prey featuring red-winged blackbird
  • Is that a juvenile? I would have guessed sparrow.

  • They're Usually Shredded Alive Rule :(
  • No they don't suffer terror or panic as a human would, they suffer terror and panic in a way a chicken would, it's still terror and panic. They also suffer pain, I imagine being ripped to death would be quite painful, human or not.

  • Thanks
  • Mathnet "To cogitate and to solve"

  • If you don't work IT, retail, or food service what do you do for work?
  • Yes it can be competitive, if you don't have a science background, need experience. Many people get experience volunteering. It is a great way to get familiar with habitats and species at the same time. Volunteering is a way start networking and learning about potential employers.

  • If you don't work IT, retail, or food service what do you do for work?
  • Pay for basic entry level field work is low but many factors at play. Private sector generally pays better than non-profit or government. Knowing native plant and animal species and their conservation status, along with knowing invasive species and how to manage can quickly lift you above entry level. Having certifications in soil, or water quality, or CRAM will boost pay and can lead to independent consulting work. All the field data goes into reports so word processing, spreadsheet and ArcGIS skills are another boost.

  • Main road to Grindavík (Iceland) is covered under lava
  • Fun fact, in California where the action described takes place, they are officially called k-rails, not jersey barriers. Had to double check wiki to confirm CA predated NJ where I learned about Ontario Tall Wall, which was mentioned but described so...

    Barrier Rabbit Hole

  • If you don't work IT, retail, or food service what do you do for work?
  • After a long and lucrative IT career I got a certificate in Ecological Restoration. I now do land stewardship, monitoring and maintaining habitats. Literally outstanding in my field, or marsh, or scrubland...

  • What's Your Favorite Style of Dog?
  • A high-school buddy introduced me to these. As you do, he would cut a fat slice off a bologna sausage and fry it up. Then slap it between two slices of bread with a healthy dollop of mustard. Sometimes he'd get fancy and toast the bread.

    A rose by any other name, something something... fried meat.

  • Yellow-crowned Night Heron, Big Canyon, Upper Newport Bay, Orange County, CA

    In breeding plumage, love the tassels.

    United States | News & Politics Vandals_handle

    Arnold Schwarzenegger protected by Pecker's capture and kill scheme while running for governor of California. Arnie Schwarzenegger dragged into Trump trial during tabloid boss’s testimony

    David Pecker testified that The Terminator actor asked him not to publish negative stories about him while he was running for governor of California

    Arnie Schwarzenegger dragged into Trump trial during tabloid boss’s testimony

    Although this came to light in the past, it was again reveled during Trump's election interference trial. In a quid pro quo arrangement, Arnold agreed to remain editor of Muscle & Fitness and Flex magazines, if the National Enquirer would kill stories that could damage Arnold's carefully crafted image.

    🗑️ DeTrashed Vandals_handle

    After the rains passed, Upper Newport Bay, heading towards the NAC. 2/9/2023

    cross-posted from:

    > Newport Bay Conservancy volunteers returning from the last king tide cleanup of the season. > > > ! > > > !


    After the rains passed, Upper Newport Bay, heading towards the NAC. 2/9/2023

    Newport Bay Conservancy volunteers returning from the last king tide cleanup of the season.




    Osprey with its catch, Shellmaker Island, Upper Newport Bay Nature Reserve, Orange County, California

    Lighting, background and subject matter came together on this one, I was just there to record.


    Trash cleanup in the Upper Newport Bay Nature Reserve

    Took advantage of todays 6.8 high tide giving access to clean otherwise inaccessible areas of the UNBR marsh. Sit on tops do have areas where they excel.


    Flowers become incels due to climate change. Flowers ‘giving up’ on scarce insects and evolving to self-pollinate, say scientists

    French wild pansies are producing smaller flowers and less nectar than 20 to 30 years ago in ‘startling’ act of evolution, study shows

    Flowers ‘giving up’ on scarce insects and evolving to self-pollinate, say scientists

    cross-posted from:

    > Flowers are “giving up on” pollinators and evolving to be less attractive to them as insect numbers decline, researchers have said. > > A study has found the flowers of field pansies growing near Paris are 10% smaller and produce 20% less nectar than flowers growing in the same fields 20 to 30 years ago. They are also less frequently visited by insects. > > “Our study shows that pansies are evolving to give up on their pollinators,” said Pierre-Olivier Cheptou, one of the study’s authors and a researcher at the French National Centre for Scientific Research. “They are evolving towards self-pollination, where each plant reproduces with itself, which works in the short term but may well limit their capacity to adapt to future environmental changes.” > > Plants produce nectar for insects, and in return insects transport pollen between plants. This mutually beneficial relationship has formed over millions of years of coevolution. But pansies and pollinators may now be stuck in a vicious cycle: plants are producing less nectar and this means there will be less food available to insects, which will in turn accelerate declines.


    Bonaparte's Gull, Upper Newport Bay, Orange County California

    Caught this juvenile stalking its prey on the mud flat in the salt marsh.




    Cassin's Kingbird, Upper Newport Bay, Orange County California


    Blue-winged Teal, Upper Newport Bay, Orange County California


    Yellow-rumped Warbler, Santa Ana, California

    Caught this bathing beauty in the courtyard at Bowers Museum


    Red-tailed Hawk, Upper Newport Bay, Orange County, California


    Red-shouldered Hawk, Upper Newport Bay, Orange County, California

    A Red-shouldered hawk perched on a Sycamore branch. One talon on the branch, the other talon tightly clutching its prey.


    Hummingbird, possibly an Anna's X Rufous Hybrid, Orange County, California

    Red crown and throat of Anna's Hummingbird, Rufous colored sides. Taking a break from sipping Bird of Paradise nectar, crown and throat coloration was obvious while feeding.


    White-faced Ibis, San Diego Creek, Orange County, California

    Flock of Ibis' on a sandbar preening and drying in the mid-day sun. Light was right to capture a little of their iridescence.


    American Ornithological Society (AOS) Council Statement on English Bird Names - American Ornithological Society

    Would be right to use the names that Indigenous peoples had been using for millennia. Traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) should be respected as equal to western scientific knowledge. If a species was already known to Indigenous people, it was not discovered by western scientists.

    Addendum for clarity. Initiative is to change common names of birds that were named after people. AOS creating a panel to draft new names based off birds features. I think using pre-existing Indigenous names for birds should be considered.


    Green Heron, Upper Newport Bay, Newport Beach, California

    Many mornings this individual can be found been hunting on the rocks by the Jamboree bridge where the San Diego Creek enters the bay. Its nest site was on the other end of the bay near the Newport Dunes.


    Osprey, Shellmaker Island, Newport Beach, California


    Biological monitoring in Upper Newport Bay Nature Reserve.

    Scouting for endangered plants gave access to the closed section of the nature reserve. Light rain and cloud cover made for a pleasant work day. Sit on tops worked well getting on and off islands in the marsh. If only every commute was like this.