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How common of a name is Ghislaine?
  • Common in Quebec for sure.

  • Tinder and Bumble kinda suck tbh.
  • People from Alabama?

  • Crypt force one.
  • He chose... Poorly

  • hmmm
  • Oof I'd hate to have to pick up those poops

  • 'Not illegal to teach drunk': 2nd grade teacher allegedly drunk in class won't be charged
  • I did too in high school, our geology teacher was always drunk, he only spent half the time in the classroom.

    In his defense he was teaching geology

  • Wind Surfing
  • Shouldn't have pinched me chip, simple as.

  • One year divided by zero!
  • But alas, I couldn't even get the /r/anarchism peeps to make an effort :S

    That is both hilarious and deeply sad.

  • Just Family Pride, Folks [Nancy, 1939]
  • And she wore an onion in her belt, as was the style at the time

  • Happy Cake Day!
  • Best instance ever 😁

  • Smile!
  • If you've ever been to a casino in the last 15 years you are already in at least one

  • welp
    Oops, they did it again...
  • Yeah, it could have been the door falling off

  • New FPS Built Using Doom Tech Is Better Than Most AAA Shooters
  • Yeah, exactly the same thing at play in the movie industry as well.

    • spoiler text shows on cards

    When I open the post itself the spoiler text is hidden but in the main scrolling view the cards display the spoiler text

    Version 10.0.141