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Black Comrade
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Rick and Morty Black Comrade

I turned myself into a sickle! I'm Sickle Rick!!!

“I don't have your money working class”
  • “Now keep downvoting for sharing my ignorant, hateful and biggoted views. Gosh, one cannot be a bigot without being downvoted these days, specially on leftists communities. What happened to the good old days when one could be a bigot and hate on immigrants all day long without being called out for it!”

  • Informed Tankie Black Comrade

    Capitalism is when 1 in 10 people don’t eat

    Remember to honor the troops 🗽🇺🇸🦅🫡
  • Lol, “America, love it or leave it all over again” 😂. Same shit that people were spewing whenever people spoke against the war in Vietnam. You brainwashed yankies love defending genocide more than you love oppressing other countries in the name of capital. If America is so great why can’t you take criticism without getting so defensive? 😂 Because you all know America is cancer, but need to defend it so you can live with yourself and pretend that you are not the actual bad guys. Americans level of cognitive dissonance is definitively something to admire.

    Here is a good and well documented list of every atrocity USA committed, it's BAD:

    USA is a terrorist state!

  • Liberals and communism
  • Communism aims to establish a classless (no rich or poor), stateless (no military, police or any other tool of class oppression), and moneyless (no currency of any type). No country has ever achieved that. Therefore, communism has never been attempted, let alone implemented.