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  • Overmorrow?

  • Alleged Trump shooter spotted by law enforcement nearly 30 minutes before shots fired, sources say
  • Unfortunately when it comes to cops, inept likely means more dangerous as opposed to less effective

  • Plugs
  • I knew I was good for something

  • Google's AI Overviews now link to Wikipedia and LinkedIn more than Reddit, study finds
  • Wonder how good Google is feeling about that 60 million dollar deal to scrape all of Reddits wisdom

  • no really how do we fix this?
  • I’ve been using it for years at this point, and I really prefer it to google. For most of my common/easy searches, it gets what I want pretty reliably. Occasionally I’ll have more obscure searches where I do have to switch back to Google, but honestly Google feels less and less helpful for that as time goes on. To add, DDG has bangs which are just wonderfully handy. Turning your search into a google search is as simple as adding “!g” to your query, and it’ll redirect the search. There are tons of other ones too, it’s a really nice feature that makes DDG more convenient in a lot of cases. Very much worth trying out at least

  • "Thought-Terminating Cliches"
  • It might be in gods hands whether YOLO applies, depending on the religion

  • Biden announces 100% tariff on Chinese-made electric vehicles
  • It’s not that I don’t want it to change, it’s that I’m exceedingly doubtful it’ll happen in a single election via a third party unless we get a knight in shining armor that sweeps the voters off their feet. Of the two parties we currently really have a choice between, the Dems are the only one that have a chance of improving the situation, as the republicans are purely regressive. So my hope and what I think is more realistically possible is that they can be a stepping stone towards improving the system in the long run. But if we do get the knight in shining armor that has an actual chance, they’ll get my vote

  • Biden announces 100% tariff on Chinese-made electric vehicles
  • Not really, because unless you can convince a majority of Americans to vote third party, which is unbelievably unlikely, then Biden or Trump are the options. On top of that, when you start pulling left wing votes away from Biden, it makes it easier for Trump to win unless you hit the point of majority support, which is again incredibly unlikely. I wish that weren’t the reality, but that’s how it is currently, and I hella do not want another term of Trump as I believe that’d be genuinely ruinous.

  • Biden announces 100% tariff on Chinese-made electric vehicles
  • Compared to Trump? You’re absolutely freakin right I am

  • Start monitoring your PC for roentgens.
  • Same could go for any recent Intel processor too

  • Target Pride merchandise only available at select stores after rightwing backlash
  • I think there’s something to be said for the normalization though. Even if it’s spurred by corporate greed and not a sense of humanity, they’re still furthering the idea that LGBT folk are a regular part of society which absolutely counts for something, as evidenced by right wingers being angry at the idea

  • Helldivers 2 has now received 84,000 negative reviews in the past day.
  • Also those of us that really rather just keep our various accounts separate. I want them isolated, and I really dislike the idea that should something happen to my PlayStation account, then I’ll have to think about purchases in jeopardy on a completely separate account. It’s just future problems, and I’m not here for it as it’s so entirely unnecessary, and a frustrating trend in general with more and more games requiring third party accounts and especially launchers

  • Situation 'dire' for Ukraine despite delayed US aid package
  • No? Because Ukraine doesn’t use the meat wave tactics that Russia does.

  • The Rock is timeless
  • Like what

  • The installation process of different Linux distributions
  • Am I the only one that’s not had trouble with it? What’s the big issue?

  • Plant-heavy ‘flexitarian’ diets could help limit global heating, study finds
  • Maybe I’m being too pessimistic, but feels like this is yet another study to add to the mountain of evidence that people will ignore because they’ve deemed the taste of meat worth an impending global calamity. When will the average persons tipping point be? When oceanfront property is available in Tennessee?

  • World of Warcraft Subscription Numbers Are Higher Now Than at Expansion Launch in a Franchise First
  • I started playing recently ish having never played WoW before, and good god the intro feels practically designed to drive new players away. The tutorial was so tedious and boring and taught me so little about how to actually play that I’m still not even entirely sure what I’m really supposed to do or how to even begin to understand the story/timeline. The game as a whole just feels so needlessly difficult and obtuse, I’ve ended up really just logging on every once in awhile for events to grab any cute pets or whatever mounts the game will graciously allow me to get without buying a sub

  • Such a mood


    All ready for school!


    Seats taken


    I feel the same about stairs...


    Just grabbing a snack, want anything?


    Someone got a bit too trashed...


    Time to crack open a bottle for the weekend!


    So snug and cozy 🥰


    No sweets around here...


    Raccoons are masters of stealth and staying hidden!


    Just doing some trashposting


    A genius at work




    So pretty!