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Offseason Champs
  • Ohio State probably won the off-season. Not only did they add a bunch of talent from the portal, but their biggest competition in the Big Ten, Michigan, lost some talent and coaching staff.

    As always, fuck Ohio. Lol!

  • Possible snipers seen at OSU. Administration says they're not snipers but should be treated like they are.
  • Tin soldiers and Nixon coming

    We're finally on our own

    This summer I hear the drumming

    Four dead in Ohio

    Gotta get down to it, soldiers are cutting us down

    Should have been gone long ago

    What if you knew her and found her dead on the ground

    How can you run when you know?

  • Go Blue

    3 in a row!

    DetroitLions TheCelticPirate

    Lions get Donovan Peoples-Jones for a 2025 6th round pick KEY QUESTIONS: Why Lions traded for WR Donovan Peoples-Jones

    Tim Twentyman covers all the key questions from head coach Dan Campbell's Tuesday press conference.

    KEY QUESTIONS: Why Lions traded for WR Donovan Peoples-Jones

    Excited to see what the Detroit native can do!


    Congratulations to Isaac Robinson, the 2023 World Champion

    Nice to see a new face at the top!


    Congratulations to Kristin Tattar, the 2023 World Champion

    That's 2 in a row.


    Who Do You Have For the World Championships?

    MPO and FPO. Calvin and Kristin seem like the easy picks. I'm going to throw out Missy Gannon and Simon Lizotte. Missy has been solid this year and I don't know if Tattar is 100% healthy. Simon seems to be peaking at the right time.

    Sketch Comedy TheCelticPirate

    Saving a Hot Girl - Aunty Donna


    First Mexican Buffet Opens in Grand Rapids

    Sketch Comedy TheCelticPirate

    Top Soccer Shootout Ever With Scott Sterling - Studio C

    Sketch Comedy TheCelticPirate

    Man vs Toddler - BaratsAndBereta