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Lemmy Android client
  • I'll second Firefox as I quite like the web app version of Lemmy. You can even add it to your home screen as a PWA which will remove the address bar and any sign that you're just in a web browser

    That said, I'm using the Sync app cause after updating my phone (I'm using Graphene), the PWA wouldn't keep me signed in for some reason. It's perfectly usable without a subscription; every few posts there's an ad, but they aren't super annoying and they all look like adds and not normal posts which goes a long way. You can make a one-time purchase to remove ads instead of a monthly subscription which is also nice.

  • What Rom do you prefer for your Pixel device?
  • After 10 years of iOS, I made the switch to Graphene last month, and I'm loving it. Android Auto was functional for me, but none of the music apps were nice to use, so I've left my old iPhone in airplane mode in the car to keep playing my downloaded music.

    I've not tried any other options since GrapheneOS is the only degoogled option I'm comfortable with

  • Unless you've got a better plan in the next 6 months, grab a fucking bucket
  • They don't seem to understand that the Israel/Palestine situation is not on the ballot this November; does anyone actually think Trump would oppose Israel? Even if he personally wanted to, his supporters are all nominal Christians who would turn on him in an instant if he suddenly stopped supporting God's Chosen People.

  • absolutely disgusting

    Enshittification Continues: Discord to begin showing advertisements on it's free platform
  • Quick search turned this up, but I’m on mobile, so not in a great place to dig into how viable it is. A Reddit post indicated it’s in some sort of alpha/beta stage, but I think it is something you can use today

    Edit: Forgot the link like a fool

  • Chat Apps
  • Element is okay, but I really wish Matrix had better clients on iOS. If Cinny put out an iOS app or got the web app working better on mobile, I’d be way more willing to start using Matrix more.

  • The ability for Fediverse apps to interact with each other is the least interesting/useful feature of the Fediverse.

    I really couldn't care less if I can follow a Lemmy community with my Mastodon account or comment on a PeerTube video with my Lemmy account.

    Don't get me wrong, it's neat and a cool achievement of the ActivityPub protocol, but that's like advertising that your awesome new solar-powered, self-driving, flying car also has power windows. I'm glad it's there, but there are way better things to talk about, especially when trying to convince a newcomer to jump on board.




    Hexagonal Recess


    danny devito


    eye contact


    you'll need the energy


    laugh track






    monkey song


    family sized lasanyer


    nature calendar


    wizard music




    Yo mamma


    Force Awakens


    Those deals were so low


    Bacon PSA


    McDonalds Poster