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Astronomers are on the Hunt for Dyson Spheres
  • Pretty much immediately after coming up with the idea for what we call dyson spheres, dyson himself recognized that they would not be stable and that a swarm of collectors made infinitely more sense

  • OpenAI loses its voice
  • Gotta wonder what kind of deranged musk-esque shit altman wants to pull that made the board try to dump his crazy ass and got dumped instead. We should all be worried to a certain extent

  • Joe Biden Condemns International Criminal Court Prosecutor’s Pursuit Of Arrest Warrant Against Israeli Leaders: “What’s Happening Is Not Genocide”
  • He knows he'd be next if they were successful at this. This election situation makes me want to fucking throw up on a daily basis. Fuck you biden for making me vote for a genocidal piece of shit like you, and triple fuck the maga retards for making me vote for anyone but an actual fascist cuck. I hate this place

  • Looking for recommendations because I'm still chasing that FMA:B high

    I enjoy some anime more than most other visual media, but I seem to be super picky about what I like and havent figured out what that is well enough to be able to search for new content effectively. Thus, I was hoping to get some recommendations from the community based on what I have enjoyed so far, if possible.

    My favorite by far is Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and I have also really loved My Hero Academia, Bebop & Champloo, PsychoPass, S-Cry-Ed, Beserk, Inuyasha, and Bleach (to a certain extent, it has some things that are borderline tolerable but always offset it with more badass shit).

    If anyone has anything that comes to mind from this list, I'd love to hear it! Thanks and happy new year

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