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If you could make a different decision in life that you wanted to make, how different do you think your life would be?
  • There's probably a ton of decisions that I could change, but one of them would be not to join the military and to go to college instead for meteorology. I don't know where I would be now, maybe in debt and stuck, or maybe really enjoying a career in a field I love. Regardless, it would be interesting.

    Otherwise, to not accept the proposal from my then boyfriend. Had we broken up, I feel like I would have figured out my sexuality earlier and potentially been happier. But instead, I'm facing down a divorce and restarting my life all over.

  • Games that stuck with you
  • That's what I came here to say as well. It's so well done and it hits in such a profound way.

    Have you read any of the short stories on the game's website? I highly recommend it. Catherine's is so sad and it really gives a ton of insight into what she went through.

  • What food can or has given you the ick.
  • Sweet potato fries. Or overly orange fries for any reason (sometimes the frying just seems to make them orange, especially curly fries?).

    Was youngish, friend took me out to lunch and I had a meatball sub with sweet potato fries. Yum yum. Until, of course, 3am the next morning when all that came up and was orange and potato-y. I refuse to try them again to this day. Although I love sweet potatoes, lol, just not sp fries.

  • The moon
  • I read somewhere that it's because human eyes focus on something that is the size of your thumbnail at an arm's length, so pretty small, and that distorts things a little bit so that what we're focusing on appears larger. Whereas cameras take in the entire field of view as their focus (at least phone cameras, lenses are a whole other ballgame), and all of that data being poured in at once means the distortion isn't there.

    But that could be complete bull. I just read it somewhere on the Internet and it made sense lol.

  • What horror story/movie/game/whatever terrifies you even though it's fictional?
    • The deadlights in Stephen King's IT. ::: spoiler The scene where the turtle is dead hits me right in the existential dread. spoiler :::

    • SOMA. There were sections in the game that were scary, but the entire concept is really a mind melt. It's not like it's not a common theoretical question, but going through it step by step is another thing. And if you go to the home page of it and read some of the short stories, it really adds to the whole experience.

  • Pathfinder 2e General Discussion Suck_on_my_Presence

    Clockwork(ish) boss fight help?

    Hello friends,

    I'm newish to 2e and realize I can't just throw shit at the wall and make stuff up like in 5e, so I'm looking for some help/inspiration for a boss monster.

    The setup is that my players (4-5 at level 4, ABP, FA), are headed to the countryside to retrieve a clockwork core from an ancient golem (futuristic campaign). I, of course, want the golem to wake up and fight.

    I'm thinking an extreme level fight, so he'd be +4 to their level, if I remember right. Creature lvl 8 ish. Probably giant or larger in size.

    But I was hoping I could do it like the Mario Odyssey fight where the pyramid boss shoots his fists out, and have those be separate pools of HP for the players to try to destroy. One potentially holding a shield with a reaction to protect the core, while the other shoots out to fight?

    Does anyone know how to handle this well? Or what links I should be checking out in the archives?


    What's the most expensive thing you broke as a kid and what's the story behind it?
  • I'm not sure about "expensive", but it was priceless.

    My mom had a really gorgeous piece of petrified wood about the size of a cup coaster and as a young kid I was obsessed with it. So one day I broke into her jewelry box where she kept it and stole it to bring to school for show and tell. Everything was fine until I was getting on the bus to go home and I tripped with it in my hand. It shattered like glass and so did my poor little heart.

    I remember crying all the way home where I tearfully confessed to my thievery and apologized up and down to my mom. She honestly wasn't very angry, and was a lot more understanding than I thought she might be. I don't remember what happened to the wood afterwards but I don't remember seeing it ever again so I wonder if she trashed it? It was so beautiful, so that would be a total shame.

  • What's the best concert or live performance you've ever attended, and what made it unforgettable?"
  • I know it doesn't really count - but I saw The Lion King the last time they toured before sticking to Broadway and man. I get really emotional with live music and cried through the whole thing, damn frission lol. Still, an utterly incredible performance and one that I would happily see again even if it meant going to NYC.

    For an actual concert, gosh there are so many to choose from. But I saw Shawn James in a tiny little venue in Seattle where I stood on a balcony and watched the show from on high. I've never been one for psychedelic music and his definitely isn't that, but there were a few times where the energy in the room and the music and the atmosphere was absolutely transcendent in a way I can only describe as psychedelic. Truly incredible.

  • What's the best concert or live performance you've ever attended, and what made it unforgettable?"
  • I'm so jealous of your Ghost concert. I had been following those guys since 2014 or so and loved everything about their music. I tried so hard to go to concerts but nothing ever lined up.

    Finally saw them last year, but it was a huge venue and seats were $$$ so I couldn't get very close. Still, love their music.

  • So who's been on a cruise ship?
  • Didn't read the article, but my partner and I went on a Caribbean cruise in 2022 ish. Generally, it was fine. We had a good time.

    But personally I would never do that again. I hate crowds and it was super crowded, I'm shy and awkward and didn't try to meet anyone new, and I just felt weird on the land excursions where the locals seemed like they hated their jobs but it was the best industry for them to feed their families.

    I will say the restaurants on board were phenomenal (but not included in the price point), and the shows were fun. But the best time I had was just spent on my balcony, watching the world go by.

  • What show are you re-watching?
  • Atlantis is a little silly, but in a campy way that never takes itself too seriously. SG-1 does a better job at keeping the tone pretty serious throughout, but with comedic intervals whereas Atlantis definitely tries for more humor. Both are really good though.

  • What were some of scariest creepypastas?
  • I loved the one about the staircases. I grew up exploring the woods and you find some really bizarre things in places you'd never think, so it always seemed fairly plausible to me in some way. I mean I've found an empty and fairly new coca cola vending machine miles deep into some hilly woods, just sitting there like it had apparated there.

  • Attention issues
  • do you have to look away when concentrating on something?

    What are you alluding to with this one? I do this so much and get weird looks from it, but I didn't realize it was a 'thing'.

  • Stick shift drivers - would you get an electric vehicle?

    I'm stuck on this personally. I love my manual, I have a tiny little Mazda 2 and I have driven that thing absolutely everywhere because I can control it better than any automatic I've ever driven. But I've been casually looking for a new car and I'd love to have an electric, but I don't want to lose that level of control and everything I love about a manual.

    What do you all think? What's your take?


    How do you say you want a divorce?

    I'm really stuck. I've been unhappy for years and we've done couple's therapy and tried to reconnect, but it's just not enough.

    I have a bad habit of feeling guilty and responsible for everything and I just can't see a future where I hurt my partner so badly. I don't know how to sever myself from the relationship and alllllll of the stuff and responsibilities. My partner slacked off when it came to college internships so they've been unemployed for years, and now finally found a fast food job. But that means that if I leave, they're done for. They can't pay the mortgage alone, nevertheless the bills or food. They also mentioned in our therapy that their greatest fear is divorce and I don't know if that's because they're still so attached to me or if it's the fear of having to make it on their own.

    How do I uproot their entire life over my unhappiness? That just doesn't seem like something I could possibly do... but I can't stay here, I'm withering away.



    Is it an unspoken truth that everyone has a crush on their friends?

    Or am I just the paragon saint of puppy love?

    Seriously though, do y'all have a crush on each of your friends?


    Let's talk dating apps. Do you like em? Have you used em? What's your takeaway?

    As title states.

    But also, can I get some advice from the community? After a long while, I finally lifted the veil over my eyes and came to terms with the fact that I am totally and unapologetically homosexual. But I've been married for a long time so we're trying to make it work and just extend ourselves to polyamory. I've booted up a dating profile, but should I include that I am a baby gay? Do I include my open relationship? Or are those things to talk about in person? Any advice?


    Can anyone else get to Beehaw?

    It appears to be up on Web, but I can't seem to get it to load in at all on Liftoff, and I've been making sure to be on my Beehaw account.

    I have cleared my cache and checked for updates. Is this just a me problem or a bigger problem?


    Are there any climatologists in the room? What is your job like? What do you do? How were your studies?

    I'm thinking of going in to get my masters in climatology and I want to know everything from the mouths of those that do the work.

    I don't have a degree in meteorology, but I was a weather forecaster for a number of years, mostly focusing on aviation weather. I have a degree in geography /GIS and think those skills will help with research and such. I really really really love weather and want to be part of it.

    So... Can anyone offer insights?

    Pathfinder 2e General Discussion Suck_on_my_Presence

    What is your favorite archer build?

    I've been looking between fighters, rangers, monks, and magus for long range builds, and each of them have their own perks and flavors that are fun and varied.

    So what is your favorite setup for a bow user?