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The word "slyly" looks very aesthetically pleasing. What are other handsome words (any language)?
  • Grawlix - the use of punctuation to convey swearing in comics or cartoons. @#!&

    Malapropism - incorrectly using a word that sounds similar to the intended word. Like Mike Tyson famously saying that he'd "fade into Bolivian"

    Malaphor - combining one or more metaphors incorrectly like "we'll burn that bridge then we come to it"

  • What's been your favourite headset for gaming so far?
  • I tried a bunch of different gaming headsets over the years but as I got older and gave up on online games, I grabbed a pair of AudioTechnica ATH-M50 and have probably had them at least a decade now. They're closed ear studio monitor headphones so they sound great and are comfortable with long use. I've replaced both the cushions and the cable and they still work great.

    I think the current variant is the ATH-M50x.

  • Dragon Age: The Veilguard | Official Gameplay Reveal
  • I loved DA:O. It was far from perfect, but at the time it was the closest we could get to a spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, and Icewind Dale - dark fantasy, tactical combat, and a decent story.

    Then DA 2 came along and it felt like an entirely different series. I didn't get it at the time because of how simplified and arcadey it looked. I picked it up on some deep sale and got bored of it pretty quickly.

    DA:I seemed to be trending back in the right direction with a bit more tactical combat. I never finished it but it was decent enough on a sale. This looks like they doubled down on DA 2 here and...meh.

    Doubtful I would have gotten it anyway since it's EA but I would have loved to have been proven wrong.

  • Legends of Adventure: The Story of Sierra On-Line
  • I think some of the later stuff aged well if you're into point and click adventure games and some "retro" looking graphics. But the early ones might be a little janky for anyone who didn't live through that era.

    You have to type in the actions you want to do and they looked like this:

  • Legends of Adventure: The Story of Sierra On-Line

    From Legends of Adventure - Legends of Adventure: The Story of Sierra On-Line

    Legends of Adventure: The Story of Sierra On-Line

    I hope this is cool to post here. It's a Backerkit project for a documentary about Sierra On-line. I grew up playing these and figured there might be some other old farts around who would be interested.

    I remember Kings Quest 6 blowing my mind when it came out and I only had the floppy disk version. I never knew until I was much older that there was a CD-ROM version with full voice over.

    Manjaro or Pop!_OS for Steam games?
  • Been rocking Pop! with a 3080 for about 3 months with only a few minor gripes. Darktide had some weird tiny lag in it somewhere that I couldn't nail down but every other game I've played has worked just fine. And for some reason if I connect to mullvad using their app before opening Firefox, it'll lag out for 10-15 secs.

    Everything else has been rock solid. I'd prefer KDE to Gnome, but with Dash to Panel, the Pop Gnome is good enough for now. Cosmic should be out relatively soon. I tinkered with Nobara and KDE plasma 6 for a few days but it was nowhere near as stable, so I came right back to Pop.