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The Cloudflare Poison
  • Thanks. This is pushing the limits of my current understanding, but unless I'm mistaken, this reads like 'anyone who chooses may hijack part of your domain at any time if you both use cloudflare'. Sounds crazy.

  • The Cloudflare Poison
  • It's not that you're wrong. It's more that I don't understand what you're proposing as an alternative. To add to the comments here pointing out that that's how CDNs work: for many designs of website, the CDN essentially is the website, being served from a cache by the provider. Even when this isn't the case, you would normally have a load balancer in front of whatever was serving your website so that if you need to swap out the server for maintenance upgrade, etc. you don't need to tell who your visitors to go to a different address. In that case, your certificate would be attached to load balancer rather than the server behind it.

    If this was a 1990s and I were trying to run my own server on my own hardware in my bedroom, you might have a point, but please explain how you would implement an alternative in any meaningful way today.

  • Microsoft Releases Azure Linux 3.0 Preview
  • If you follow the links, you'll see that it's essentially a new name for/ release of CBL-Mariner. from the GitHub readme:

    CBL-Mariner is an internal Linux distribution for Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure and edge products and services.

  • UK flooded with forged stamps despite using barcodes — to prevent just that
  • On checking: You're correct that the royal mail and the post office are separate organisations. They split in 2012. At the time of the majority of the active development of the horizon scandal, they were the same organisation however.

    I would still want to apply the same test - not just demonstrating a notional or paper loss, but that something has actually been stolen and acquired by some other party. This was one of the signal failures with the horizon scandal: that it was simply a bookkeeping error and they were unable to show beyond that any theft or loss on their part or gain by another party.

  • UK flooded with forged stamps despite using barcodes — to prevent just that
  • Sorry but at this point my money is on the Post Office being incompetent and dishonest. They have form given the ongoing Horizon scandal.

    • This is a newly introduced system
    • There's no evidence it has ever worked correctly
    • I'm not seeing any corroborating evidence, e.g. people being prosecuted for making or selling forged stamps
    • I'm not seeing an explanation offered as to why such forgery is only happening now as opposed to before barcodes were introduced
  • Former telecom manager admits to doing SIM swaps for $1,000
  • For carrying the unauthorized number porting, Katz received $1,000 in Bitcoin per SIM swap (total of $5,000), plus an (unspecified) percentage of the profits earned from the illicit access to the victims' devices.

    For his actions, Katz faces a statutory maximum of five years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000 or twice the financial gain or loss from the crime

  • Return to office is ‘dead,’ Stanford economist says. Here’s why
  • This is the second order effect that doesn't seem to have been at the centre of the conversation. It's all very well if you are an established company who took out an office lease at the beginning of the 2020s, you have a bunch of boomer managers who basically need daycare, and the HIPPO at the top is also a boomer acting all entitled about having people come back to the office.

    It's something else. When you're starting a new business and seeking investment capital, do you think your investors are going to want to spend their money on office accommodation and ability staff like receptionists, cleaners etc, if they think they can get equal or better results without it?

  • Can we roll back to server 0.18.x please?
  • I don't know how 'irreversible' it might be in this particular situation, but I've had to fall back to one of my alt accounts on another instance. I'm not sure how sensible it is to stay on a smaller instance where the admins think it's clever to deploy a pre-release server version to production without notice, testing, or a rollback strategy

  • Can we roll back to server 0.18.x please?

    Thanks for all the hard work etc.

    Like many other users I am now unable to use my SDF account with my Lemmy apps. As some commenters here have pointed out this seems to be due to SDF upgrading server to version 0.19 which isn’t ready and breaks app support- see


    Please could we rollback to the previous working version for general/production use pending a working upgraded version


    Edit: For everyone recommending to use Voyager, thanks, but I thought Lemmy was meant to be about federation. Perhaps others will switch but personally I am not interested in jumping through hoops moving my settings across because of an inappropriate version change.


    Unable to access main instance main account last few hours

    Been using Connect for months, great app! I am in Beta program. Last few hours I am unable to access my main instance ( using my main account with it, I get error >Error An error occurred when retrieving from Lemmy. Details: type 'Null' is not a subtype of type 'bool' in type cast

    I am able to access this using desktop browser. I am able to access alt accounts on other instances using Connect.

    How to fix this?


    As some commenters here have pointed out this is due to SDF upgrading their server to version 0.19 which isn't ready and breaks app support- see


    Question about desktop monitors for use with modeler for solo practice

    Hi I am hoping for recommendations for desktop monitors to use with a modeler, thanks in advance!

    Use case

    Solo electric guitar practice, not gigging or recording, needs to be at a moderate volume- think not louder than a loudly strummed acoustic guitar.

    Equipment I already have

    • HeadRush Gigboard (can be considered the same as the Headrush MX5 here)
    • Blackstar HT-5R MKII


    Unfortunately, even on the 0.5 Watt setting, the Blackstar is just too loud. It sounds terrible at a (for me) usable volume. Not made easier when I am trying for bluesy breakup sounds. I have tried using the Headrush with headphones and it just doesn't really work for me - I feel completely disconnected. Trying to use the Headrush with the Blackstar isn't ideal either - doesn't sound great, no matter trying to turn the various cab simulations on/off on both.


    Sell the Blackstar and get (a) desktop monitor(s). I had initially thought of getting the Headrush FRFR-108 - a nominally 'matching' Full-range, flat response speaker in a floor wedge format- but discussion online suggests desktop monitors would be more appropriate for home use and after doing some testing with a little bluetooth portable speaker (using the aux input) I am alarmed at the prospect that the Headrush floor wedge is 2000 Watts. It seems that it could be very easy to accidentally trigger a massive increase in volume. So Desktop monitor(s) it is then.


    I have been suggested the Yamaha HS-8 which is available singly. Is this my best option for a monitor? Are there other well-known brands I should consider? I realise that some effects are stereo but that's not a primary concern/focus for me.

    Thanks in advance!

    4 Amazon Let Its Drivers’ Urine Be Sold as an Energy Drink

    Amazon sold bottles of urine marketed as an energy drink, a new documentary reveals. The company also makes it alarmingly easy to sell dangerous items to children.

    Amazon Let Its Drivers’ Urine Be Sold as an Energy Drink

    > Amazon sold bottles of urine marketed as an energy drink, a new documentary reveals. The company also makes it alarmingly easy to sell dangerous items to children.


    [Question]: How to get Connect Filter and Block features for desktop?

    I've been using Connect for a couple of months now and really like it. I'm using the Beta on Kuro's recommendation for some (for me) killer features that I am looking to replicate on Desktop. I don't know if these features are now available in the main Connect release (yet?) but anyway:

    • Filters: Exclude posts from your feed if post contains a filter word (regex)
    • Community filters: Exclude communities from your feed if post contains a filter word (regex)
    • Blocked instances

    What's my most straightforward route to getting these on a desktop? I am using an M2 Mac, typically with Google Chrome, but I don't mind using an extension or a different browser for this.

    I'm aware that I can install some iOS applications and can currently see

    • Memmy for Lemmy
    • Thunder for Lemmy
    • Voyager for Lemmy
    • Avelon for Lemmy
    • Milem for Lemmy
    • Liftoff! for Lemmy
    • Lemmi (not a Lemmy app!)
    • Lemmios
    • Bean for Lemmy
    • CheeseBot for Lemmy

    but I can't readily find one which has these features and the mobile on desktop experience is not ideal. Also not keen on apps insisting on a login to even preview use.

    I'm also aware that there are also android emulators for Mac but I don't have experience with these to know which if any of these might be suitable for daily use for my purpose.

    Any suggestions?



    [Help] Where is the (block) 'keyword' setting?

    I'm now at the point where my blocklist of communities is a multiple of the number of my subscriptions. A lot of my blocked communities have similar or even the same titles across different Lemmy instances, e.g., 'politics', 'news', 'memes'. New ones pop up every time I visit 'all' and it would be so nice if I didn't have to go through blocking each individual one each time. I understand that nobody has a working regex block at the moment but I've seen mentioned in several places that LemmyConnect has a keyword filter. Please can someone show me where it is?



    Feature request - freeze gifs in avatars

    Would it be possible to have a feature to 'freeze gifs' in user avatars. As you can see from this example it can be really distracting. We've all seen what signatures and other cruft look like on other forums- see Ars technica etc.- and I am in the camp that anything that adds cognitive load but isn't part of the post or comment should be minimised.



    Request Sorted - settings follow profile

    Thanks for a great app. Miles better than Jerboa and better than the initial version of Sync! I have a feature request (apologies if I have misunderstood something):

    I have multiple Lemmy accounts on multiple instances. If I want to browse in a public place then I 'hide' NSFW. If I want to browse NSFW then I will switch account but I then have to also unhide and unblur NSFW. Could it be possible for these settings to be set in the context of the account rather than the app so that switching accounts could also switch these settings?