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AOC wants to impeach SCOTUS justices following Trump immunity ruling
  • The laws about that were just thrown out the window with this ruling. Everything is an official act as long as he was president when he stated it to he done. Ordering fries from McDonald's is now an official act as well.

  • Choice posting
  • Not circumcised and I've never use lube or lotion. It always confused me why in me, myself, and Irene why he had lotion next to his bed and I didn't connect it with masterbation as I said I never used anything.

  • How and why did humans start consuming chicken eggs?
  • It's paganism and the christians back in the day wanted to make it easier for the pagans to convert so they added pagan holidays and made them christian holidays. Which is why Easter has eggs and bunnies. Both are fertile idols in paganism and are in spring.

  • I should probably lose some weight [F].
  • What I mean to says is don't use bmi as a be all end all kind of thing. It matters the energy in vs the energy out. Just because your bmi might be on the higher end doesn't mean to need or have to lose weight. I've had people in my life have eating disorders due to bmi. Talk to a doctor as they would know more about it and a military recruiter most likely wouldn't be the best person to get health advice from.

  • I should probably lose some weight [F].
  • Bmi is bullshit. With bmi at 6 feet 4 inches I should be around 150 which then I can put my hand under my ribs. My doctor was even concerned and want to put me on Insure because of how I looked and yet going off of bmi the number was fine.